Parents Say Goodbye to Their Baby and Turn off Life Support, He Starts Breathing Immediately

Parents’ hearts slowly shattered as they had to say their final farewells to their precious baby. This was until something inexplicable happened, leaving not only the mom and dad but doctors wholly befuddled.


Science — a marvelous way to understand the world is rapidly coming up with solutions to problems that we never thought were possible.

However, sometimes it has not yet figured out an answer, treatment, or cure for a medical issue where a remedy appears impossible.

On that same note, sometimes people heal independently despite current scientific understanding. For individuals such as Lisa Hough, this can only be explained by a miracle from above.

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On February 19, 2022, Hough shared a miraculous story on Facebook, first explaining that she and her husband sadly chose to take their baby Karson off life support.

Doctors informed the couple that his heart would stop beating within ten minutes after this traumatic moment occurred. However, what came next was beyond shocking.


Once off life support, the little one instantly began breathing independently instead of passing on. Karson was also able to perform various bodily functions such as swallowing and coughing. The mom penned:


“The Dr’s and his care team have no explanation and are at a loss for words, saying that science and medical data does not support this…the only explanation given; A miracle. [sic]”

Hough wrote that she didn’t know how long Karson would last, and though she hoped for the best, she was just grateful for this extra time — even if it didn’t last very long.


Fortunately for this loving mother, her little miracle fought for his life and was even better by February 28, 2022. On this day, she shared another post online which partially read:

“Karson is officially off oxygen and is maintaining his saturation. He is now able to regulate and maintain his own body temperature and no longer requires thermoregulation.”

Hough also excitedly shared the news that they were preparing for him to come home, which she felt was almost out of his reality and unbelievable.


Finally, on March 1, 2022, she and her family were officially informed that their tiny bundle of joy would be coming home that week. In yet one more post, Hough expressed:

“Every day, I am brought to my knees, and just when I think God is done, I am quickly reminded that he isn’t…I will praise Him for as long as I have air in my lungs for giving Karson his.”

From her very first post, commenters were fully supportive of the journey, celebrating the survival of Karson in the comment section.


Unlike the tiny minority of us who claim not to fear death, it is terrifying to watch while a loved one faces this inevitability. It is even more frightening when we have to face the unknown ourselves.

Greg Thomas of Montgomery, Minnesota, was one of these individuals. He was diagnosed with cancer and told that his family should start planning the funeral.

However, while taking his dog for a walk, he came across an abandoned church building in which he felt a strange urge to repair the structure — and so his project began.

An unexplainable event occurred when he found himself in remission after the chapel was painted entirely white. After years of working on the church, he beat the malignancy completely.

Sadly the cancer returned in 2015, but Thomas was still profoundly touched by the strange coincidence and became a minister.

Whatever you may or may not believe in, there is no denying that divine or not, what these two individuals went through was extraordinary.


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