Heavily Pregnant Policewoman Comes to Aid of Elderly Lady, Goes on Labor Minutes Later — Story of the Day

A heavily pregnant policewoman comes to the aid of an elderly woman and saves her life. Moments later, she feels uneasy and realizes her water has broken.

“We’re over, Jade! That baby is your responsibility, not mine!”

Those words rang in Jade’s ears repeatedly, and she knew she couldn’t drive any longer. She eventually pulled over to the side of the road and took a moment to relax.

Jade, 29, was a policewoman and heavily pregnant, with her due date around the corner. That morning had been especially difficult for her because she wasn’t feeling well, and then her boss had convinced her to take a maternity leave.

Jade had never wanted to go on leave, because, one, she loved her job, and second, her work was her only escape from thoughts of her tormenting divorce from her ex-husband. He had suddenly changed when she announced the pregnancy and left her alone with the care of their 11-year-old.

That morning, Jade had a feeling that something wrong was going to happen, and she was right…

A couple of minutes later, Jade felt better and decided to drive straight home, but as she grabbed the steering wheel, the signal light turned red, causing her to wait longer.

Sitting in her car, Jade was caressing her baby bump when she saw an elderly lady crossing the street.

“Baby, see, that’s a woman in front of us!” Jade was talking sweetly to her baby about the weather, birds, and things she could see around when she saw something very wrong.

She noticed a car speeding in the direction of the woman crossing the street. “Oh, no, it’s going to hit her at that rate!”

“Ma’am!” she yelled, getting down from her car. “Please move quickly! Fast!”

Unfortunately, the woman did not hear Jade. As the car got closer and closer to the woman, Jade dashed to her, panicked and holding her baby bump. If she had been a minute late, the car would have hit the older woman.

“Oh my, oh my, what was that?” gasped the woman as the car crashed into a nearby pole.

“Ma’am, uh, well,” Jade had started feeling uneasy. “Ma’am, are—are you alright?”

Sometimes, help comes from unexpected quarters.
“Oh, thank you, darling!” she replied loudly. “I—I can’t hear very well! I didn’t notice the car! But are you ok? You don’t look fine!”

Jade was sweating profusely and collapsed on the street, clutching her baby bump. “Ma’am…ca—call the ambulance!” she cried with all her strength. “MY WATER BROKE! CALL THE GODDAMN AMBULANCE! Ahh…”

Jade had gone into labor, and the older woman, Darlene, knew there was no time to lose.

With trembling hands, she pulled out her phone from her bag and dialed 911. “Send an ambulance right away!” she yelled into the phone. “Do you hear me? There’s a pregnant woman here! She’s in labor!”

“Don’t worry, darling!” she exclaimed loudly. “I informed them of your situation! They’re on their way!”

Jade’s heart fell, wondering if the woman had properly heard the dispatcher. But because the street was deserted at the time, she had no choice but to rely on Darlene.

“Don’t worry, honey! Everything will be fine! Just a little more time!” Darlene shouted.

“Ma’am, please stop shou—shouting in my ears…ahh…it—it’s only bothering me!” Jade cried in pain.

“You’ll be fine, darling!” Darlene yelled again, completely oblivious to what Jade had said. “God will help you!”

Thankfully, and much to Jade’s relief, they heard the ambulance siren soon after, and paramedics arrived. However, by the time Jade was loaded into the ambulance, her contractions had worsened.

“We need to deliver the baby now!” Darlene shouted to the orderly. “Honey, don’t worry, ok? I used to be a nurse! It’ll be fine!”

Jade was screaming and crying in pain. Darlene realized she didn’t have time to waste. She assisted Jade in the ambulance with the help of the orderly.

“PUSH, darling! PUSH! Oh, come on! You got this!”

“Ahh, I can’t,” Jade cried, but she didn’t lose hope.

Finally, after several pushes and a loud scream, Jade relaxed, and a joyful cry filled the ambulance. Jade birthed a beautiful baby boy.

“Oh, yes, yes, you go to your dear mama…” Darlene whispered to the baby.

She didn’t scream for the first time, and the only loud cries came from the baby, thankfully.

In tears, Jade held the baby close to her chest and whispered a thank you to Darlene. “Thank you, ma’am…” she said quietly. “Thank you…”

“Are you ok, honey?” Darlene shouted. “We’re almost there…”

Jade laughed weakly at Darlene and nodded, and soon after, they were at the hospital.

After Jade was admitted, Darlene visited her, and Jade thanked the older woman.

“Thank you for helping us, ma’am,” she said in Darlene’s ears. “It is our duty as cops to protect and serve the citizens, but you fulfilled that role today by helping me. Thank you very much.”

“Oh, dear, it’s fine,” Darlene said quietly. “Oh, look at that little angel sleeping peacefully…” she added, looking at Jade’s baby boy.

After talking to Darlene that day, Jade realized the older woman was very lonely. Her sons worked in a different city and rarely visited her, and her husband had recently passed away due to a heart attack.

Jade felt comfortable enough to share her personal story with Darlene, and the older woman said only one thing to her.

“A mother never abandons her children, darling. Oh, your husband did a terrible thing! But your baby boy is fortunate to have you by his side… By the way, I called the cops and informed them about the car that attempted to harm me. I have a good memory, and I remembered their license plate.”

“Oh, Darlene, did you?” Jade asked with a smile. “That’s wonderful!”

“I know, I know… My ears are the only issue; otherwise, I’m fitter than most teenagers these days,” she boasted, and Jade laughed, having forgotten all her worries. She couldn’t believe how happy she was around Darlene.

Later, she called her colleagues and asked them to take care of her car, which she’d left parked on the street, and drop Darlene home safely.

Darlene was a sweetheart, Jade thought. Not only because she helped her but also because what she said felt right. And where else do you find an elderly woman who can’t hear properly but has a brilliant memory?

Jade was more than just thankful to Darlene. She had saved her baby boy’s life, so after she was discharged and got better, she began visiting Darlene to help around the house and keep her company. And guess what? In return, Jade’s kids got a lovely grandmother in Darlene who shouted more than she talked but loved them like family.

What can we learn from this story?

Sometimes, help comes from unexpected quarters. When Jade went into labor on a random, deserted street, Darlene was the only one who came to her aid. Little did Jade know Darlene was a former nurse.
Kindness comes back in surprising ways. Jade’s kindness in helping Darlene came back to her in the form of a lovely friendship. Likewise, Darlene gained Jade’s company and no longer felt alone.

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This piece is inspired by stories from the everyday lives of our readers and written by a professional writer. Any resemblance to actual names or locations is purely coincidental. All images are for illustration purposes only. Share your story with us; maybe it will change someone’s life. If you would like to share your story, please send it to info@amomama.com.

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