Granddaughter Shares Poignant Moment That Ends Her Grandparents’ 60-Year Love Story

A couple who met in their twenties lived a long and happy life together. When his wife became sick, the devoted husband did everything to help her. In her final moments, he held her hand and whispered something beautiful.


This year Emily Hime realized that her idea of a romantic love story was flawed. She thought it was Romeo and Juliet but realized it was simply when people faced life and grew old together—like her grandparents.

Hime’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and her condition quickly deteriorated. She watched as her grandfather stepped up to the plate and took on the laundry, cooking, and other tasks to help his wife in every way possible.


He was there for her in the lowest valley and held her hand through it all. His devotion was never-ending, nor was his love and admiration for his beloved companion of almost sixty years.

“It’s him being by her side every single day while she was hospitalized and every day while she remained in hospice. It’s him rubbing her face, kissing her forehead, and holding her hand every moment he could.”



The woman’s grandfather showered his wife with compliments and told her she was beautiful even after her strokes and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. She was frail and did not look like her old self, but he thought she was more beautiful than ever.

Hime was moved to tears as she witnessed the final chapter of their love story. She took a photo of their last precious moment and shared it online to encourage others. She said:


“Watching the way he loved her is such an incredible reminder to choose wisely. Choose someone who will still be your absolute best friend 60 years down the road.”


They had the love story everyone dreams of, and she urged others to look for something similar. Her post gained lots of attention, and many were touched by the grandfather’s final words to his wife.

He held her hand and said: “Oh, you’re so precious, goodnight, my honey.” The couple who met as youngsters at a bicycle club in England continued together in the race of life for six decades. However, Hime shared that 60 years was still not enough for them.


Love stories spanning decades are becoming something of the past, but some couples still display never-ending commitment. Dolores and Trent Winstead from Nashville, Tennessee, were married for 63 years, and their love ran deep.

They were inseparable till the very end. When Trent became sick toward the end of 2016, his wife developed severe headaches not long after.


Soon the pair were in the hospital together, and that was where they passed away—holding hands. The elderly couple, both in their eighties, could not stand to live without each other.

After Dolores died, her husband took his final breath the next day. Commitment like theirs and Hime’s grandparents is hard to come by and shows unconditional love in action.


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