Man Visits His Late Parents’ House After 30 Years, Meets Bum with Same Birthmark as His – Story of the Day

A man decided to visit his parents’ house thirty years after running away. There, he met a homeless man who shared the same birthmark as him, which sparked his curiosity.

William was a 50-year-old self-made millionaire who pursued a career in the tech industry despite his father being against it. He was from a low-income family, and his father James wanted him to be a farmer like him instead of going for another career path.

However, William was determined not to live his life in poverty, so he worked hard in school to achieve more. He won a grant to study in his dream university, but his father forbade him to accept it.

“Dad, what’s wrong with me studying technology? It will be one of the biggest industries in the coming years,” William said.

“How are you so sure you’re going to succeed? Just be a farmer, so you’re sure you’ll never go hungry,” James demanded.

“Dad, I admire you for raising us and supporting us through your work. But to me, there are other industries worth chasing, and my heart is in the tech world. I am pursuing my dreams to provide myself, and even you, with a better future,” William replied, hoping his dad would understand.

“How dare you insult my profession! It’s what fed you and clothed you all these years! You think you’re so much better than me just because you could finish high school? I said you’re not going to that university, and that’s final!” his dad suddenly erupted.

“You have no right to forbid me from going. I won that grant fair and square, and whether you like it or not, I will continue my education and follow my passion,” William said, refusing to back down.

“Fine, then leave this house and never come back! Forget that you ever have a family and live on your own. Let’s see how long you’ll survive!” James said, pointing at the door.

William was offended. His mother watched silently, without saying a word, which broke his heart even more. He looked at his parents before heading to his room and packing his things. Once he stepped out of the door, he vowed never to return.

Years later, he earned his bachelor’s degree and built his own business, an IT company. He was in a healthy relationship with a beautiful girl named Mira, and together they had children named Ana and Mia.

One day, after bumping into someone he knew from childhood, William discovered that his parents died twenty years ago. A part of him felt terrible that he never reached out to them all these years, and now, it was too late to make amends.

He told Mira that he wanted to visit his parents’ home, which he had not seen for 30 years. His wife fully supported him and promised to take care of their children while he visited his hometown, a four-hour drive away from where they lived.

When he arrived, he saw his childhood home destroyed. It seemed as if no one had lived there for years. Flashbacks of his memory started flooding his mind as he walked through the property and began to cry.

A couple of moments later, he heard someone cough from one of the rooms. He went in and saw a homeless man there. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was anyone in here,” William said as soon as he noticed the man sitting down on an old mattress.

William went through his briefcase, hoping he had some spare snacks. He always kept some sealed pastries for when his daughters ask for some while they were out.

He found some biscuits, and he gave them to the man. “Sorry, this is all I have in my bag,” William said, sitting on the floor across the man.

“Thank you,” the man said, quickly opening one of the biscuit packs. “What are you doing here? Do you plan to buy this property?” he asked.

William shook his head. “No. I used to live here. This room we’re sitting in used to be my room. I’m William, by the way.”

The man suddenly shifted uncomfortably as he sat on the mattress. “What do you mean? This is my room. I grew up here. This is my parents’ house,” he replied.

At that moment, William noticed the birthmark on the side of the man’s neck. It was exactly the same as his.

“Your parents lived here? How old are you? What’s your name?” William said, unable to keep his questions to himself.

“I’m Patrick. I just turned 25 a few months ago. When I was only five years old, my parents died,” the man replied.

William decided to tilt his head a little to show that he had the exact same birthmark as Patrick. “I’m guessing your parents are James and Melinda,” he said. “I was their first-born son. I left home at the age of 20 because dad didn’t want me to pursue the career I wanted.”

“You’re my older brother…” Patrick said, suddenly stunned. William shook his head and asked if they could do a DNA test. Patrick agreed, relieved to find out that he still had a living relative around.

Weeks passed, and the test confirmed that they were indeed brothers. William and Patrick met up again, and it was Patrick’s turn to share his story.

“When mom and dad died, I was sent to an orphanage. I didn’t enjoy staying there because the kids weren’t nice. I ran away at 16, but I ended up on the streets without an education. When I’m not out begging, I’m resting here, in the only place I ever called home,” Partick explained.

William felt bad for his brother and hugged him. “I’m sorry for only finding you now. I wish I could have made amends with mom and dad. I could have helped them out and helped you out as well. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone now,” he assured Patrick.

At this point, Mira already knew about Patrick’s existence. She was happy to fix the guest house in their backyard so that Patrick had a comfortable place to stay while William helped him learn and eventually land a job at his company.

William took Patrick home and taught him everything he knew about information technology. He later hired him for his company, and the two became extremely close.

“You’re a smart guy! Such a natural,” William would tell his younger brother.

Aside from being close to one another, Patrick was also close to William’s two children, whom he would play with and babysit whenever he had spare time.

As a family, they would visit the cemetery where their parents were buried every month, and they eventually repaired their parents’ home and made it a second home for their family.

When it was time for William to retire, he left his company in Patrick’s hands and entrusted large stakes to his children as well. Meanwhile, he and Mira enjoyed a life of retirement in William’s childhood home, tending to his father’s farm like his dad always wanted.

What did we learn from this story?

Time should heal all wounds. Instead of making amends with his parents after their initial fight over his college degree, William could’ve tried to reconnect with them. This never happened, and they all went their separate ways. William regretted his decisions and could only make up for his absence by taking care of his younger brother.
It’s not too late to start anew. Patrick was 25 years old when he found out he had a brother and a family to rely on. It was also at this age that he first learned how to work in the IT industry. He was really good at it and ended up earning a living for himself after not being able to find work for years. He turned his life around for the better, all thanks to the help of William.

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