Kyle Rittenhouse Goes Public With Gorgeous New Girlfriend, Enrages Critics But Gets Last Laugh

Liberal critics are enraged that Kyle Rittenhouse is having a good life and they cannot contain their spite and jealousy which tells you all you need to know about them. The latest outrage from Kyle according to the left?

He has a new gorgeous girlfriend and the two of them posted together on social media as young kids do. He went viral and the left did their best t attack him. But he is certainly getting the last laugh.

TikTok videos you can see below show Kyle Rittenhouse and his girlfriend lip-syncing to famous songs, Our Song by Taylor Swift and Gotta Go My Own Way from High School Musical 2.

One social media user defended Kyle saying:

“Leftists are so mad about Kyle Rittenhouse posting cringe TikTok’s happily with his gf being a normal silly teen because they really thought they could ruin him.

“They hate to see that they failed & he’s living a relatively normal life.

“Ok last Kyle post I’m just proud of the kid.


Another user said:


“Same, I’m glad to see he’s getting over his experience.

“Shit had to be majorly traumatic, but he seems to be dealing with it pretty well.”


Another user said:


“He’s strong for not hiding or leaving the internet or anything.

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