Longtime Limbaugh Producer Bo Snerdley Tells Rush Story He’s Never Told Before

James Golden, who also goes by the pseudonym Bo Snerdley, was the producer for conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for many years and recently shared a story about his old boss’s generosity.


Golden made his remarks during an episode Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Today.’

Rush Surprises Golden With Check

Golden remembered speakomg to personal creditors on the phone once, and Limbaugh – who was hard of hearing – overheard him.

“Hey, James, can you come back in my office?” Limbaugh asked Golden. “So listen, I don’t mean to pry, I don’t wanna get inside your bus iness or anything, but I heard you on the phone. Is everything OK?”


Golden told Rush he owed $5,000.

He said Rush told him, “Don’t sweat it, everything is gonna be cool, everything is gonna work out.”


“I get to work the next day,” Golden said. “I want you to keep I mind, this is before Rush Limbaugh signed any big syndicated deals, this is before Rush Limbaugh-the-multi-millionaire, this is before Rush Limbaugh-I’m-on-the-track-to-blazing-success – this is before any of that.”

Golden added, “This is before there’s a Bo Snerdley, because Bo Snerdley didn’t exist then; this was James Golden, this black kid from Queens sitting in the newsroom, who used to take Rush’s stories.”

“So, the next day, I’m sitting in the newsroom, pulling stories again – in the intercom, it’s Rush,” Golden said. ‘Hey, James, can you come on in to the office for a second?’”

“Rush has an envelope,” Golden said. “He pushed the envelope to me, he says, ‘Here.’”

“Inside it, there’s a check for $5,000,” Golden said, becoming emotional.

Golden On Rush: ‘He was one of the most exceptional human beings you could ever meet’

“What Rush said to me was, ‘I don’t want you to tell anybody about this, this is between you and me; this is not a loan, this is a gift, because good things need to happen to good people once in awhile,” Golden said.

“You’re making me emotional,” Carlson told Golden.

James Golden was tearing up too, saying, “Tucker, he was one of the most exceptional human beings you could ever meet.”


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