Goldie Hawn, 77, Shows Fit Figure at the Gym — Kurt Russel Said He’s ‘Lucky’ to Have Her in His Life

At 77, Goldie Hawn still finds the inspiration to keep fit. Consequently, paying attention to her body has blessed her with a forever ageless look, while her husband, Kurt Russell, feels lucky to have her. Here is more on her beauty secrets and her enviable relationship.

Goldie Hawn’s remarkable achievements as an all-rounder—actress, dancer, singer, and producer— show that she is a passionate and creative performer.

Over the years, the “Cactus Flower” star has explored her many sides leading her to become one of the most beloved Hollywood celebrities with numerous awards and worldwide recognition.

Away from the glitz and glamour, Hawn is a dutiful wife, loving mother, and grandmother of 7, who, while caring for her family, takes enough time to care for herself.

The “Christmas Chronicles 2” actress takes her beauty routine seriously even though she patronizes basic products and does not do much. During a heart-to-heart discussion with WSJ Magazine, Hawn noted:

“I don’t do much. I was using coconut oil for a while on my face. My mom used to do lemon; she’d squeeze lemon, and she’d put it on her face. I also glance a lot at my face, but I don’t study it. I’m not a studier of my face, of my beauty.”

Confident in her looks, the 77-year-old claims she adheres to a daily routine involving inhaling and exhaling. Moreover, she begins each day with words of affirmation and does some breathing exercises to fight bouts of sleepiness. She explained:

“I breathe big, deep breaths, hold it — especially if I’m feeling sleepy — and, after about four breaths, my eyes just pop right open. Oxygen is a big deal”.

Another principal thing that keeps her alive and kicking is her healthy long-term relationship with her partner, Kurt Russell. Hawn’s explanation for their long-lasting relationship is that there has always been something to cherish. Consequently, this has stirred them to seek ways to keep their romance fresh.

Despite many years of keeping their hearts young and looking out for each other, they never put an official name to their status. Concerning their choice to remain unmarried, the singer shared:

“I like the idea of being Kurt’s girlfriend, and vice versa. We’re happy!”

Indeed these two have been together since forever, and they have raised successful adult kids. Before her time with Russell, Hawn welcomed a son, Oliver, and a daughter, Kate, with her ex-husband, Bill Hudson. On the other hand, Russell shares a son, Boston, with his former wife, Season Hubley.

During their relationship, Hawn and Russell raised their three kids from former marriages and later welcomed a son, Wyatt, to their blended family.

These days, though their kids are adults with their own families, Hawn and her partner still value bonding with them. The couple mentioned that the best family memories they share are the times spent with their kids and grandkids.

Forever Ageless
Hawn is full of vibrance and passion, whether it concerns her career, family, or personal health. The grandmother of seven is very active with her body, and fans have witnessed this in her videos showing her dance moves and gymnastics skills.

In October, she shocked millions of fans with a brief clip showing off her youthful physique. Hawn, who was all out for the day’s drill, a hectic exercise that involved bouncing on a trampoline and some yoga moves, dressed the part.

What appears to be a solid love story began after the couple met a second time. The first time, Russell was a teenager, while Hawn, a promising actress, was about five years his senior.
The singer donned a black sleeveless playsuit paired with matching shoes and a bold pendant that stood out on her chest. Though her blonde hair was held up loosely, it fringed her forehead.

Following her workouts, she made the time to explain its benefits in the clip, yet that did not stop Hawn from sharing more tips via the caption. Millions of fans applauded her commitment while also gushing at Hawn for being the proof of her discipline. “I love this and I love you,” said one commenter. Another added:

“You’re forever ageless. Just like Picasso said, youth has no age,” extraordinary.”

This is not the first time that Hawn proved she is refusing to age. For many years, thanks to her fitness routine, she has cheated nature, maintaining vigor and youthfulness with her physique no matter the circumstances.

During the pandemic, the actress treated fans to an eventful clip featuring her crazy moves on a trampoline, where she not just, bounced but wiggled and danced energetically.

Among Hawn’s numerous fans is her only daughter, Kate Hudson, who is always rooting for her. The younger actress, who inherited her mother’s penchant for acting, also loves to exercise—expectedly, she is also disciplined.

Kate explained that she is a product of her mother’s firm parenting. Apart from her career and maintaining a healthy balanced life, she learned to be confident in her body from the family matriarch.

Kurt Is Lucky to Have Goldie in His Life
Another big fan of Hawn’s long-term relationship with her partner is her partner! He even feels lucky to have her. In a former interview, the actor revealed:

“If you’re lucky enough to have someone like Goldie Hawn come along and feel the way she feels, you’re just lucky.”

After nearly forty years as a couple, body expert Karen Donaldson explained that Russell’s love for his beau is still burning red. Donaldson analyzed their gestures like hand-holding and walking in unison, showing off PDA.

The body expert explained that the way the pair walks hand-in-hand is proof that they are smitten with each other, and Russell, who can’t keep his eyes off his lover, reveals he adores her.

Apart from their affection towards each other, Donaldson spoke about reciprocated respect, adding that there is no dominant person between them.

What appears to be a solid love story began after the couple met a second time. The first time, Russell was a teenager, while Hawn, a promising actress, was about five years his senior—they were both starring in “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band,” in 1966.

Years later, even though she had had two failed marriages, two kids, and was older than him, they reconnected while featuring in 1984’s “Swing Shift,” and the rest became an admirable history.

Like her beau, Hawn is entirely in love, and whether it is on red carpets, being photographed by the paparazzi, or sharing her emotions via posts, she is always ready to prove that their love is genuine and fresh.

In a beautiful post to honor Russell’s 70th birthday, the singer posted a loving message calling her heartthrob “baby.” She wrote:

“Happy birthday baby! What a wild ride. I can’t imagine my life without you at any age. You’re the catch. And you’re all mine.”

Consequently, for this successful Hollywood couple, it takes two to tango. Through teamwork, they have made their dream romance and family work.

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