Mom, Dad and 10-Year-Old Daughter Killed in Crash While Returning From Older Son’s Football Game

No parent wishes to bury their offspring. Every parent wishes to grow old and be buried by their children, but this is something a Georgian couple, alongside their daughter, will never experience, as they died in a crash while journeying home.


The weekend would have been a time to celebrate 15-year-old Braylon Jakes, who played with his football team on Friday, but a tragic accident that claimed the lives of multiple persons in the same family made the news.

Most parents would never want to leave their offspring helpless. Every parent, usually the older adult, knows they would not live as long as their child unless in exceptional cases.

So parents often struggle to give their kids the best regarding values, support, and possessions. The Jakes lived a comfortable life and were full of support for their own.

Sadly, on one of the days when they were going about their business— showering their son, Braylon, with support; (he plays for his school football team in Thomasville), the unexpected happened.

Georgian residents Mr. And Mrs. Jakes, alongside their only daughter, Kamryn, never got home and never saw Braylon again. Unfortunately, the family was in a ghastly accident on their way home.

Braylon Jakes’s Time with His Parents Was Full of Smiles
Braylon’s parents, Byron and Katrina, were happy to attend their son’s football game on that Friday night. Neither of their schedules clashed, and they even had their daughter on board.

This loss has been a bitter pill for Jacqueline to swallow, yet, she decided to deal with it differently by staying strong for her grandson.


Before gathering at the football game, the family had always upheld their unity code by rallying around each other as a team. In a shared post, the foursome looked blissful as they smiled from ear to ear.

The fantastic four rocked matching round-neck shirts. While mother and father donned yellow shirts, their kids opted for blue shirts with their last names boldly inscribed on the front of the shirts.

The Deadly Accident Involving the Jakes Family
After the game, Braylon’s parents, with his sister, drove back home in their vehicle. During their journey, they encountered a reckless driver who crossed their lane. Unfortunately, the result was a head-on collision.

Immediately, their car burst into flames, killing the trio. Later, Braylon, a sophomore at Carver High School, found out about the news. He had not ridden home with his folks because he rode a bus with his fellow players.

Family Left Behind
This was a huge loss for the family. Braylon, alongside an older half-brother, Brian, were the only immediate family left behind.


Following the news, Jacqueline Jakes, Braylon’s grandmother, showed immense support for her grandson. While in an emotional state, she agreed to share her thoughts on the tragedy. Jacqueline admitted:

“It’s hard to bury a child, but I just can’t fathom and imagine having to bury the whole family… practically the whole family.”

Life After the Incident
Despite having a shoulder to lean on, it has not been easy for the brothers; however, they make the best use of every opportunity to shut out the immeasurable pain by staying busy. According to Braylon’s grandmother:

“Braylon is hanging in there right now. He’s doing fine.”

She further noted that his teammates have been very helpful. “His football team was out here yesterday, and they had such a fun time. He joked around and played. Right now, he’s doing ok,” she added.

This loss has been a bitter pill for Jacqueline to swallow, yet, she decided to deal with it differently by staying strong for her grandson.

Who Were Braylon’s Parents
Details from the National Pan-Hellenic Council of Columbus noted that Byron and Katrina were part of the different historical groups that initiated voluntary services. While Byron joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., his wife was an Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc member.

Indeed, the pair left a legacy of kindness that loved ones and friends revere. Tamika Huff-Johnson, a close friend of the family, recalled that they were loving people with sweet personalities. In her words:

“She just lights up a room when she walks in. She has that aura about her. She’s just special. Kamryn had that same special glow about her… You just couldn’t help but smile. Just great people… Byron, the same just straight to the point. You knew how he felt because he was going to tell you straight.”

Amid the comfort of family members, friends, teammates, and community members towards their surviving child, the Jakes family is still remembered for their good works. To these people, out of sight is never out of mind.

The sad reality is that Braylon is only 15 and has many more years to go without his parents, but we pray that he can navigate life with those who surround him, learning the best values and being his best self. Please keep the grieving teenager in your prayers.


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