He Was A Huge TV Star In The 80s, Now He Has Harsh Words For American Teachers

Since rising to fame because of liberal Hollywood, actor Kirk Cameron has become a prominent voice for the conservative community in America. While promoting his upcoming film “The Homeschool Awakening,” which is written and directed by Caleb Price, Cameron blasted American public schools, claiming they are breeding grounds for far-left ideologies like gender equality and critical race theory. Cameron’s new movie, the film follows seventeen homeschooling families who are battling misconceptions and stereotypes applied to their hard-working children.

Cameron seized a chance to promote his new film and talk about conservative values during a recent appearance on Fox News.

The problem is that systems have become so bad,” he told Fox News Digital. “It’s sad to say they’re doing more for grooming, for sexual chaos and the progressive left than any real educating about the things that most of us want to teach our kids.”

Cameron, who earned his wealth thanks to liberal Hollywood, was able to homeschool his six children along with his wife, Chelsea.

“Homeschool was not on our radar screen because we had these misconceptions and stereotypes like so many people do. Like, you know, that’s for like Quakers and the Amish, and how could you possibly teach your kids enough so that they get into college? What about socialization?” Cameron said.

Cameron argued that after homeschooling his children, they were better equipped for social engagement, especially with people outside of their age groups. This is a direct contradiction to what most people assume happens to homeschooled children, thinking that they are isolated and out of touch with reality.

Meanwhile, Cameron now believes that American public schools are “destroying the family, destroying the church, destroying love for our great country.”

Cameron is most terrified of critical race theory, gender theory, and the New York Times proposed 1619 Project, which puts slavery at the center of American History lessons. If it was not for slavery, America would not have been built into the country it is today.

According to the US Census Bureau, about three percent of children were homeschooled prior to the pandemic. However, the number of parents who decided to homeschool their children skyrocketed by more than 60 percent in the 2020-2021 school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the film, Cameron featured disgraced Pastor James MacDonald, which has put him in hot water. Nevertheless, Cameron considers the pastor, who was accused of financial misconduct, a close friend. He featured him as a guest on his TBN program to support “Biblical literacy.”

Nevertheless, the pastor hurt his career after he was fired from Harvest Bible Chapel in February 2019 because of his apparent financial activity that bordered on the criminal. He had misused millions of dollars in church funds. Despite this sin, Cameron continues to shower the pastor with his support by giving him opportunities.

Do you think more parents will homeschool their children after the pandemic? Do you agree with Kirk Cameron’s views on American public schools?

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