Little girl finds paper boat on the river with the inscription “Help us” – Story of the day

Katie was walking by the river next to her house and spotted a paper sailing boat with what seemed to be an urgent message, so she ran to her mum and together they walked down the river only to find the amazing person who made the boat.

By the age of three Katie knew how to be careful when walking by the river and her mum, Lucinda, sat in the chairs on the porch keeping an eye on her daughter as she tried to teach her how to be independent gives.

Lucinda believed children should start being independent from an early age and Katie was already learning so much about the world for herself. But you always have to be a little more careful around rivers, oceans and other bodies of water.

Luckily Katie was smart, so Lucinda frowned and rose from her seat on the porch as the little girl ran towards her.

Katie tugged at her hand, smiling. “Mom, we did it. We’ll help you!”

“Mom! Mom!” Katie yelled and her mother noticed something odd in her hands.

“What’s the matter, Katie? What’s this? You know what I told you not to touch strange objects,” Lucinda reminded her gently. The little girl handed her mother what she had discovered.

“Mommy! I found this by the river!” the little girl yelled, picking up a paper boat that Lucinda took from her.

Lucinda picked up the paper boat and checked it for dirt. To her horror, the words “Help us” were clearly written on the paper, but she had no idea if it was a joke or a genuine cry for help.

She thought about calling 911, but what should she tell them? But her conscience would not allow her to forget the message. She had been in situations in the past where there was no way to ask for help. If someone needed help, she would do something. So she grabbed her phone from the porch seat, took Katie’s hand and walked her back to the river where she found the paper boat.

She had Katie explain exactly where she found the boat and decided to walk along the river and try to find whoever sent the message. Katie was excited throughout the walk, although Lucinda began to worry after more than ten minutes of walking.

“Mom, are we there soon?”

“I don’t know, sweetheart. If we don’t find something or someone soon, we’ll turn back,” she replied in a soothing voice.

They saw more houses and even some farms, but there was no one to be seen. Eventually they reached a small farm and to their surprise a boy who couldn’t be much older than Katie was sitting by the river.

He saw them and noticed the paper boat in Lucinda’s hand, whereupon he got up and walked over to them. “You have my boat! You are here to help!”
Katie tugged at her hand, smiling. “Mom, we did it! We found him!”

Lucinda nodded to her daughter and the boy. But then her face became very confused. “What’s the matter kid? What help do you need? I’ve got my cell phone with me so we can call someone,” she explained, tilting her body a little to get a good look at the boy, who didn’t seem to be in any danger .

“Come with me!” he said, running deeper into the yard, which was huge and spacious with tons of crops all around. She had never seen him, despite being so close to her house.

They followed the boy and spotted an elderly woman tilling the field with a wooden pickaxe. She was sweating from the heat but smiled as the boy approached.

“Grandma! I found help!” he told her, pointing at Lucinda and Katie, who were approaching more slowly.

“What are you talking about, Walter?” the older woman asked curiously.

“You need help and I found it!” said Walter, smiling and jumping around his grandmother who was still confused.
Lucinda decided to clear things up a bit. “My daughter found this paper boat with a message asking for help. We live about 20 minutes walk south. Anything going on here?”

The older woman opened and closed her mouth while glancing sideways at her grandson. Then she spoke up and shook her head. “I don’t know what Walter is talking about. There’s nothing going on here,” she replied.

“Grandma! We need help! I heard you last night. You called and said you were too old to work in the fields and that you wanted more help. So I went to the river and got one Wrote a message on a paper boat asking for help!” Walter explained, finally making the older women laugh.

“Oh my god, Walter! You probably startled the woman because she thought there was a real emergency in the area!” laughed his grandmother, later apologizing to Lucinda.

“Honestly, I didn’t know what we would find when I decided to look for whoever sent the paper boat, but this is hilarious and better than anything I expected,” Lucinda added with a huge grin.
Soon Katie and Walter were playing in the field while Lucinda was talking to Walter’s grandmother. She was a wonderful woman named Isabelle whose husband had died a year ago. The work on the farm became more and more difficult as she got older and she didn’t realize that Walter was listening.

“Walter’s parents let him stay with me every summer, but this year has been even tougher than usual. I’m not young anymore, you know? My husband did most of the work and our sons helped as teenagers until they went to university,” Isabelle Lucinda explained calmly, who nodded in understanding.

“I can understand that. It’s a big area to take care of,” she said, grinning at the sounds of Katie and Walter playing on the field.

“I’m actually considering selling it soon and my sons are in agreement, so I might move a bit south soon,” revealed the older woman.”

“Why don’t you write down my phone number? You can call me if you need anything. I know of a few properties for sale near my house. I can give you some contacts, too,” Lucinda offered, which Isabelle appreciated.

Lucinda and Katie said goodbye and headed back to their house. They promised to come back in a few days so the children could play and the women could chat.
For the next few months, they visited the farm every other day and became good family friends. Lucinda began helping Isabelle with her visits, so the elderly woman gave her a basket of produce from her farm as harvest time began.

About a year later, Isabelle finally sold her farm and moved a few doors down from Lucinda and Katie. Despite their age difference, the two women became good friends and Katie and Walter enjoyed playing together by the river.

What can we learn from this story?

When someone asks for help, don’t hesitate to answer the call. Though Lucinda had no idea how to help the person who sent the boat message, she tried to do something anyway. And even after not discovering any danger or need, she offered to help the elderly woman and her grandson.

Kindness is always returned with kindness. Lucinda did Isabelle a favor by offering her help in various ways, so that when harvest season came, the older woman reciprocated.

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