He Survived 9 Heart Surgeries, 3 Intensive Care Units And A Stroke. The Little Boy Who Moved To Everyone That Heroes Don’t Give Up!

Chris and Ashton Hodge are a young couple expecting the birth of a son. They were very responsible about the birth of a child, so they passed all the examinations on time. At one of them, doctors reported a very terrible diagnosis — the boy has hypoplastic heart syndrome. After birth, the baby underwent surgery.


This is a terrible diagnosis, because only a few survive with it. The boy survived 9 heart surgeries, during which he was resuscitated 3 times, and the boy had a stroke. To survive after such a thing is just a miracle!

After birth, the boy had only 2 kg, so he was still being prepared for surgery so that the child would gain strength. During the first week, doctors performed the Norwood procedure, the essence of which is to improve blood circulation. When he was only a week old, the first operation was performed.


Everyone was very worried about this baby. The kid was alone with the doctors among all these medical devices. But they were sure that he was also fighting for life. After a year and 3 months, he was finally discharged from the hospital. Unfortunately, soon he had a stroke again, and the baby was hospitalized.


Today the baby feels quite well, but in the future he needs a heart transplant. Jack is a very cheerful boy, despite what he had to go through. He smiles all the time and pleases others. This boy is going to be great, because he is a real hero.

He will, however, need a transplant – and apparently won’t ever be able to do any intense physical activity. He also needs about a dozen different medications around four times a day, and three different drugs via a syringe.

His father said: “We knew about his condition before he was born and he spent the first five months of his life in hospital. He had to have open heart surgery when he was just one week old and he’s had three more since. Jack was only 4lbs 4oz when he was born and the condition has slowed his development.”

As his dad says: “We’re both so proud of him – he’s a very inspirational boy.”


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