Mom Stands Stunned When She Meets A Street Boy Who Is Identical To Her Twins – Story of the Day

When Sarah received a call from a police officer telling her that her son had been found on the street, she was surprised that none of her children were missing. What she discovered would change her life forever.

The day that Sarah found out that her boyfriend Baltasar was cheating on her was one of the worst of her life. That same day, she found out that the other girl, Sabrina, was expecting a child from him.

Sarah had dreamed of a future with Baltasar; now everything had collapsed in one fell swoop. What am I going to do now? How am I going to live without him?

These questions filled his mind. She had never been so heartbroken before and she needed a major change.

“Baltasar, it’s over! And don’t bother calling or texting me because I’m leaving this town. I’m going back to my home,” she told him.

She felt that the city had been quite cruel to her. Teaching in the capital was difficult for a young teacher, especially without the respect of her classmates. She decided that going back to her hometown would help her deal with her grief.

She hadn’t been there in a few years, but she missed the place very much, as well as her old friends. Sarah talked to her parents, delivered the notice to the landlord, packed up her things, and started the road trip back.

“I always knew that Baltasar was nothing but trouble. Come home, honey. I’m sure there are plenty of teaching jobs around here,” her mother, Raquel, told her.

When she got home, she found her old friend from high school, Alexa. They used to do everything together, but unlike Sarah, her friend wanted to stay in her town. They had remained close.

“Welcome back, Sarah! If you thought you might surprise me with your return, then you forgot how terrible your mom is with secrets,” Alexa said as she hugged her.

“Not true! I just needed help cooking, okay?” Raquel joked.

“Welcome home, darling. Now, let’s agree on something: let’s not talk about Baltasar. What’s done is done, and that’s it,” Raquel said to Sarah while holding her hands.

Sarah felt a level of comfort that allowed her to forget her anguish. A great weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she could see that there was a way forward.

“I heard about what happened, so if you’re moving back for good, I know a great school. I teach math there, and they’re looking for an English teacher. It’s just a couple minutes out of town and you can move with me while you recover,” Alexa offered.

Although Sarah used to be very cautious and took time to make decisions, this time was different: “Say no more! I accept,” she replied.

“Okay, awesome! My husband and I have a room ready for you,” Alexa replied.

Sarah realized how drastically her life had changed in just a few days. The week before she was in the city imagining what her wedding with Baltasar would be like, and now she was moving in with Alexa and her husband.

She had to rebuild her future from scratch, which was both terrifying and exciting.

Alexa and John decided to throw Sarah a party to celebrate her return. They felt that it would be an excellent opportunity for her to meet up with old friends from high school. She there she met Arturo.

“You must be quite the celebrity for all these people to come see you…” Arturo told Sarah.

“You got me. I’m Madonna,” Sarah joked.

Arturo laughed before replying, “Nice to meet you, Madonna. You actually look very different in person. People say the same about me. By the way, I’m Elvis. Elvis Presley.”

The two joked around all night and quickly fell for each other. Although Sarah wasn’t looking for a rebound fling, she felt a connection to Arthur that she couldn’t quite explain. She decided to follow her heart.

They started dating shortly after the party. Sarah was completely honest with Arturo about her history with Baltasar and why she had moved back home. He was more than supportive and understanding, since he too had suffered a disappointment.

Within a week of moving in with Alexa, Sarah’s job application was accepted by the local school and she started working immediately. She felt more respected and loved in her new job than she had in the big city.

To her dismay, she found out that she was pregnant three weeks later. She first needed to tell the school principal, for fear of losing her job.

“You don’t have to worry. We’re not going to fire you. You’ll be able to complete the school year without problems,” the school principal told him.

Relieved, Sarah was still worried about how Arthur would feel about her pregnancy. After all, they had just started dating and everything was happening quickly.

When she got home, Sarah was nervous, but decided it would be best to say it right away. In the kitchen, she steeled herself and told him:

“Arturo, I’m pregnant. I took 3 tests this morning and they all came back positive. I know we’re just starting to date, and I understand if you don’t want to go through with me, but you deserve to know.”

