Hostess Lets Homeless Boy Spend the Night in Hotel, Finds Shelter in His Mansion Years Later – Story of the Day

Amy was an air hostess who had always dreamed of having a child. After meeting an orphaned boy one night, she hoped she could adopt him, but it never happened. Years later, after losing her home to a flood, she came across that very same boy.


Amy was an air hostess at an international airline, and she loved her job. She loved traveling, so it brought her joy to wake up every morning and find herself in a different city or country.

However, Amy also secretly longed to have a family one day, and she feared her professional lifestyle was not conducive to a motherly role. She was not seeing anyone, so she was considering adopting a child.

One day, Amy was staying at a hotel in a completely different state from her home. She was stationed there for the night and would have to leave for home the next day.

There was a raging storm in that city that night. As Amy was in the hotel lobby getting a drink from the vending machine, she noticed that the strong wind had started to blow away the hotel’s signboard. Amy figured she’d help and move it before it was blown away or hurt somebody.

As she went to take it to the hotel, she saw a little boy in the alleyway. The boy was hiding behind garbage cans from the rain and wind viciously gushing through the alley.

Amy felt for the boy, perplexed as to why a child was all alone in such weather conditions. She took the boy to the hotel and secretly led him to one of the free rooms. Amy made him tea, let him take a hot shower, gave him a warm blanket, and allowed him to stay at the hotel for the night for free.

So, what’s your name?” Amy asked him as she brushed the boy’s frizzled hair after a shower.

“My name is Tom,” the boy replied.

“Nice to meet you, Tom. My name is Amy,” she said sweetly, shaking the little boy’s hand with a warm smile.

“Nice to meet you too, Amy,” Tom said with a kind smile.

Amy wanted to ask little Tom more questions, but it seemed he had been through enough already. As Amy brushed his hair, she recalled how frightened Tom looked behind those dumpsters. “No child should ever be so afraid,” she thought.

She concluded she would find everything out the next day at the police station. That night Amy and Tom spent time having a little fun. Amy showed him some board games they used to play when she was younger. Amy finally left him to rest after tucking him in.

The next day Amy took Tom to the police station and made a couple of alarming discoveries about the little boy. Tom’s mother had died, and his stepfather was not taking care of him. A social worker was called in and decided that Tom would go into foster care.


Amy saw this as an opportunity to finally adopt a child. She adored Tom and the little time they had spent together the night before was absolute bliss for Amy.

Amy spoke to the social worker about the possibility of adopting Tom. Unfortunately, Amy couldn’t adopt Tom because of the lack of stability that came with her job, as well as her low salary, which couldn’t support a young child. Amy was completely distraught.

Amy managed to keep in communication with Tom for a while. However, Tom was soon adopted, and Amy had to move back home to look after her sick mother. The two soon lost contact.

Years passed, and Amy’s mother was now dead of old age. Amy lived alone in her mother’s house now. She had no husband or children. It was certainly not the life she had envisioned for herself, but unfortunately, this is how it had turned out for Amy.

While she wasn’t happy about how her life had turned out, she appreciated the home her mother left her and the life she had built for herself, even though it was a little lonely. Unfortunately, a week later, Amy’s town was hit by a terrible flood, and her house was destroyed.

“Please restore me, merciful God. Show me your kindness and joy again.”

Amy was completely broken. This was the last thing she had of her own. Her inheritance from her last living parent. News reporters came from everywhere to cover the story, and a couple interviewed Amy. She wept bitterly as she explained to the reporter that she did not know where to go and what to do.

Amy found a motel for about a week but soon ran out of funds to keep her in the motel. She later moved to one of the shelters that had been set up for those that had been affected by the floods. The shelters were packed, and there was little room for privacy.

Amy often used her time in the bathroom to say in a little prayer. The bathroom wasn’t in the best condition, but with all those people, it wasn’t a shock. But Amy made do with what she was given.

“Lord, the last couple of years have been really tough. And now I’ve lost my home. I just need a break. Please restore me, merciful God. Show me your kindness and joy again,” Amy prayed in tears.

As Amy left, one of the shelter volunteers called her and said a young man was looking for her. Amy wasn’t sure who it could have possibly been. She initially thought it may have been another reporter, but most of them had left at this point.

The shelter volunteer ushered Amy to a young man standing by a luxurious car. She didn’t instantly recognize him and squinted as she pulled out her glasses, approaching the young man.

“Hello. Were you looking for me?” Amy asked the young man.

“Yes, I was, Amy. It’s so great to finally see you again. I’ve thought about you over the years,” the young man said, in tears with excitement.

“I’m sorry, do we know each other?” Amy asked, confused.

“It’s me, Tom. The little boy you helped all those years ago,” Tom said warmly.

“Tom? Tom!! You’ve grown so much!” an overjoyed Amy said, grabbing Tom in a long, warm hug.

Tom explained to Amy that he had seen her interview in the news and had to find her. He had tried to find the woman that showed her such compassion all those years back, but he never could. Then, he was finally able to track her down after the interview.

“I always knew there was something special about you.”
Tom invited Amy over to his house, and Amy was taken aback by how large his mansion was. Tom had done well for himself and lived on a large estate.

“How did you afford such a beautiful mansion?” Amy asked in awe.

“I have you to thank for that, actually,” Tom confessed.

“Me?” Amy asked, confused.

“The board games you taught me that night really stuck with me over the years. So, after college, I created one of my own. It was pretty successful, so I created another, then another, and another. And here we are,” Tom said, holding back her tears.

“Oh, child! That is amazing! I always knew there was something special about you. That’s why I wanted to ado—” Amy said before choking up emotionally.

“I know. I know you wanted to adopt me. And you would have been an amazing mother. You were an amazing mother to me in those couple hours we spent together. That’s why I’d like you to stay with me here,” Tom concluded.

“W—Wait, what?” Amy said in tears. She tried to say more, but she was lost for words. Tom, also welling up, embraced her in an emotional hug.

“Board games? Who would have thought?” Amy said as they both shared a tearful laugh.

From that day on, Amy and Tom became mother and son, as Amy had always hoped all those years ago. They loved and supported each other as a family. Tom even taught Amy a couple of the board games she had created.

What can we learn from this story?

Sometimes our dreams take a little longer than we expect to manifest, but we should never give up on them. After losing contact with Tom all those years ago, Amy couldn’t have imagined that she would eventually become a mother to the child she learned to love overnight. However, fate had other plans for both of them.

Love can overcome all. Amy’s love for Tom not only overcame the physical obstacles in both their lives but even time and space itself.

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