Joanna Gaines Says That The Secret To Feeling Young Is Having A Baby At 40

Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines has a tip for anyone looking to feel younger: Have a baby at age 40.


Joanna, along with her husband Chip, recently welcomed Crew, their fifth child.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Joanna says that since having Crew, she has never felt more alive. Joanna had her first child, Drake, at 27, and says that she didn’t feel this way after she gave birth to her other children.

Joanna feels that part of the reason that she feels younger is because she had Crew at an age when most women don’t consider getting pregnant a big possibility.

Joanna jokes that even her friends have seen the change in her, calling her “Fun Jo” now. Part of that new attitude for Joanna is a spirit of spontaneity. Where once Joanna kept a tight schedule and was all business, she now understands that one has to be relaxed when raising a young family.


Since her other children are so much older than Crew, Joanna says that it’s almost like he is her first-born all over again. Joanna says that part of that new feeling is doing things differently than she did with her other kids.

“He’s my little sidekick,” Joanna told PEOPLE. “He comes to work with me every day and goes to all my meetings. There’s literally a sign-up sheet because everyone wants to hold him.”


As an example, Joanna says that when Crew is crying, she immediately goes to see him despite having been a little tougher with her other kids.

When asked if another baby was a possibility, Joanna says that she and Chip are not planning for one, but it remains a possibility. The couple never thought that they would have another child after the birth of their second daughter, Emmie, yet they remain grateful for the most recent addition to their family.

Joanna hints that Chip is already talking about wanting a little sister for Crew, but only time will tell if they welcome a sixth child to their family.

What do you think of Joanna’s advice for feeling younger? Is there anything that you do to help you feel younger? Let us know in the comments – and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!

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