My Boyfriend’s Ex-wife Returned and Forced Him to Kick Us Out in the Street – Story of the Day

My boyfriend and I had a great relationship going when his ex-wife decided to return and forced him to make probably the most important choice of his life.

“Hey, I’m Lisa, your next-door neighbor. Do you need any help?” I said to the man trying to change his son’s diaper in the park. I had seen him with his wife several times but never introduced myself. However, he now looked desperate.

“Oh, hello. I’m Paul. Actually, yes, I could use a lot of help right now,” he answered. “My wife left us a few weeks ago, and being a single dad to Michael has not been easy.”

“I’m so sorry that happened. I can’t imagine someone abandoning their family just like that. But let me help you. I babysat many kids when I was a teenager,” I told him.

“I can’t thank you enough,” Paul continued. After changing Michael’s diaper, I sat down with Paul. We chatted for a while and discovered we had all kinds of things in common. Eventually, we started seeing each other frequently until our relationship went further.

He seemed like a wonderful man, and I couldn’t imagine any woman abandoning a son as amazing as Michael. I had always dreamed of such a family, and maybe this was my chance. After a few months, I discovered I was pregnant.

Luckily, Paul was delighted. “Now we can be a big family together,” he told me.

“But what are we going to do about our living situation? Should I move into your house? Should I sell mine?” I wondered, relieved that he was delighted about this news. However, I still worried about the logistics.

“How about you move here? This house has more room, and we’ll discuss what to do with your house later. It might be a great idea to rent it and earn some extra money,” Paul replied.

I thought that was a fantastic idea. My pregnancy went great, and my son, Trent, was born surrounded with love. Paul and I discussed the subject of marriage but agreed until our baby was older to do it. We also talked about me adopting Michael and tabled that argument for later too.

But one day, my whole world turned upside down when the doorbell rang. Paul was at the supermarket with Michael, while I was at home with the baby. “Hello? How can I help you?” I asked when I opened the door and saw a vaguely familiar woman.

“Excuse me? WHO ARE YOU? And what are you doing in MY HOUSE?” the woman yelled and entered without permission.

“Hey! You can’t just come in here uninvited. Keep your voice down. There’s a sleeping baby in the next room. This is my house now. You need to leave,” I said sternly.

“Where’s Paul? Did he sell you this house?” she asked, completely ignoring what I told her.

“Paul is out right now. Who are you?” I questioned once again.

“I’m Paul’s wife, Keira, and I’m back. This is my house. YOU HAVE TO LEAVE!” she answered and started yelling again.

“Listen. You need to calm down and wait for Paul to return. But I’m not leaving, so please keep quiet,” I continued.

“I’ll do whatever I want in my house! GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Keira screamed and kept going. I was afraid for my son’s life so I ran back to my house with him and wait for Paul to return.

Luckily, everything was just as I left it because we had yet to move forward with our plans. I called Paul and explained what happened. He told me to wait, as he would take care of Keira. But that night changed my life forever.

Paul rang my doorbell, and I saw him with all my belongings packed in bags. “Lisa, I’m sorry,” Paul started.

“What do you mean you’re sorry? Why are you carrying my stuff?” I asked, confused.

“Lisa, Keira is the love of my life. She’s still my wife, and we’re getting back together,” he explained.
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“Paul, are you crazy? She abandoned you and Michael. We have a new baby together! What about Trent? What about our relationship? You’re going to throw all that away for a woman who could leave again?” I fired a million questions at him.

“It’s done, Lisa. I’m sorry. I can’t help my feelings. I need to keep my family together,” Paul replied.

“You have a new family with me too,” I snapped.

“You and Trent are just…not my original family. I have to put them first,” he finished. “I’m sorry. Goodbye.”

After everything that woman did, he was going back to her without a second thought. He didn’t want me or his son, Trent. I was hurt to the core, but I had to pull myself together for my baby. Trent would never want for anything.

Being a single mother was not easy, especially when your son’s father was nearby and refused to acknowledge him. It was heartbreaking at times, but I was glad that Trent was so young when this happened. He wouldn’t even remember his deadbeat father.

About a year went by, and we were doing better than ever. My family stepped up and helped with Trent whenever I needed it. My dad had become his father figure, and he was a happy toddler now.

But that’s when Paul decided to return. He walked up to me with a bouquet while I was tending our garden. “Lisa, hey,” he said tentatively.

“Paul. What are you doing?” I asked, frowning.

“I’m so sorry about what happened a year ago. I was a huge jerk,” Paul continued.


“I…here, these flowers are for you,” he added.


“Can I see Trent?” Paul asked.

“No. Let me guess, Keira left again. That’s why you’re here. You’re going to beg for a second chance?” I ventured.

“Please, Lisa. I was such an idiot. I wanted to rebuild my family, and she sounded so remorseful. I had to give her a chance,” Paul pleaded.

“I don’t want to hear your insincere apology, Paul. Forget about Trent and me. He is not your son anymore. You abandoned us, and I already have a lawyer on retainer in case you get any ideas,” I revealed.

“Lisa. Don’t be so cruel!” he cried.

“Cruel? You kicked me out of the house with a one-month-old baby. That’s cruel. Now, goodbye. I never want to see you again. We don’t need anything from you,” I finished. Paul left, but he started coming and asking for second chances.

Eventually, I sold the house and moved closer to my family. I never saw Paul again, and the last I heard, Keira was still toying with him.

What can we learn from this story?

Respect and love yourself. You can’t let other people play around with your feelings. You have to make yourself a priority.
No heartbreak lasts forever. Lisa could have wallowed and begged for Paul to chose them. But she knew that her baby needed a strong mother, so she pulled through.

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