‘Heartless’ Teacher Mocked Student Day by Day, Boy Had Enough and Decided to Act on It.

High school can be a difficult experience, but it can be especially challenging when you have a teacher who makes it unbearable. This former student knows all too well what that feels like.

A Reddit user, Johnny_Provolone, shared a story on the “ProRevenge” subreddit about how he was tormented by his algebra teacher for almost half a school year. However, he eventually decided to put a stop to it.

When the events took place, the student was 18 and in his senior year of high school. He admitted that he was not the brightest student, but he had never received detention and had a clean student record. Despite this, his algebra teacher, referred to as Mrs. Frank, constantly belittled him, especially when he tried to ask questions about the lessons.

The student couldn’t understand why Mrs. Frank treated him differently, as she was a favorite among the administrators. Speaking up against her seemed impossible, as the administrators would only defend her.

OP (original poster) struggled with algebra and considered it one of his weakest subjects. He found even basic questions to be beyond his understanding, making him feel like he was trying to grasp rocket science.

Whenever OP sought clarification from his teacher, Mrs. Frank, she would mock him in front of the class. Her taunts, such as “Here comes the slow boy again” or “We have to go extra slow for you today, don’t we?”, made him feel embarrassed and frustrated.

Despite her ridicule, OP tried to remain calm, but things took a turn for the worse. Mrs. Frank’s behavior became increasingly abusive, and OP could no longer tolerate it. He walked to the staff room to seek help, but the administrators merely gave her a mild warning and the situation remained unresolved.

To make matters worse, Mrs. Frank would put on a false act of good behavior in front of the administrators and then return to her sarcastic ways once they were gone. OP was left to suffer through the ordeal with no real support from the school.

For half of the school year, OP had to endure the mistreatment of a teacher he had no respect for. Rather than passively accepting this situation, he went to a local electronics store and purchased a recording device.

Starting from the next day, OP’s mission was to secretly record all of Mrs. Frank’s insults. He even went as far as to provoke her to ensure he captured enough evidence. This pattern continued for the remainder of the school year.

One day, when OP interrupted Mrs. Frank for clarification on a subject, she retorted, “I’ve been teaching here for over 10 years, and that was the single dumbest question I’ve ever heard come from anyone’s mouth.”

This response was the final straw for OP. He calmly gathered his things and headed to the nurse’s office, with the intention of dismissing himself from school since he was 18 and allowed to do so. When he arrived home, he compiled all the recorded tapes into what he referred to as “one glorious masterpiece.”

The next day, OP returned to school with a mission to present the recordings to the administrators. He started by playing them for the principal, who requested additional witnesses to be present.

As a result, a meeting was arranged with the principal, vice-principal, board directors, a local police officer, and Mrs. Frank in attendance. OP felt nervous as he was summoned to the principal’s office.

What followed were some of the most intense moments in OP’s life. He watched in awe as the staff listened in disbelief to the recordings. Mrs. Frank, who initially appeared confident, was stunned into silence as the evidence against her was revealed.

OP felt a sense of pride as he saw Mrs. Frank being called out in front of the district’s top educational leaders. After the tapes were played, the principal thanked OP and dismissed him from the room.

However, Mrs. Frank was not yet done facing the consequences of her actions. As she left the room, OP caught a glimpse of her teary eyes and couldn’t resist giving her a wicked smile, knowing he had given her more than she had expected. It was the last time he ever saw her.

Around 15 years after the incident, the narrator shared his story online and received a flood of responses. Some people were curious to know what happened to Mrs. Frank after the events described.

One user asked, “Was she widely disliked in the school? Do you know what happened to her?” The narrator responded, “Yes, it was known that if you were in her class, you were in for a rough time.” He added that this took place at the end of his senior year and that he hasn’t heard anything about her since, as the incident occurred over 15 years ago before the rise of social media.

Some individuals wondered if the narrator returned to school and continued taking algebra after the incident. To their surprise, he returned to school the following day and Mrs. Frank was no longer there. She was fired and her negative reputation in the teaching community made it impossible for her to secure another teaching job in the district.

As a result, Mrs. Frank was financially ruined and lost most of her connections in the teaching industry. She was never heard from again.

Regarding the tapes, the narrator stated that he no longer has them and that the administration kept them in case Mrs. Frank sued for false termination. He also mentioned that he continued taking algebra as a senior and received tutoring throughout his years in school.

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