Manager Mocks Poor Grandpa in Lux Car Dealership Until He Returns with Wads of Dollars Later — Story of the Day

When an elderly man left his bag full of money in a car showroom, the manager followed him to return the bag. “You forgot your bag in the showroom,” the manager said, unaware that their conversation would make him emotional.

Henry woke up early one day and secretly left his house with a bag. It wasn’t difficult for the elderly man to sneak out of the house because his wife, Samantha, was the only person who lived with him. He had spent the last five decades with her and knew exactly how to keep secrets from her.

After leaving the house, Henry caught the bus to the nearest luxury car showroom. As he walked in, he caught everyone’s attention because of his grey hair and clothes, which seemed pretty old.

Usually, people who walked into the showroom were young and wore expensive clothes. Henry looked out of place because of his attire, but that didn’t bother him. He was there with a goal in his mind.

“How may I help you, sir?” a well-dressed man in his early thirties welcomed Henry into the showroom. “I’m Damon, one of the managers here.”

“I’m here to buy a car,” Henry looked at the expensive cars displayed inside the showroom.

Damon looked at Henry from head to toe and began laughing. “Sir, I’m sorry, but… do you even know how much these cars cost? We don’t deal in used cars, if that’s what you’re looking for. All of the models you see here are new,” Damon said.

Henry began walking towards his home when a man behind him shouted, “Hey! Hey! Sir! You forgot your bag!”

“Yes, I… I’m here to buy this model,” Henry slid a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to Damon. “Is this available?”

Damon held the paper and looked at Henry’s face. “Are you going to pay in cash?” he asked sternly.

“Yes, I will,” Henry looked at the bag in his hand. “I have the money here.”

Henry had written the price of the car he wanted next to its name on the paper. When Damon read the price, he realized Henry didn’t have enough money because the prices had increased last month.

“You need to come another day because you don’t have enough money,” Damon said.

Henry put his bag on the floor and took the paper from Damon’s hand. “Have I written the wrong price here?” the elderly man asked.

“Yes, you’ve written the old price. Please leave and don’t return until you have this much money!” Damon yelled, growing frustrated. “You wasted my time!”

“But I―”

“Get out!” Damon shouted.

Henry felt embarrassed and quickly walked out of the showroom’s door. “What have I done!” he said and shook his head. “I had no idea about the price hike.”

Then, Henry began walking towards his home when a man behind him shouted, “Hey! Hey! Sir! You forgot your bag!”

When Henry turned around, he saw a young man rushing towards him. “Hi, I’m Ben. I work as a senior manager in the showroom you just left,” he said. “You forgot your bag there.”

Henry looked at the bag and heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank you, Ben,” Henry said and took the bag from the manager. “I didn’t realize I left the bag in…”

“But why didn’t you buy the car, sir?” Ben asked curiously. “I saw you talking to Damon, but I couldn’t hear your conversation from my cabin.”

“I didn’t have enough money. The prices had increased last month, and I didn’t know,” Henry replied.

Ben could see that the elderly man looked very sad while talking about the car. He felt Henry desperately wanted to buy the car, and the recent price hike shattered his plans.

“Can I ask you something, sir?” Ben asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, you may ask me anything you want,” Henry smiled.

“It seems like you really wanted to buy the car. Were you buying it for yourself?”

“Oh, no. Not for myself. It’s a long story.”

“I’m all ears!”

“Well, why don’t you come over to my place? I don’t think you will enjoy listening to my story in the middle of the street,” Henry said. “I live right around the corner.”

“Sure!” Ben said and accompanied Henry to his house.

After they entered his house, Henry excused himself for a few minutes and then returned. “So, you wanted to know my story?”

“Yes, sir!” Ben smiled.

“Well, Ben.. .I was buying this car for my wife, Samantha,” Henry pointed towards his bedroom door. “She’s in there. In bed.”

“Oh. Why does she want that specific luxury car? Maybe you could still buy some other car with the money you have.”

“Actually, she doesn’t know I went to buy a car for her. She doesn’t know anything about it.”

