Man Wants to Drive Little Girl Home after Accident, Learns She Has Nowhere to Go – Story of the Day

A man insisted on driving a little girl home after accidentally knocking her off her scooter, only to find out that she had no place to go.


James Atkins was hurrying to get to his car while at a pedestrian crossing. As soon as the light turned green, he sprinted towards the street without realizing that a little girl was riding a scooter right next to him.

While running, his bag hit the little girl’s back, and she went flying off the scooter onto the street. James was surprised to hear a loud thud, causing him to look back at the little girl. He instantly felt bad and rushed to her side.

“Oh goodness, I am so sorry!” he quickly apologized. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?” he asked her.

“My knee hurts,” she told James. “I don’t think I’ll be able to ride my scooter for a while, and I just got it!”

James apologized to the little girl once more and offered to take her to the hospital. As soon as she heard the word “hospital,” her eyes widened in fear, and she began shaking her head rapidly.

“I don’t want to go to the hospital! I’ve had enough of hospitals!” the little girl cried. “Why do bad things keep happening to me?” she asked, looking to the sky.

James was confused by what the little girl meant but insisted on driving her anyway. “You can’t ride your scooter with a bruised knee,” he told her. “At least let me drive you home, please,” he said, assisting the girl to the side of the road.

Once again, the little girl shook her head. “I don’t have a home,” she whispered. “Please just take me to my mom.”

James was surprised to hear this and had a lot of questions in his head. “How come?” he asked. “What happened?”


The little girl, who introduced herself as Lena, revealed that she used to live with her mom until their house burned down along with everything they owned. “We were released from the hospital this morning. We were treated there for minor burns. It was better at the hospital.. at least there, we had a comfortable place to sleep,” she sighed.

“You mentioned earlier that you had no home,” James recalled. “Where are you and your mom staying now?” he asked.

“We have no choice but to spend the night on the street. I just came from the city hall, and they’re not done with the paperwork for our free housing,” Lena shared.

James couldn’t help but feel bad for Lena and her mom, so he decided to cancel his plans for the day so he could help them. He drove Lena to her mom, who was sitting on a bench in the nearby neighborhood park.

“Hi,” James said as soon as they saw Lena’s mom. “My name is James. I am so sorry, but I accidentally bumped into Lena, and she bruised her knee. She refused to go to the hospital, so I brought her here instead.”


Upon hearing this, a look of worry appeared on Lena’s mom’s face. “Are you alright, Lena?” she asked her daughter.

Lena nodded her head. “This kind man didn’t mean it. He offered to drive me to you because I couldn’t ride my scooter,” she said.

As soon as she heard that her daughter was okay, the woman started warming up to James. “Thank you for taking her here, James,” she said. “My name is Mia.”

James shared that Lena had told him about what happened to their family. “I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight knowing that both of you are sleeping on the street,” he admitted.

“I have a spare bedroom at home. If you’d like, you can spend the night there. It’s much safer and a lot more comfortable there,” James told them.

It was a no-brainer for Mia to say yes. After all, she was thinking of Lena more than herself and wanted her daughter to be safe. “Thank you, James,” she smiled. “Thank you for your kindness.”

With that, James took Mia and Lena with him. Before heading home, they passed by a superstore where James asked them to pick out some new clothes they could use and some food he could cook for them.

When they got home, he served them a delicious dinner and gave them the opportunity to wash up and rest in a clean and safe place.

The following day, James drove them to the city hall, where their housing request was approved. Lena and Mia were given an apartment, which they slowly worked on.

James promised to help them get back on their feet, so he would often visit to help them build furniture and set up their simple appliances. Lena and Mia felt close to James and quickly realized they enjoyed his company.

Eventually, James and Mia began to date. They got to know one another and took care of Lena together.

After a couple of years, James asked for Mia’s hand in marriage. They wed, and the three of them became a happy family, with Mia welcoming a child with James.

What can we learn from this story?

Unexpected encounters can sometimes lead to beautiful relationships. James was in a hurry one random day when a chance encounter made him meet Lena and Mia. This ended up changing his life, and it led to a beautiful relationship with his new family.

God has a plan for everyone. Sometimes, unfortunate things happen in our lives. Trusting God and his plan for us is important, as he will not let us down and will eventually show us why some things had to happen.


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