As Sarah finished her impromptu speech, she saw Arturo drop to her knee. He had a precious ring in his hands.

“I know this is very hasty and impulsive, but without knowing about the baby I was going to propose to you. So, Madonna… I ask you to make Elvis the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?” Arturo asked.

Sarah was stunned, caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. For someone who used to plan every detail of her life in advance, the whole situation was overwhelming. And she couldn’t help her feelings for Arturo.

“Are you trying to turn me into Madonna Presley? Yes, of course, I will marry you,” Sarah replied.

Arturo gave him the tranquility and confidence that he had never felt before. Soon, she gave birth to her twins, Kieran and Bruno. Growing up, the couple’s friends argued over who the children looked like.

“Maybe the kids took the best of each of us and did something completely new,” Arturo used to say.

As time passed, rumors began to circulate about the twins, as they were nothing like their parents. One day, Sarah was having dinner with her husband and her twins when she received a call from the local police.

“Hello, Sarah. I found one of your children on the street. I’m not sure what happened to him, but he’s safe here at the station,” the police officer said.

Confused, Sarah replied, “Very funny. I’m here with them now, having dinner.”

“It can’t be. Look, I’m going to send you a picture because there’s a guy here who looks just like Kieran and Bruno,” the police officer replied.

When Sarah received the photo, she felt a chill run through her body. The boy was eerily similar to the twins. She decided to go to the station to see it with her own eyes.

“Are you sure about that, Sarah? I don’t think it looks that much alike,” Arturo said.

“His eyes are identical, Arturo. I have to go and see him in person. Something weird is going on,” Sarah replied.

She and Arturo left their children at a neighbor’s house while they went to the station. When Sarah saw the boy, she froze. She could be Kieran and Bruno’s triplet, but she knew that was impossible. The boy’s name was Andrew.

“Officer, this lady is not my mom. My dad brought me to this place two days ago and told me to wait for him, but he never came back. I stayed near the bridge, to see if he would come back. He and my mom have been fighting a lot Maybe that’s why they haven’t come,” said Andrés.

Sarah and Arturo agreed to watch the boy overnight while the police searched for his family. The next day, the officer called back and told her that he had it all figured out.

“I found Andrés’s parents. His mother’s name is Sabrina and his father is Baltasar,” the police officer explained.

A chill ran down Sarah’s spine. The old life of hers had returned.

The police officer continued: “It turns out that Baltasar and Sabrina never wanted to have children. During these years they tried to take care of Andrés, but it bothered them more and more, even though they had enough financial resources to do so.”

“Eventually, they decided to abandon the child here. I’m not sure why they chose this town, and we may never know.”

Sarah was shocked to hear this heartbreaking story, but she still needed to solve a mystery. She bought some DNA tests and confirmed a suspicion she had had ever since she saw Andres’s photo. She needed to tell Arturo the truth immediately.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, honey. Kieran and Bruno aren’t your biological children. Actually, they belong to my ex, Baltasar. That explains how they were nothing like us.”

“That’s why that boy, Andrés, looks so much like Kieran and Bruno. They all look like their father, Baltasar. I’m not sure how to deal with this, but once again, you deserve the truth,” Sarah said.

Arturo was clearly stunned by the news. He absorbed the information for a moment and took a sip of water before replying, “I guess it would be a lie to say that I didn’t sometimes wonder why guys were nothing like me.”

“But really, those are my children, and I’m here for them and for you. I love them dearly, even if they don’t carry my blood. As for Andrés, that boy deserves a loving home. And what better place than next door of his brothers”.

“I love you so much, Arturo,” Sarah said before kissing him.

Sarah and Arturo adopted Andrés. Everyone in town started making jokes about it and came up with a theory that Sarah and Arturo always had triplets, but they were fooling everyone for fun.

What can we learn from this story?

Follow your heart: Sarah made impulsive decisions after her breakup with Baltasar. She decided to follow her heart and trust her instincts, and things turned out great.
Everyone must accept their responsibilities: Baltasar and Sabrina had a son, but ended up abandoning him. Luckily for the boy, Sarah and Arturo decided to open the doors of their home for him and welcomed him into his family.

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