Kate Was Comforted by ‘Sweet’ Prince Louis as They Mourned Death of ‘Grannie’ Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth passed away at 96 at Balmoral Castle on September 8, 2022. On the day, Princess Kate, as she is now known, was spotted looking stoic as she fetched her children from their first day of school. Her children became a comfort for her as she, Prince William, Harry, and Meghan mourned the loss of the Queen.


Despite the public’s issues with Harry and Meghan because they left The Firm, the princes and their wives banded together after the Queen passed on to show unity in the family.

Many royal family fans gathered outside Windsor Castle after the Queen passed away to pay their respects. Princess Kate and Prince William appeared to talk to those paying their respects among the crowds of people.

Princess Kate and Prince William wore black ensembles to respect the Queen. They stood on one side of a small fence as fans stood on the other and spoke to them about the Queen.

In the video, flowers can be seen on the floor on the fans’ side of the fence as the fans hold up their phones to catch photos or videos of the royals as they engage in conversation with those gathered to mourn Queen Elizabeth II.

Roya Nikkah, Royal Editor at “The Sunday Times,” revealed on Twitter that Princess Kate had shared a touching interaction with her youngest son when she told him that Queen Elizabeth II had passed on.

Nikkah shared that when Princess Kate informed her children of their great-grandmother’s passing, Prince Louis responded:

“At least Grannie is with Great Grandpa now.”

Soon after Nikkah posted the tweet, it began to gain the attention of Twitter users worldwide, and many commented on the update to share their thoughts on the young man’s comment. One user described him as “pure.”


Another user said that the comment had caused Prince Louis to steal the day again. One woman commented that she thought he was sweet and loved the photo of Queen Elizabeth II smiling down at him during her platinum jubilee.

The title “Princess” has only been bestowed upon Princess Kate after the Queen’s death.

Prince Louis’ sweet words were a comfort to many as they came just moments after Princess Kate was seen trying to mask her emotions from the world as she mourned the loss of the Queen.

Princess Kate Remained Stoic After The Queen’s Death

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the royal family rushed to be at the Queen’s side as she took her last breaths. She was placed under medical supervision, and soon after, the family began traveling to Balmoral to be with her, “Page Six” reports.

However, while Prince William rushed to be with his grandmother, Princess Kate stayed at Windsor Castle. The publication reported that Prince William and Princess Kate’s children had started school the day before, and Princess Kate stayed at Windsor to be with the children.


The children had reportedly just started at Lambrook School in Windsor after having been at Thomas’ Battersea in London. Other senior members of the royal family traveled to be by Queen Elizabeth II’s side as per “Page Six.”

The day after the Queen passed on, “Daily Mail” reported that Princess Kate was seen driving her car wearing all black and a pair of sunglasses as she looked stoic amid the heartbreak of losing the Queen.

Princess Kate was allegedly driving to Lambrook School to fetch her three children, Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four. It was reported that Prince William traveled back to Windsor that same day.

The couple invited Harry and Meghan to Windsor to view the flower displays left for Queen Elizabeth II.

The title “Princess” has only been bestowed upon Princess Kate after the Queen’s death. Before Queen Elizabeth II’s tragic passing, she was known as Duchess Kate of Cambridge, while Prince William was known as the Duke of Cambridge.

King Charles III Appointed New Titles to His Son and Daughter-In-Law

“Daily Mail” reported that in King Charles III’s first inaugural speech as King, he appointed new titles to the former Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Before the Queen passed away, King Charles III was the Prince of Wales.

In his first televised speech as King, he said that the title he had had for so much of his life would now be inherited by his son and daughter-in-law, making them the Prince and Princess of Wales.

It was also alleged that while Princess Kate knows the history of her new role, she wants to create a new path for herself. Princess Kate is the first person to hold the titles of Duchess of Cornwall and Princess of Wales since Princess Diana.

Prince William and Princess Kate are said to desire to deepen the trust and respect that the people of Wales have for their leaders. The source that revealed this information to “Daily Mail” confirmed they would behave as modestly and humbly as they had in the past.

“People” revealed Prince William’s feelings about becoming the Prince of Wales. Prince William allegedly mentioned that he held a “deep affection” for Wales as it was his first home with Princess Kate as his wife and where the couple spent the first months of their eldest son’s life.

Roya Nikkah, Royal Editor at “The Sunday Times,” also took to Twitter to announce the new Prince and Princess of Wales’ first move in their new roles. The couple invited Harry and Meghan to Windsor to view the flower displays left for Queen Elizabeth II.

Nikkah mentioned that it was a display of unity for the royal family. Meghan and Harry were seen arriving at Windsor, dressed in black as they mourned the Queen, walking together with the Prince and Princess of Wales.


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