Police Officer And K9 Lip Sync To ‘I Can Only Imagine’

Departments from all over the country are getting in on the action by performing and recording their own special lip sync and posting it online.


They can also challenge another department to do the same. There have been hundreds of videos popping up all over the Internet and it seems like each one gets better than the last.

Today, we’re getting a very special lip sync from Chief Hepler and his K9 Fox from The Hollywood, Alabama Police Department. These two decided to lip-sync to MercyMe’s hit song ‘I Can Only Imagine.’ Together, this police officer and his dog belt out this powerful tune and it’s absolutely amazing.


This is the first faith-based lip sync that I have seen so far. A lot of these videos are elaborate productions filled with special effects and lots of people.


But this stripped-down lip-sync truly makes you listen to the lyrics and be filled with the spirit of the Lord.

I just love when the officer gets down on his knees and raises his hands to the Lord in Heaven. What an amazing display of faith and devotion to our God.

I definitely think this lip sync is my favorite one yet and I hope it continues to be shared. What an amazing moment to watch this officer put his faith out there for the whole world to see with his K9, Fox. Can I get an amen?



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