Harvey Korman & Tim Conway’s funniest costume change – The Carol Burnett Show

The Carol Burnett Show is an American comedy television show on CBS during the 60s and 70s. It had a remarkable cast, talented stand-up comedians, and stage artists like Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman. However, Tim Conway was a frequent guest of the show.


Saturday nights were always entertaining as “The Carol Burnett Show” was televised. Enjoying the hilarious skit with your family was always fun. One of the snippets from Season 7 of the show had recently garnered much attention. It was due to its hilarious skit by Korman and Conway. The show skit was titled “World’s Costume Change.”

Conway portrayed the role of the dresser, while Korman played the role of a stage actor, who needed to change his play costume in the next 5 minutes for his role on stage. When Korman entered the scene, he could not find Conway since the latter was fast asleep underneath a furry overcoat.


However, the actor soon found his dresser due to his loud snoring. Korman woke him up to help change as he had to be back on stage. In reply, the sleepy head dressers told him, “I know you’re going to be back here,” and started to sing a song, which made Korman laugh. The actors were very comfortable with each other, and Korman knew that his co-star would do impromptu acts and was ready for it. He went along with the whole skit and enjoyed what was happening on stage.

The actor faced a problem with his mustache and wanted his dresser to fix it. The whole time Conway mumbled his song, making Korman giggle continuously. While setting the mustache, Conway dropped almost all the glue from the bottle. The entire skit was hilarious, and they perfectly portrayed the real problems behind the scenes.


Conway dropping the glue on the ground, making everything messy, & then walking on it showed how professional the actor was. He even cleaned the bond, which had fallen off & then made the dry tissues stick on the Korman’s mustache, making it look funny. Likewise, Conway accidentally pulled off his co-star’s wig and then washed it, making the audience laugh. These two genius comedians made sure everyone enjoyed the show with clean comedy.

Conway was not done with his comical performance. He dried his hands while holding the hand towel. As he stood, the comic genius banged his head on the tissue container while he sneezed. Conway proved that he did not need any props to make anyone laugh. The way he performed made everyone smile. During the last part of the performance, the two actors still enjoyed their performance as they searched for the costume. Conway hung himself on the moving costume holder showing his excellent acting skills. Korman broke up laughing on stage, looking at his co-star winning the audience’s heart with his brilliant antics. The snippet ended with the actor wearing the costume while Conway was stuck behind and carried out off the stage.


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