Parents Gifted with Rare Black-And-White Twins Get the Same Blessing 7 Years Later

When a couple welcomed a set of rare biracial twins, they were stunned. Seven years later, the same thing happened, and the beautiful family made headlines again.


Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant were born to proud parents Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant in 2001. Their arrival instantly caught people’s attention because the Hampshire, England twin sisters were born with different skin colors.

One of the twins was white like their mother, and the other was black like their father. Their parents revealed that the girls got various comments as they grew up and were often asked to show their IDs as proof of their relations.


The one-in-a-million family loves their uniqueness, but it has not always been easy. Hayleigh shared: “Some people can be really rude. They’ll say, ‘You’re lying, you aren’t twins — prove it!”

The sisters are inseparable and never get bored of seeing the shock on people’s faces when they share their stories. When they set off for college, things became challenging because there were many different groups.



Hayleigh shared her experience and said: “The black group were trying to integrate me, and I was like, ‘This is my white twin sister.'” People struggled to believe them and assumed they were best friends, not sisters.

Their family story became more unbelievable seven years later when the parents welcomed another set of twins. The girls, Leah and Miya, also had different complexions, making them the only family in the world with two sets of biracial twins.


Hayleigh and Lauren turned 18 in 2019 and were able to guide their younger siblings through the challenges that came with their unique appearances. They are role models to their “Mini-Mes.”

Leah shared:

“Lauren and Hayleigh are my heroes. I like my older sisters. We want to be like them when we get grown-up.”


Spooner expressed that she was proud of her daughters. When they faced nasty comments at school, they responded with kindness and explained that they were sisters and best friends.

The twins revealed that they sometimes tell doubtful people to Google them. Their story is extremely rare, so they understand the confusion and help people understand. Father of four, Durrant added that he thought his family was “amazing.”


The likelihood that babies are twins and inherit different skin and hair colors is one in a million. The girls realize they are lucky to have each other and, despite their physical differences, stated that they are similar in many ways.

Hayleigh explained: “We say the same things at the same time and finish each other’s sentences. Sometimes I know exactly what she is thinking.” While they have different likes and dislikes, the connection between them is undeniable.


Incredibly, another set of biracial twin girls was born in England. The beautiful sisters, Lucy and Maria Aylmer, were welcomed by their proud parents in 1997. Like the Durrant sisters, they also had to convince people they were related.

They often leave people in disbelief, but the girls love their uniqueness. Their mother, Donna Douglas, is half Jamaican, while their father, Vince, is white. The couple was stunned when they first saw their babies.

The varying features were unexpected, but they were thrilled nonetheless. The twins revealed that they share a unique bond and are proud to be sisters. Rare sets of twins often have to deal with comments and questions, but fortunately, they can stand side by side and rely on each other.

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