Man Spends His Vacation Helping Colleague with New-Born Baby, Sees Boss Knocking on His Door — Story of the Day

A man foregoes a paid vacation to his favorite holiday spot in order to care for his colleague’s newborn baby. When he returns to work after his break, his boss pays him a surprise visit and has something special in store for him.


Jordan, 30, was a single man who worked as a teacher at a private college. While most of his friends had made it huge into the corporate world after getting their basic degrees, Jordan went for his master’s and became a professor because he loved teaching.

When he and his buddies got together, they frequently boasted about the lavish facilities their companies provided them with, as well as how they had big plans for their children’s futures. But unlike them, Jordan had barely had a few dates in life, let alone a wife and children.

But as the saying goes, everyone’s life changes one day. Albeit late, Jordan’s did as well…

In the second year of his tenure as a professor, Jordan fell in love with her colleague, Lauren. She had joined the college as an assistant professor in his department, and he was eagerly waiting for the perfect chance to ask her out on a date.

But when he approached her indirectly about it, she revealed she had a boyfriend. That was already hard for Jordan to take in because he had never felt so strongly for someone as he did for her, but the major heartbreak came when he found out Lauren was pregnant.

“May I ask the purpose of your visit, sir?” he asked, and Mr. Fletcher placed an envelope on his table.

She had her baby and went on maternity leave. Jordan was relieved she wasn’t near him for a while because hearing her start a family with her boyfriend tore him apart.

One day, Jordan was sitting in the college cafeteria, thinking about why he hadn’t been able to move on from Lauren. He still missed her and wanted to be with her.

Suddenly, he heard some whispers from the adjacent table. “Are you sure?” a woman asked. “Her boyfriend left her pregnant?”

“Yes,” replied another woman. “It’s dreadful. She was nine months pregnant, and her due date was approaching. That poor girl! When I was pregnant, my husband took such good care of me! How will she raise a child on her own? It’s difficult for a new mother!”

Jordan’s gaze was drawn to them, and he wondered if they were talking about Lauren.

“Yes, Lauren Pate,” said another woman. “I have heard rumors she’s going to leave the job. The department head’s secretary told me. She isn’t in the right state of mind. Must be hard for her….”

Hearing such things about Lauren really pained Jordan’s heart. He knew Lauren was an orphan with no living relatives in the world. Besides, at a time when she needed support, her boyfriend had left her in the middle of nowhere.


While Jordan loved Lauren and wanted to be with her, he had never wanted her to end up in a tough spot. He would never want that. Never. He really wanted to help her, so he decided to give up on his most desired vacation to Honolulu, which was just a week away, and instead spend it with Lauren.

He’d been waiting for the vacation for a long time, and he had a lot of plans in mind, but his colleague needed him more.

A week later, when all of Jordan’s colleagues were uploading pictures of their exotic vacations, Jordan packed a suitcase and went to Lauren’s house.

Lauren was shocked to see him on her doorstep. “Jordan? What are you doing here?”

“Ugh, well, I was just wondering if I might lend you a hand in caring for your baby, if that’s okay. We’re on vacation right now, and I was getting bored at home alone. I hope you don’t mind?” he asked nervously.

Lauren smiled and opened the door wider. “You better be prepared for it!” she joked. “My son is a little clingy and, well, a bit moody too.”

“Guess that’s what babies are about?” he grinned as he went inside.

Keeping his luggage on the couch, he went right to the crib to see the baby, and he couldn’t help but hold him. “OMG, he’s beautiful…He takes after you.”

“I guess,” Laura sighed sadly. “I know this isn’t really supposed to be something you’d want to know, Jordan, but my boyfriend and I broke up. To be honest, I really needed the help, so thanks for stepping in. I really appreciate it.”


“Oh well, I am sad to hear that,” he said politely. “Are you alright?”

“I guess so,” she added quietly. “You don’t need to say sorry, though. He was a jerk. Make yourself at home. I will prepare a room for you, and….”

Before Lauren could say anything else, her little angel started crying. “Told you he’s moody! I think it’s time to feed him. I’ll be right back.”

As Lauren left to breastfeed the baby, Jordan waited for her on the living room couch. Later, they had dinner together, and Jordan offered to keep an eye on the baby during the night so Lauren could sleep peacefully.

From that night on, Jordan made that a routine. He looked after the baby every night and did pretty much everything the child’s father should’ve. He cradled him in his arms and rocked him, told him stories, sang him lullabies, and changed his diapers. Moreover, he looked after Lauren and ensured she never felt stranded with no one in the world to care for her.

When the vacation eventually came to an end, Jordan didn’t want to leave. He’d fallen in love with Lauren’s baby boy, and he had convinced Lauren not to give up on her job, promising he would help her in looking after her child.

When Jordan returned to his office, his boss unexpectedly paid him a visit. “May I come in, Jordan?” he asked, quietly knocking on his office door, and Jordan sprang to his feet, terrified.

“Mr. Fletcher? What a pleasant surprise….”

Mr. Fletcher was the head of his department and a very busy man. As he took a seat, Jordan looked at him, scared. “May I ask the purpose of your visit, sir?” he asked, and Mr. Fletcher placed an envelope on his table.

“You won’t be working here anymore, Jordan,” he said in his stiff voice, shocking Jordan. “This department doesn’t need you.”

“What? Why—”

“At least not until you’ve returned from your vacation,” he added. “I know how you helped a fellow colleague, and this was on her recommendation…”

When Jordan opened the envelope, his eyes were filled with tears. The college had granted him a paid week off to enjoy his missed holidays. He couldn’t be more thankful to Mr. Fletcher for it.

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate it,” he said.

A week later, Jordan finally flew over to Honolulu. But that’s not where the surprises ended.

When he got home after the vacation, he found Lauren had cleaned his apartment after getting his spare keys from the landlord and cooked dinner for him. She’d also brought baby Aaron with her, and they had a wonderful time together, with Jordan sharing about his trip and Lauren thanking him for all he had done for her.

Deep down, Jordan and Lauren knew that they were not just colleagues anymore. They were in love. Jordan always was, but he decided to take it slow so that Lauren accepted him only when she was completely ready.

“I’d do anything for you and Aaron,” he promised himself that day, looking at her and Aaron’s pretty smiling faces.

What can we learn from this story?

Being a single mom is tough, so help out one if you can. Jordan felt very bad when he found out Lauren and her child were abandoned by her boyfriend. Without thinking anything, Jordan gave up on his much-awaited vacation and stepped in to help her, and Lauren appreciated that.

At the end of the day, bosses are human beings too, and they’re not always strict and stiff. Mr. Fletcher was a generous boss who rewarded Jordan with a separate vacation because he valued Jordan’s sacrifice in helping out a colleague.

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