Illinois Mom Dies in Car Crash along with 4 Beloved Kids Who Were ‘Her Life’

An Illinois family of six was headed for a vacation when suddenly, a car in the wrong direction crashed into their vehicle. The mother and her four children had no time to escape before the vehicles went up in flames.


While traveling with children in a car, people ensure the little ones are safely sitting in their car seats and have their seatbelts on. They even drive carefully, abiding by all the traffic rules, so the kids enjoy a smooth ride.

The man in today’s story was also driving safely while traveling with his wife and four children when suddenly, he saw a vehicle coming in the wrong direction, about to collide with his car.


31-year-old Lauren Dobosz, a mother-of-four from Rolling Meadows, Illinois, had planned to go on a vacation to Minnesota with her children and husband, Thomas Dobosz. Little did she know that the journey to their destination would be the last few minutes they would spend together as a family.

Excited about their weekend getaway, the children hopped into the car with their parents. The eldest daughter had invited her 13-year-old friend. All seven people drove toward their destination in a blue Chevy van, not knowing what would happen on the freeway.

At around 2 a.m. on July 31, 2022, the family was driving on Interstate 90 in McHenry County, Illinois, just a few miles outside Chicago, when a woman was driving the wrong way. Several people driving on the same road witnessed an Acura TSX going in the opposite direction.


Suddenly, the car slammed into Thomas’s van. The woman driving the car died on the spot and was later identified by the authorities as 22-year-old Jennifer Fernandez. It is still not known why she was going in the wrong way.


Soon after the collision, paramedics arrived and rescued the Dobosz family and the 13-year-old girl. The accident made it to the news when the first responders revealed that six out of the seven people in the van had passed away.

Only Thomas had survived the horrifying accident and was taken to Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, via an airlift, where he remained in critical condition.


When the news of Lauren and her children’s death reached friends and family, they were devastated. A neighbor of the Dobosz family who had known them for years, David Moreno, said the news hit him hard. He added:

“Losing your family in a split-second like that is not going to be easy for anybody.”

“It’s just an awful tragedy, and I just can’t even express [sic],” said Jean Kohlberg, the Dobosz children’s school teacher. He recalled seeing them every day and revealed that the kids waved at him whenever they saw him.



Lauren was passionate about cheerleading and worked as a coach for the Oriole Park Falcons during her spare time. Her colleagues and students loved her company and were devastated after hearing about her tragic demise.

The mother’s coworker, Kenny Felton, said he shook his head when he heard about the horrific crash. It was hard for him to believe that his energetic coworker, who “loved her kids and husband,” wasn’t alive. “That was her life,” he added.

Felton also spoke about Thomas, who was in the hospital and didn’t know about his wife and kids. He said:

“He’s going to have a tough road ahead when he finds out what happened and just wish them all the best, and anything we can do, we’ll be here for them.”


A day after the accident, friends and family gathered in a park to remember Lauren and her innocent children. Lauren’s brother spoke to the crowd about the Dobosz family and how everyone loved them. He said:

“Once I stepped foot in this park, I saw every single one of you guys here, and I broke down even more.”

“I wish she was still here,” Gianna Quinones, a friend of the Dobosz family, said. Other friends also had good words about Lauren and her children. The crowd released balloons to pay tribute to the deceased members of the Dobosz family.


The Oriole Park Falcons made a GoFundMe page to cover Lauren’s and her children’s funeral expenses and support Thomas, who at the time was struggling for his life in the hospital.

Sadly, on July 3, 2022, the team was forced to share a tragic update on the fundraising site about Thomas.

“Tom has gained his angel wings and is now with his amazing wife Lauren and precious children,” the team said. The proceeds from the fundraiser would now be used to cover the funeral expenses of all five members of the Dobosz family.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the Dobosz family, who are dealing with the painful and irreplaceable loss of Lauren, Thomas, their four children, and their kid’s friend. The pain is truly unimaginable!

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