“Go Back to Your Barn!”: Rich Woman Fires Poor Maid Not Knowing They’ll Switch Places The Next Day – Story of the Day”

A haughty rich woman fires her maid because the poor worker is all over the place trying to run everything. Little does the millionaire know what she’s in for the next day.

Brenda was not your typical working woman. She didn’t worry about juggling housework and her job, or taking care of her children. Because Brenda NEVER needed to work.

Her husband was a wealthy businessman, which saved her from the hassle of looking for a job. As for the housework, she didn’t have to worry about it because Pamela was always there for her.

Pamela, 65, worked as a maid at Brenda’s house. She was in charge of everything from cleaning to cooking to laundry to picking up Brenda’s kids from school.

Thanks to Pamela, everything was settled at Brenda’s house and she didn’t even have to lift a finger. But one day the unthinkable happened and Brenda found herself in trouble…

“My God!” Brenda screamed, and Pamela flinched. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Brenda. I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m so sorry…”

“Are you crazy, Pamela? Did you just burn my dress? Do you even know how much it costs? Not even your annual salary will cover it, silly!”

“I…will fix it, ma’am,” Pamela said, her voice shaking with fear. “Only me…”.

“Fix it? Don’t even think about it! Get out! Get out!”

“Mrs. Brenda…” Pamela pleaded. “I… I still have to iron her husband’s clothes.”

“NO NEED FOR THAT!” Brenda said, giving him a sharp look. “If you make another mistake, you’ll be fired! Do you understand? OUT!”

Through tears, Pamela disappeared into the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast. But her day had only started to get worse.

That morning, she burned the toast and omelet for breakfast and spilled the carton of whole milk on the kitchen floor. Before she could clean it up, Brenda showed up and Pamela knew she was in BIG trouble.

“I’ll make a new batch right now,” she said, avoiding Brenda’s gaze and going back to her work. Fortunately, breakfast was made in peace. But while she was mopping the floor, Pamela accidentally kicked the bucket of water, causing Brenda to slip and fall. That was the sentence for Brenda.

“GET LOST!” the millionaire yelled. “DID YOU HEARD WHAT I SAID? I don’t want to see you around here!”

“Mrs. Brenda, I’m so sorry.” Pamela offered her hand to Brenda to help her up, but the rich woman took it away.

“Don’t you dare touch me! GET OUT!”

“Please, Mrs. Brenda… My mother is sick and I need the money to pay for her treatment… She is alone on the farm… Except for me, she has no one!”


Pamela begged Brenda to give her another chance, but Brenda wouldn’t listen. She was sure that she had done the right thing and that Pamela deserved the deal after causing so much chaos in a single day. She had no idea that he would end up trading places with her the next day.

That night when her husband came home, Brenda told him that she had fired Pamela. Xavier was furious.

“So who’s going to take care of the house?”

“Well, we’ll have to find someone else,” Brenda said bluntly.

“You can’t find someone so soon, Brenda! Are you serious?”

“It’s not like Pamela was helping us much either, Javier! Didn’t you see how wrong she was today?”

“Okay then,” Javier said. “Do everything on your own!”.

It was then that Brenda realized that she had cut the tree branch she was sitting on. Now that Pamela was fired, she would have to do everything on her own. How would she do it? She hadn’t even picked up a rag to clean in years. Pamela had always been there to take care of the house!

The next day, when Brenda took over the house, she realized how hard housework was. She messed up even more than Pamela and she couldn’t even make her meals properly! And with the back pain she had had the day before from slipping in the water, things got worse.

Exhausted and desperate, Brenda called Pamela before noon and begged her to come back.

“Look, I know I was rude yesterday, Pamela,” she admitted over the phone. “Please, she comes back. This house needs you. We need you.””Mira, sé que fui grosera ayer, Pamela”, admitió por teléfono. “Por favor, vuelve. Esta casa te necesita. Te necesitamos”.

“I’ll be there right away, Mrs. Brenda,” Pamela replied. “I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. I should have been more careful.”

“No, Pamela, I’m sorry,” Brenda said apologetically. “She should have been more considerate. I’ll wait for you.”

That day, Pamela came to Brenda’s house and the millionaire told her that she was going to double her salary. She also apologized to Pamela and offered to help with her mother’s treatment.

“Oh, that’s very generous of you, Mrs. Brenda!” Pamela expressed. “Thank you!”

Brenda changed her mind as a result of that incident and learned to respect people regardless of their status or background.

What can we learn from this story?

Respect everyone, regardless of status: Brenda learned a hard lesson after firing Pamela. In addition to learning to respect Pamela, she also experienced how difficult her job was.

You Can’t Avoid Karma: Brenda was humbled one day after firing Pamela. Her rude words came back to bite her as she put herself in Pamela’s shoes.

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