Owner Is Reunited With His Stolen Vintage Truck After Good Samaritan Sees It On Street

An Indianapolis man is feeling incredibly grateful right now after a Good Samaritan helped him reunite with his beloved vintage truck that was stolen last week.

Chris Robertson was left frantic when his 1937 Chevy pickup was stolen from his home on the Sunday before Christmas. Chris was devastated, as his father had given him the truck before his death, so it meant a lot to him.

“I want it back really, really bad,” Chris said after the theft. “It’s a part of me.”

“It’s really sentimental to me because my dad before he passed away helped me purchase that truck,” he added. “I could not imagine that somebody would break into my house while I was gone and steal such a precious thing from me.”

Chris loves the car so much that he rarely takes it out to drive it.

“It only gets driven on very nice days,” he said. “It doesn’t see the rain. I cherish that truck.”

The local news reported on the missing truck days later, on Thursday night. The next morning, a man called police just after 9am to say that he saw the truck on the side of the road. Police confirmed that it was indeed the truck, and they immediately called Chris to tell him the good news!

“We are just happy that Chris got his prized possession back!” said Lisa Miller, the wife of the man who founded it. She added that her husband had recognized the vehicle from the news report after he saw it the night before.

We’re glad to see that Chris got his beloved truck back as well!

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