“So, it’s a surprise?”

“Yes,” Henry nodded.

“This would have been the last surprise of her life.”

“What do you mean?” Ben frowned.

“Samantha’s unwell,” Henry looked at the ground. “The doctors… they diagnosed her with cancer this year. And now… they have given up.”

“Oh. I’m so sorry,” Ben said.

I don’t know how much time she has, but all I wanted to do was make her days memorable by surprising her with her dream car,” Henry’s voice cracked as he spoke.

“You can see my house, Ben. I don’t have a lot of money,” Henry added. “I sold my farm to buy Samantha’s dream car, but I still couldn’t save enough money to afford it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fulfill her wish.”

Ben stood up from his seat and knelt beside Henry. “You don’t have to feel bad about it, sir. It’s not your fault,” Ben held the elderly man’s wrinkly hand. “The prices go up and down all the time these days.”

A month later, Henry revisited the showroom, but he had come to meet Ben this time.

“I know, but I thought I could take Samantha on a drive in that car. It would have been our last romantic drive,” Henry said while trying his best not to cry.

Ben felt terrible after hearing Henry’s story because he could relate to it on some level. “Don’t worry, sir. I think the prices will go down in a day or two. I’ll keep you updated,” he told Henry before leaving.

The next day, Henry went to answer the door after hearing the doorbell. “I’m coming!” he said while walking towards the entrance.

“Hi, young man!” Henry exclaimed after seeing Ben standing on his doorstep. “I don’t have another story for you today,” Henry joked.

Ben laughed and then slid out a brown box from his bag, “I have something for you!”

“For me? What is it?” Henry smiled.

“It’s a gift,” Ben handed the box to Henry.

“It is going to help you fulfill your wife’s dream.”

When Henry opened the box, he was shocked to see wads of dollars inside it. “Oh my God!” he exclaimed.

“Please accept this as a gift from me, sir,” Ben said.

“But why would you do this?” Henry looked at Ben.

Ben shared that he lost his mother to cancer when he was young, and a few years later, his father also died because of loneliness. Henry’s story reminded Ben of his parents, so he decided to help him fulfill Samantha’s dream.

Later that day, Henry visited the showroom with the same bag. When Damon saw him, he rolled his eyes and asked one of his coworkers to deal with him because he thought Henry still didn’t have enough money.

However, when Henry opened his bag and pulled out wads of dollars, Damon’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe that Henry could buy a luxury car.

The next day, Henry surprised Samantha with the car and took her on a long drive. As he drove to the other side of the town, he held his wife’s hand and told her how much he loved her.

A month later, Henry revisited the showroom, but he had come to meet Ben this time. “Hi, sir!” Ben waved at Henry and asked him to sit in his office.

“Ben, thank you so much for allowing me to make my wife’s dream come true. I’m truly grateful,” Henry said.

“It seems like she loves the car, doesn’t she?” Ben smiled.

“She did. She loved it, but she’s not with me anymore,” Henry scratched his head with his finger, trying to hide his emotions.

Ben could feel the sadness in Henry’s voice. “Do you mean she… Oh, I’m sorry,” Ben stood up and patted Henry’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

“I just came here to return this car to you, Ben. You’ve supported me like a son supports his father,” Henry said. “This car… it belongs to you.”

“No, sir. I can’t take this car.”

“You have to, Ben. It’s a gift from me.”

“That’s quite an expensive gift,” Ben smiled.

Later that day, Ben drove home in his new luxury car that he received in return for his kindness. He could never have imagined such a small deed would give him a huge bittersweet reward.

What can we learn from this story?

Never judge people based on their appearance. When Henry first walked into the showroom, Damon thought he was a poor man who couldn’t afford to buy a car. He had no idea what Henry was going through, and instead of understanding his feelings, Damon mocked him and asked him to leave.
Kindness always gets rewarded. When Ben found Henry’s bag in the showroom, he could have kept it. Instead, he followed Henry and gave him the bag, unaware that he would soon be rewarded for his kindness.

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