Little Girl Prays to God for Sick Granny, Hears Voice Offering Help – Short Story

When all her attempts to save her grandma’s life failed, a girl cried in front of the crucifix in church, begging God for a miracle.

Suddenly, a loud voice spoke behind her, offering to help.

Janice hated arguing with her granddaughter Sadie about the importance of church visits. “Not again…Please come to church with me…you’ll feel better under His presence.”

Sadie had recently lost her parents in a car crash, and the unfortunate incident ripped off her faith in God.

“What will visiting church change in my life? Will my parents come back? Or will it change the fact that I’m an orphan?” she cried.

Sadie had fixed her mind not to enter the church all her life, but that very afternoon, another tragedy in tow made her do it and beg God for help…

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“Sadie, sweetheart, you shouldn’t say that. Remember, God will surely respond if you pray hard and ask Him,” advised Janice as she left home for church. She usually returned home within an hour but never showed up for a long time that fateful day.

“What is it, dear? I heard you, and I’m ready to help you,” she heard a voice behind her.
“Yes, this is Sadie, her granddaughter. Which hospital? I’m on my way….”

Sadie was crying alone at home, thinking about her parents, when she got a call from a stranger who informed her that Janice had been accidentally hit by a vehicle on her way home from church.

“Grandma? Doctor, can I go inside? I want to see her. Please let me in!” cried Sadie. But the nurse and doctor pulled her away and comforted her, prohibiting her from entering the emergency ward.


“Yes, I’m Sadie, her granddaughter.”

“Hello Sadie, we found your ID in her purse, and that’s how we contacted you. What is your blood type?”

Sadie was shocked. “O positive.”

“Oh my… Nurse, hurry and check the blood bank if they have any donor matching Mrs. Fletcher’s blood type.”

“What is it, doctor? What happened to grandma?”

“Sadie, your grandma has lost a lot of blood and needs a donor with AB negative blood type immediately. It’s a rare blood type. Let’s pray we can find a donor soon enough to save your grandmother.”

The revelation shook Sadie. She contacted all her friends and even the blood banks she knew of, but no donor was available.

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“Why is this happening only to me?” she cried.

“Sadie, don’t worry. We will try our best,” assured the doctor, hurrying away to find a donor.

The girl did not lose hope. She searched the internet and reached out to all the available blood banks in the city.

“I’m sorry, but we don’t have AB negative. We will put you in a queue, but you may have to wait a while because you’re number 877,” informed a blood bank attendant who Sadie had called.

“Doctor, have you found a donor? Any progress?” Sadie asked, hurrying behind the doctor.

Unfortunately, the doctor did not have any good news to share with Sadie. “We can only wait. We didn’t find a donor yet. Let’s wait for a miracle and pray.”

That’s when Sadie recalled her granny telling her about prayers and faith. She hurried out of the hospital and ran to the church Janice often visited.

“God, please save my grandma…Please help me find someone with AB-negative blood type,” Sadie cried in front of the crucifix. “I am sorry, and I promise to come to church with her. Please save her life. Please don’t take her away from me. She is all I have left. Please give me a sign that nothing will happen to her. Please, I need my granny back. Please help me. Show me that you’re real.”

A priest stood before her, holding the Holy Bible. He gently touched her head and assured her he would help.

“I am ready to donate blood to your granny… I am AB negative,” said Father Francis, lighting up hope and faith in the 10-year-old girl’s eyes.

They arrived at the hospital just in time. Doctors predicted Janice would go into a coma without a timely blood transfusion.

“Thank you, Father. I’ll never forget your help,” cried Sadie before Father Francis left.

“Don’t thank me, dear. Thank God because He sent me there right on time to hear you!”

Sadie’s heart lightened up. She snapped away her tears, and eventually, Janice gained consciousness. She was discharged from the hospital two days later.

“Sweetheart, I’m glad to be going home, safe and sound,” said Janice on their way out of the hospital. “Shall we go home now?”

“No, grandma…not yet,” replied Sadie. “We still haven’t visited a place.”

“What is it?” Janice curiously asked as Sadie led her by the hand and pointed her finger at something two minutes later.

“There. We will spend some time in the church! God exists…he really does…I also realized that if He takes something from us, He always gives something back…He gave you back to me!”

Janice could not help but shed tears of joy. Meanwhile, Father Francis smiled and walked away with his Bible after seeing a silhouette of Janice and Sadie entering the church.

What can we learn from this story?

God never lets down his believers. Place your faith in Him and ask; you will definitely get what you want. Sadie stopped believing in God after losing her parents. But her faith and hope in miracles were restored after she found help in the church to save her granny’s life.
Believe in miracles because you might need them the most when everything else fails. When Sadie and the doctors lost hope in finding the rare blood type to save Janice, a priest stepped in to help after hearing Sadie’s cries in church. It was nothing but a pure miracle right in God’s presence.

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