Grandpa Found Out The Teacher Was Putting His Son In A Dress, Decides To Show Up At School

When it comes to being a good parent or grandparent, you need to know when to draw the line. Children won’t hesitate to test you to see what they can get away with and what they can’t. If they find your weakness, they’ll quickly exploit it and find more ways to get what they want. But parents and grandparents also need to know when they have to confront teachers and daycare workers and other people who deal with their children on an everyday basis.

In this video below posted on Rumble earlier this month, you’ll watch as a grandfather marches into his grandson’s school to teach his teacher a lesson. The reason that this grandpa is outraged is that the teacher has been putting his boy in a dress as a way to challenge gender roles.

The grandpa walks into the daycare and is ready to get down to business. He asks to speak to the person who was in charge of taking care of his grandson. Within the first few seconds, he is blasted with a refusal. She tells him that he cannot speak to her about the issue because his name is not one of the names on the forms. Instead, she tells this angry grandfather to go to the other building to speak to the director.

The grandfather then says, “We don’t do the transgender and all that. We don’t do that.”

The woman replies, “I understand. I don’t either. But he’s two.”

This response gets grandpa heated. His voice gets gruffer as he starts to lean into the woman and demands that she stop putting his grandson in a dress.

“I don’t appreciate you encouraging him to put on no dress for the second day, too. I don’t appreciate that and don’t think that this is going away. I’m going further with this.”

“Okay, you can go down and talk to (the director).”

He hits back with, “No. I’m talking to you. I’m letting you know that the next time if you put any kid in a dress, I’m going to make you go viral.”

The woman again asks the man to go speak to her director because that is the usual protocol.

But the grandfather doesn’t want to deal with the director. He wants to speak to the person responsible for putting his boy in a dress. So he says, “No I have an issue with you. I’m not playing with you.”

She says, “I’m sorry that you feel that way.”

He repeats back what she said. Then he adds, “But you should have called me before you made the decision to put my grandson in a dress.”

The teacher wants to have the man speak to the director because that’s the way things are done at the daycare center.

But grandpa is adamant about what he wants and what happened. “I wouldn’t be up here if you didn’t put my grandson in a dress.”

Obviously it was an upsetting thing for this grandpa to learn that daycare dressed his boy in girl’s clothing. What do you think about what happened?

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