Mom comes home after weekend away: Sees husband’s bedroom secret and bursts into tears

There are some moments in life that prove to you if the person you live with is truly worth holding on to.

Just ask mother of three Kate, who was handed such an insight after she returned from a weekend trip to another city … and saw what her husband had been up to in the meantime.

When mom of three Kate went away for the weekend, her husband had no plans to simply lie on the couch.

Instead, he decided to welcome her back with a surprise of monumental proportions – one centered around the bedroom.

While his wife was away, Miles decided it was a great idea to do a desperately needed renovation of the bedroom.

He started by tearing away the old carpet.

After putting the children to bed in the evening, he then took out the paint cans.

Devoting an entire evening to painting the bedroom, he gave the room a new lease of life.

After the walls were ready, it was time to lay the new floor.

Miles did it all on his own, mind, whilst taking care of the three children. What a dad!

Then, last but not least, it was time to bring the furniture in.

He even recruited the help of his kids for the last part!

Then it was just a matter of waiting for Kate. When she got home, suffice to say she was shocked.

She couldn’t understand how Miles had managed to do it all!

She’d only been gone for a weekend, but it was all the time Miles needed to prove what a wonderful husband he was.

And with the transformation complete, we have to admit it’s certainly a spectacular sight.

If you want to see the renovation in more detail, watch the video below:

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