Mother Is Furious After Rejection Of Her 15-Month-Old Son From Ad Campaign “Because He Has Down Syndrome”

Some kids just have it and can deliver incredible poses and emotions. Mom Meagan Nash knew that her young son Asher was gifted with an infectious smile and allover adorableness at 18-months-old, so she brought him to various talent agencies to get him gigs. Unfortunately, he got rejected by each one because he has special needs.


Asher was born with Down Syndrome, a genetic condition that generally causes physical to intellectual disabilities. One casting agent told Mrs. Nash that Asher’s photos weren’t going to be submitted for a casting call at a clothing store.

The agent did not believe that the retailer would want to use a child with special needs in their advertising campaign. Nash had enough and went to Facebook’s “Changing Face of Beauty” social media site to air her experience with her little boy’s attempts to model.

She submitted the cutest photos of a beaming Asher in a bowtie and asked Facebook readers to support their “never give up” plight to get her handsome toddler in front of the cameras just like other children. She set her focus on Asher eventually modeling for OshKosh B’Gosh Carter’s in the Oshkosh B’Gosh Distribution Center Carter’s Babies R Us Changing the Face of Beauty.


Young Asher’s photos went viral and also appeared on pages like the Kids With Down Syndrome Facebook site. He had become a rising star in his own right, and Mrs. Nash was featured on CNN News.

She explained the need for awareness and what Down Syndrome is all about. Nash said that using models with special needs in commercials are essential for children like hers to achieve inclusion, acceptance, and respect.


Asher’s mom didn’t want OshKosh B’Gosh to feature her cute son in their advertising campaign because of the attention she was getting on social media or to feel sorry for him.

She was hoping that the big brand would find value in Asher and how he could deliver a wonderful message to the world. OshKosh B’Gosh agreed, and Asher was a key part of their clothing company’s holiday campaign.

OshKosh B’Gosh announced to the media that Meagan Nash was right about inclusion in advertising.

The famous kids brand said that they were committed to seeing more special needs children to represent their clothing label in the future. Mama Nash felt successful and happy for her baby boy in bringing attention to those with special needs. She does lots of work with the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta.

Watch an adorable news story about Asher reaching for the stars below:

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