Philadelphia Mom, 17, Killed at School in Front of Her Mother Leaves behind a 7-Month-Old Daughter

A Crescentville, Philadelphia teenager was a bright student and loving mother to her seven-month-old daughter. However, after a fatal incident, she was robbed of many happy years together with her child.


Saniah Moore loved life and had big dreams about living in Paris in the future. The youngster worked hard to pave the way forward for herself and her baby girl, London.

She was a student at Excel Academy South, and family members described her as “the mother hen of the house.” She was perfect to them, and they admired her for the way she was raising her little girl.


She Was an Amazing Mother

The teen’s mom, Jessica Sollenberger, shared that Saniah would do whatever it took to ensure her baby was happy and healthy. Saniah’s aunt, Corrine Sollenberger, also noted that she was her best friend and the backbone of their family.


They couldn’t wait to see Saniah reach her full potential and knew she would continue to be the best mom for her child. The family believed there were many years of making memories together, but fate had other plans.

The investigation remains active and Saniah’s family waits anxiously for news. While they will never get their loved one back, they still hope justice will prevail.

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

It was an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, and nobody could have imagined that a painful incident was about to take place. Mom Jessica was left speechless when she witnessed a scene no parent wanted to see.

Her daughter was harmed during an automobile accident on September 28, 2022. She watched as a car backed into Saniah, injuring her. According to Jessica, it was not an accident. The mother explained:

“I watched it happen right in front of me. An accident means you stop, you know what I’m saying? You see if that person is okay.”

Police officers arrived at the scene of the altercation and found Saniah unresponsive. Tragically, the young woman passed away a short time later.

She Didn’t Deserve It

Saniah’s family was heartbroken and couldn’t believe baby London wouldn’t have the chance to get to know her mom. Loved ones grieved the loss and were devastated, knowing Saniah would never see her daughter learn to walk or talk.

Corrine added that Saniah was “an amazing mother who didn’t deserve any of this.” The family set up a GoFundMe page to assist them with funeral arrangements. They wanted to give Saniah the beautiful service she deserved.

They also revealed that part of the donations would be used to set up a trust fund for baby London. While the family was trying to move forward, they were honest and stated that their lives would never be the same again. Corrine expressed:

“We’re never gonna be okay.”

Support for the Heartbroken Family

Saniah’s brother, Christian Moore, was equally heartbroken. He stated that all they had to show his niece in the future were a few videos of her mom. Thankfully, friends and kind strangers offered support for the family in their time of need.

Condolences and prayers poured in, and the Excel Academy South also shared a message:

“We are heartbroken to learn about the passing of an Excel Academy South student, whose life was tragically lost … Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the students involved.”

The family was grateful for the love and stated that no donation was too small. The sympathies and well wishes meant the world to them; by October 4, more than $6,800 had been raised.

They Want Justice

Philadelphia police revealed that the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody. The investigation remains active, and Saniah’s family waits anxiously for news. While they will never get their loved one back, they still hope justice will prevail.

The 17-year-old’s life was cut short, and Jessica hopes authorities will bring the responsible party to book. Aunt Corrine stated:

“I know Niah is up there, and she knows that we’re gonna get justice for her.”

Losing someone precious is never easy, and the road to healing will be long and challenging for everyone who knew and loved Saniah. We send our heartfelt condolences and prayers to them during this time. RIP, angel.

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