Grieving Widower Notices Late Wife’s Clothes Missing From Home Daily – Story of the Day

“Where did her sweater go?” a widower wondered while looking inside his late wife’s closet. After noticing how two of his wife’s clothes had mysteriously disappeared, the man installed a hidden camera in his room and learned something unexpected.


Losing his wife ten years after his marriage was a shocking life event for Alex. He loved his late wife, Mary, dearly and wasn’t ready to live without her.

Mary gave birth to their daughter, Eliza, a year after she and Alex tied the knot. Losing her mother at such a tender age brought little Eliza a lot of pain. She missed her mother every day and couldn’t understand why she had left so soon.


The 9-year-old never shared her feelings with her friends. After her mother’s death, she stopped sharing her feelings with Alex, despite him trying his best to make his little girl feel better.

Eliza never said anything to her father except for one request. “Dad, I don’t want you to work as a policeman,” she would tell him daily.

Alex spent most of his day at the police station. He was the head of the department and often dealt with dangerous criminals. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. Your dad is safe at work,” he would tell Eliza.

The little girl feared losing her father because he dealt with criminals daily. She thought they would hurt him and he would leave her as her mother did.

“That’s strange!” he said while skimming through the winterwear in the closet.
A month after his wife’s demise, Alex opened his wife’s closet while searching for a missing document when he noticed something strange.

“Where did her yellow jacket go?” he said.

Alex had gifted a beautiful yellow jacket to his wife on her birthday, and she hung it in her closet. He was sure he had seen it a few days ago, but it wasn’t there anymore.

Confused, he closed his wife’s closet after finding the document he had been looking for. A few days later, he opened the cupboard again and noticed his wife’s blue sweater was missing.

“That’s strange!” he said while skimming through the winterwear in the closet. “I think it was hanging right here when I opened the closet a few days back.”

Later that evening, Alex came up with an idea to solve the mystery of the disappearing clothes. Since only he and Eliza lived in the house, he was sure his daughter was up to something. Installing a hidden camera in my room would be a good idea, Alex thought.

He bought a camera the following day, installed it while Eliza was in school, and then went to work. Later that night, he checked the camera footage and saw Eliza enter his bedroom after returning from school.

The camera footage showed her walking into the bedroom and opening Mary’s closet. Then, she pulled out one of her mother’s sweaters, closed the cupboard, and left the room.

“Why is Eliza taking Mary’s clothes?” Alex asked himself while scratching his head.

“I need to find out what’s going on in her mind.”

The following day, Alex stayed home and pretended he wasn’t feeling well. He made breakfast for Eliza and told her he wouldn’t go to work today.

“Dad, I will stay after school for my singing class,” she told Alex. “I will come home late.”

“Okay, honey,” Alex smiled before waving her goodbye.

Singing class? Eliza never took an interest in singing, Alex thought. He suspected his daughter lied to him and decided to visit her school to see if she was telling the truth.

In the afternoon, Alex left his house and went to Eliza’s school. While other children went home with their parents, Alex stood in a corner and tried to find his daughter.


A few minutes later, he saw Eliza walk out of the school building with her mother’s sweater in her hand. She waved goodbye to her friends and left the school premises.

“Where is she going?” Alex whispered.

Then, he began following his daughter, ensuring she didn’t notice his presence. After walking behind her for a few minutes, Alex understood where Eliza was going.

Alex couldn’t control his emotions after hearing his daughter’s response.

Ten minutes later, Alex was standing outside the graveyard where he had buried his wife. He watched his daughter cry and place the sweater on her mother’s grave.

“I miss you so much,” Eliza cried. “I wish you didn’t leave me so soon.”

Watching his daughter cry made Alex emotional, and he went inside the cemetery to hug his little girl. “Dad, what are you doing here?” Eliza asked.

“I want to ask you the same question, honey,” he smiled. “I know you lied to me about the singing class.”

“I was missing mom,” Eliza replied.

“And what about this sweater?” Alex asked. “I know you have been taking your mother’s sweaters from her closet.”

“I just wanted mom to be warm in heaven,” Eliza looked at her mother’s grave. “I brought these sweaters for her.”

Alex couldn’t control his emotions after hearing his daughter’s response. He hugged her tightly and told her not to worry about her mother.

“Your mom is so proud of you, Eliza!” he told her.

“I miss mom so much, and I think you…” Eliza’s words trailed off, and she began crying hysterically.

“What about me, honey?” Alex asked worriedly.

“I think you will also leave me alone,” she said. “You catch bad guys, and I think they might harm you. I am not ready to lose you, dad.”

Alex hugged his daughter and told her he wouldn’t leave her. “No one is going to hurt me, honey,” he said.

“Bad guys always hurt good policemen. I read that in a story,” Eliza said. “I beg you to leave your job, dad. Please?”

“But sweetheart…”

“I don’t want to lose you,” Eliza cried. “Please quit your job, dad.”

After learning about Eliza’s fears, Alex decided to quit his job. A few months later, he set up an auto parts business with a friend and soon noticed a positive change in Eliza’s behavior. She stopped feeling afraid and shared her feelings with him.

What can we learn from this story?

Certain life events can trigger unknown fears. When Eliza lost her mother, she faced a fear she never knew existed. She thought her father would lose his life because of his job, and that fear affected her mental peace.
It’s important to listen to your family. Sometimes, your family might demand things that seem irrational. Alex had similar feelings when his daughter asked him to quit his job. At first, he didn’t listen to her, but later realized how important it was to quit his job because it affected his daughter’s mental health.

Share this story with your friends and family. It might inspire them and brighten their day.


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