Idaho Girl, 3, Dies in Hit-And-Run While Walking Home from Getting Ice Cream: ‘She Didn’t Deserve This’

A family’s whole world came crashing when an unfortunate occurrence deprived them of their happiness. In a tragic hit-and-run accident, they lost their beloved child, who was returning home after getting ice cream. Would their lives ever be the same?


There’s no joy greater than parenthood. Seeing your baby’s bright smile, sparkling eyes, and adorable cackles is a special feeling that no parent wants to miss or trade for the world. Every parent wishes to provide a safe and supportive environment for their kids.

Even the faintest hint of something happening to their children can send shivers down a parent’s spine. The family in today’s story experienced a similar dilemma when an unforeseen incident turned their lives topsy-turvy. Please take a look at their tear-jerking tale.

The Jensens

Samantha Jensen, affectionately known as ‘Sam’ and Lane Jensen, lived with their beautiful family in Oldtown, Idaho. They were proud parents to their three bundles of joy — Scarlett June, Henry, and Molly.

In a thread of touching Facebook posts, a heartbroken Sam remembered her little nugget, Scarlett, who filled her life with endless love and joy and made her a mom.

A Lovely Family

Sam’s social media account was peppered with lovely family moments, which gave a glimpse into the Jensen family’s joyous and fun-filled lives. Both Sam and Lane loved their children with all their hearts and souls.

Scarlett’s aunt, Moira Holifield, described her niece as the smartest three-year-old girl who loved Spirit, Frozen, picking flowers and playing with her favorite chickens. According to Sam, her baby girl was full of life and love and always wore a heart-melting, infectious smile.

A Life-Changing Incident

On Friday, October 7, 2022, Scarlett and Henry decided to accompany their grandmother to buy ice cream, not too far away from their house. Nobody knew that their short trip on an early Friday evening would turn out to be life-changing.

The trio was walking home on a dirt pedestrian pathway near their home when the unthinkable happened. They were reportedly struck by a vehicle, identified as a Chevrolet Tahoe. Phillip Underway, a relative of the Jensens, said

the pathway was meant solely for pedestrians.

Unforeseen & Heart-Rending

According to the Idaho State Police, the hit-and-run accident happened a little before 5:00 p.m. on East Valley Street, Oldtown, Idaho. A 23-year-old male from Newport, Washington, reportedly struck the three pedestrians and fled the scene on foot soon afterward.

The pedestrians he hit included a 50-year-old woman and two little kids, a boy, and a girl. The Jensen family identified the elderly woman as Meemaw Jamie, who had taken her grandchildren to buy ice cream nearby. Scarlett and Henry were identified as the two little siblings.

Gone Too Soon

Following the unfortunate accident, the kids’ grandmother was seriously injured, and Henry was air-flighted in critical condition. Sadly, Scarlett succumbed to her wounds and passed away at the scene. She was only three years old. The children’s aunt, Holifield, said:

“[Scarlett] didn’t deserve this.”

Supporting the Family

The nerve-wracking accident wreaked complete havoc on the Jensens, taking away their lovely little girl who loved horses and being an older sister to her little brother and baby sister.

An online fundraising page was created for the family by Holifield, which has gathered over $52,000 as of October 11. She wrote on the GoFundMe:

“I’m raising funds to help Sam and Lane with medical costs, funeral costs and time off work after losing our sweet Scarlett in a tragic hit and run. We know money could never replace our baby girl but anything can help after dealing with the worst day of our lives.”

A True Fighter

Little Henry, who was taken to the hospital in a critical state, remained in the PICU and was treated for his injuries. Per Sam, her son was in stable condition and had a very long road ahead of him to recovery. In a Facebook post on October 11, she said:

“My strong, brave baby. We are officially out of the PICU he’s been telling us over and over again ‘me happy now Mama’ ‘me not hurt, not cry anymore (sic).’”

Sam stated that her sweet little boy was expected to recover fully. She added, “We are so thankful that Jesus has his hand on our baby and is healing him.”

Remembering Her Daughter

In a thread of touching Facebook posts, a heartbroken Sam remembered her little nugget, Scarlett, who filled her life with endless love and joy and made her a mom.

She said she would never get used to her beautiful girl’s absence, who was so deeply loved and cherished. She also added:

“Someone took you from us and destroyed our family, all you were doing was walking home from getting ice cream.”

Always in Our Hearts

The devastated mother said that she and her husband would ensure that Henry and Molly would never forget their big sister, who was perfect in every way. In a second Facebook post, Sam requested people to keep Scarlett alive in their hearts and memories.

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The Oldtown resident said that her daughter loved the color pink, princesses, unicorns, dancing, singing, painting, and coloring. She noted how Scarlett loved being around her siblings and was best friends with her little brother, Henry. She added:

“[Scarlett] was such a fun little girl and our lives are forever torn to pieces.”

Request for Prayers

In another Facebook post, Sam urged people to keep her family in their prayers. She wrote:

“Please, I’m begging everyone to hit their knees and pray. Pray for Henry to heal, pray for my mom to heal, pray for our sweet Scarlett June who didn’t deserve this.”

We send our deepest condolences to the Jensen family on the loss of their beloved little girl, and we wish a speedy recovery to her brother and grandma. Rest in God’s arms, dear princess. We are sure you will always watch over your baby siblings from heaven.


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