Orphan Girl Marries Homeless Man, Guests Laugh at Wedding until He Takes Mic & Addresses Her — Story of the Day

Jasmine had always been a kind-hearted girl. However, when she approached a homeless man living on the street near her house to offer him a blanket, she did not expect to fall in love. She would soon learn that kindness does indeed pay.


What does it mean to love unconditionally, and is such love attainable in real life? Or is it only in storybooks?

Jasmine was returning home from the grocery store when she noticed something odd. Off the corner of her eye, she could make out what seemed to be a man sleeping on the street, and she was sure he had not been there long.

At first, she brushed it off, but the sight kept nagging her, stuck at the back of her mind like a melody. As she left her house the following day to go to work, she saw the man again.

She was convinced he would be long gone when she returned that evening. After all, this was a respectable neighborhood, and she had never seen homeless people on the street. “He must be lost or something,” she concluded, getting into her Honda Civic.

She had a good day at work and soon forgot about the man sleeping on her street. But when she pulled up near her house that evening, she was shocked to see he was still there.

It was chilly, and she could not imagine how cold he must have been, sleeping on the street in tattered clothes. She quickly got into the house and came rushing out with a blanket.

“Hi, I’m Jasmine,” she said as she approached the homeless man.

Once she got close enough to him, she handed over the blanket, sat on the curb, and said, “I’ve seen you here for a few days now. Are you homeless?”

“Yes, I just lost my business and house, and I have no choice but to live on the street.”

The man, named Dean, retold how his business had collapsed following the embezzlement of funds by greedy employees, leaving it bankrupt. He said he had to lay off more than 500 employees in addition to losing his house and car.

Jasmine was beyond herself with pity. She asked him why he did not move in with relatives, but he said he had none. The only option left for him was to live on the streets.

“She has a good job, drives a decent car, and lives in a nice neighborhood. Why would she marry a homeless man?” a friend wondered.

They talked for a while before she asked to take her leave. While Jasmine did not say it, she knew she would help Dean back on his feet, even if she did not have much wealth herself. She may have been an orphan, but she was a kind soul.

That evening, she made plenty of food for dinner, shared it with Dean, and did the same every day for the rest of the week. The pair would sit talking for hours and became very close.


They fell in love fast. Jasmine did not seem to mind that Dean was homeless. She thought he was bright and knew it was only a matter of time before he picked himself up and got back on his feet.

After all, hadn’t she risen from the ashes herself? Left with no parents at a very young age, Jasmine had to fend for herself. She was not living in luxury, but she had done quite well for herself. She was sure Dean could bounce back with the proper support.

Months later, the two were already planning a wedding. Unfortunately, Jasmine’s friends and extended family were not so optimistic when she shared the news of her new-found love interest. “You are going to marry a homeless man?” her uncle’s voice boomed over the phone.

“Yes, we are in love. We will work things out. No situation is permanent…”

“Well, whatever you choose to do with your life is up to you, Jasmine. Just know we will not be coming to the wedding!” her uncle screamed before slamming down the phone.

It did not bother Jasmine much. She h ad been estranged from her family since her parents died. She had almost known they would not want to come, and the invitation was only a way of being courteous.


Jasmine arrived at the wedding venue looking gorgeous in her princess wedding gown. She was excited about starting a new life with Dean. She loved him. Oh, how she loved him!

They had invited friends and family to their big day, but not many showed up. However, those that did come made it obvious they had come to witness Jasmine make what they thought was the worst decision of her life.

“She has a good job, drives a decent car, and lives in a nice neighborhood. Why would she marry a homeless man?” a friend wondered.

“I don’t get it. I’d never be caught dead marrying a homeless man!” laughed another.

“She worked hard to live a comfortable life only to be dragged back to poverty by a homeless man! She sure is not the sharpest tool in the shed!” declared the third one.

There were plenty of murmurs in the small hall, and even though Jasmine could not hear what her friends were saying, she could tell they were laughing at her. However, she did not care one bit about what they said.

And then…

The groom arrived! And everyone gasped! They expected to see a man in tattered clothes, but instead, he arrived in a luxurious limousine clad in one of the most expensive tuxedos available in the city.

But how could he afford all this? Wasn’t he homeless? Jasmine was shocked! Was this really Dean? She could only watch as he walked majestically into the small room. He looked like he owned the world, and Jasmine had never been so confused in her life.

Once he got to the front, she caught a whiff of his cologne, and she almost passed out from how good he smelled. She tried to speak up, but Dean shushed her, asking her to be patient as he would explain after they exchanged rings.

As the groom and bride stood reading their vows to each other, Jasmine could not help but wonder whether she was in a dream. Any attempts at getting an explanation were met with, “Honey, just be patient. I’ll explain.”

After they promised to be there for each other through thick and thin, Dean picked up the microphone and faced his new wife. “Honey, I understand all this must be confusing, but you’ll know the truth in a few minutes.”

He faced the crowd. “I’ve never met someone as kind, caring, and selfless as Jasmine. I honestly do not know what to say. I am humbled that she loved me when I had nothing and sleeping on the street.”

“But more importantly, I want to address the issue I know brought you all here.”

The guests blushed, acutely aware that he had seen right through them.

“In the real sense, I was never homeless. I fell in love with Jasmine long before she knew me, but I decided to test her to see if she could love me without my wealth or status.”

The crowd gasped.

Jasmine clutched her heart, confused, “You…you are not homeless?”

“No, honey, I come from a very wealthy family, and that company I told you ran bankrupt? It’s still running and is very successful.”

Jasmine could not believe it. She tried to speak, but words seemed to have escaped her.

“Do you realize what it takes to fall in love and accept to marry a homeless man?” Dean asked, addressing the guests again.

Some nodded, while others appeared to still be in a trance. “I will give this woman the world because she has proven that true and genuine love exists,” Dean said, embracing Jasmine in a tight emotional hug.

Jasmine still felt like she was dreaming at the wedding reception that evening. She alighted the limousine expecting to find a regular reception at the venue, only to walk into what looked like something right off a fairy tale.

The decor was of her favorite flowers in all the colors available. And the food? An elaborate culinary display of imported food. Jasmine had never seen anything so fabulous, and the most unbelievable part; it was all for her.

It turned out to be the happiest day of her life.

Days later, Dean moved all of Jasmine’s stuff into his home, a meticulously-maintained resort-style home with soaring ceilings, postcard-perfect views, and flooded with natural light.

Never in a million years would Jasmine have dreamed of living in such luxury. This was now her life, and as soon as she stepped foot on the impressively detailed floor of her new home, tears of happiness tumbled from her eyes.

What did we learn from this story?

Kindness pays. Jasmine pitied the homeless man and helped him with a blanket. She did not know he would repay her in ways she could never have imagined.
Genuine love exists. In the world that we live in, where emotions and love are attached to wealth and status, it is a breath of fresh air to know that genuine and pure love exists.

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