Man Leaves Family despite Loving Them So Much, Next Day Sees Son on Hotel Doorstep – Story of the Day

After constant quarreling with his wife, a man decides to leave his family despite loving them so much. The following day, his son shows up at the hotel he stayed in for the night to try and change his mind.

Luke was a hardworking corporate employee who worked day and night to provide for his family. He grew up in poverty, barely eating twice a day and sharing clothes with his siblings. He also had to get a part-time job in high school to help his parents pay the bills.

Knowing how difficult it was to live without money, he vowed that if he ever had a family, he would ensure they didn’t have to experience what he did. So when he finally got married to a gorgeous woman named Lisa, he worked double-time to provide her with a comfortable life.

Luke and Lisa shared a 7-year-old son named Todd. Todd loved his parents dearly and wanted nothing but to spend time with them daily. However, the couple wanted their son to find a hobby, so they always enlisted him in extra-curricular activities like piano lessons and basketball workshops.

In order to pay for the bills and for his wife and son’s activities, Luke barely spent time at home and was constantly at work. He spent little time with his family; even when he was at home on weekends, he would be working.

Lisa was worried about this, as she knew they had enough money to live comfortably without Luke having to spend so much time away. “All we need is enough money to pay for our expenses, honey. I don’t need all these expensive jewelry and clothes. All I need is you and Todd,” she told her husband one day.

“Money is nothing without a family to enjoy it with.”

Luke didn’t believe this and thought Lisa was only saying it because she was able to buy anything she wanted. This led to constant arguments between them, as Lisa was persistent in making Luke realize that family time was just as important as his work life.

“You know what, Luke? If you don’t want to spend time with me, at least spend time with Todd,” Lisa said once. “He’s growing up quickly, and before you know it, he’s off to college, and you’ll regret not spending time with him.”

Realizing that his wife was right, Luke spent more time with Todd. They would run errands together, and it made Todd happy.

One weekend, Luke took Todd along to the garage where he repaired his car. He taught Todd how to repair cars and allowed him to do minor repairs like tightening screws and wiping down grease marks.

That night, Luke and Lisa had a big argument. Lisa wondered why Luke had to spend the entire day at the garage when he could have taken Todd to an amusement park or the mall so they could spend quality time together.

“When was the last time you planned out a day with him? You haven’t taken him to the park in years, and he’s probably the only person in his class who hasn’t gone to the new amusement park in town,” Lisa sighed. “You could have chosen to repair your car on any other day. Why did it have to be on your only free day?”

Luke had enough of his wife’s nagging. He felt as if he never did anything right and was sick of the constant arguments they were having. “But Todd had a lot of fun at the garage. Can you please cut me some slack? I don’t know what it is you want from me. If I don’t spend time with Todd, you’re angry. If I spend time with Todd, you’re angry. I never win!” he yelled.

“All we want is to spend quality time with you!” Lisa shot back. “We don’t need your money. We need YOU!” she cried.

Luke shook his head. “It’s the same argument, again and again, Lisa! I’ve had enough! I’m leaving!” Luke declared. “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. After that, I won’t be returning home. I’ll find somewhere else to stay. But don’t worry, all the money I earn will continue to go to you and Todd,” he said, walking towards his room and shutting the door behind him.

The following day, Luke was preparing to leave the hotel where he stayed for the night, only to find Todd in the lobby looking worried. As soon as the boy saw his dad, he yelled, “Dad! Daddy! You can’t go on the business trip!”

Luke walked toward Todd, surprised to see his son there. He immediately realized that something happened. “But how Todd did get to the hotel?” Luke asked himself. He couldn’t help but feel his heart ache. “What’s wrong?” he asked his son.

“I forgot to tighten the cog on the wheel! It’s not safe. I want to tighten it so nothing happens to you while you’re driving,” Todd explained.

Then Lisa came out of the corner and started talking. “I brought him here because I’m worried about my husband… no matter how much of a donkey he is,” she said with a smile.

Both Lisa and Luke knew that the cog would not affect how the car operated. However, Lisa used the opportunity to try and change her husband’s mind.

“Money is nothing without a family to enjoy it with, Luke,” Lisa told her husband. “We don’t need expensive jewelry, toys, and clothes. We want our family to be complete, and we want our family to make great memories together. Don’t leave us, please. We need you.”

Luke finally realized what his wife was trying to tell him. Lisa was never bothered about the money, but the fact that it seemed Luke was a slave to the money he was earning.

At the last minute, Luke decided to give up the business trip. He filed for an extended vacation leave for the first time in years and took Lisa and Todd to the amusement park where they enjoyed a fun-filled day together as a family.

What can we learn from this story?

We should always put our children first. Children grow up quickly, and it’s essential to spend time with them before they grow up and start to have their own lives. We should always prioritize family.
Family matters more than anything in the world. Luke’s priorities were distorted for a while until he was on the brink of losing his family for good. When that time came, he realized that material possessions and money mean nothing if there’s no family for him to enjoy it with.

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