Poor caretaker rescues dog trapped in a pipe after being fired and the next day is offered the job of running a big company – Story of the Day

A poor janitor being laid off from his only livelihood heard a strange squeaking sound coming from a drainpipe and found a dog trapped inside. Little did he know how much his life would change overnight, he rescued the puppy and went looking for his owner.


Sometimes difficulties and disappointments can discourage us and cause us to break down. But with sheer determination, nothing is impossible, no matter how poor we are. Widower and father of three, Arthur believed in it ever since he faced his problems.

Whenever he slipped into his janitor’s uniform, he hoped he never had to wear it again. Arthur dreamed of a better job with better pay and prayed a lot. With high hopes, on a typical work day, he decided to ask his boss for a promotion to a vacant position in the front desk.

The janitor knew he had big dreams to claim a better position, but he tried anyway. But who could have guessed that poor Arthur would see the ugly side of his boss and fall into his evil trap…

“Do you want to be ‘receptionist’ in my office?” Arthur’s boss Alex asked him. “You want to stop cleaning and washing, huh?”

There was a look of desperation in Arthur’s eyes.

“Sir, I would like to try. It would be beneficial to earn more money and provide for my family,” he said.

“Sparky? Is that you?!” he gasped, checking the number on the dog’s collar. To his surprise, it matched the number on the piece of paper, which also contained an address.

Arthur’s wife Melinda had died just six months after giving birth to their third child. Widowed far too early, the 29-year-old caretaker had taken it upon himself to raise his three children and care for his elderly mother-in-law, Jessie.

When he found out about a vacancy at the front desk of the cleaning company he worked for, it seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel for the poor man.

“Please give me this chance, sir,” he pleaded. “I will do my best and you will not regret hiring me for this position. Please help me, sir.”

Arthur’s boss, Alex, thought for a long time. He didn’t talk about it again until later that afternoon when he called the janitor into his office.

“All right! I will consider you for this position. But it will take some time for us to complete the necessary paperwork because the current receptionist is serving her notice period,” Alex said. “I’ll keep you in mind, but you have to impress me.”

Arthur was delighted. That was all he wanted to hear. He felt the load on his shoulders lighten and dreamed of a great future for his children.

“I’m willing to do anything for this job, sir,” he exclaimed happily.

“Everything, yes?” Alex grinned, hiding his evil plan under his smile. “Well, starting today you’re going to have to work overtime. You’re going to have to wash the windows and mop the floor daily – no more alternate days. We have an inspection coming up, and I want my office to shine. I want us to show that we are the best cleaning company in town.”

Arthur nodded happily and agreed. He believed his boss blindly, and over the next two weeks leading up to the inspection, he worked hard to impress him.

Two weeks later the inspection was over and Arthur couldn’t stop dreaming about being the new receptionist. With high hopes, he approached his boss in his office and saw another man with him.

“Sir, I wanted to ask you about reception,” Arthur stammered.

“Ah, yes! This is our new receptionist, Jonathan,” said Alex, introducing the man in his office.

Arthur was startled. His eyes filled with tears and despair. “New receptionist?” he murmured.

“Yes, he just joined us. Have you cleaned up his work area?”

At this point Arthur was furious. He knew his boss had tricked him. In a fit of rage, he confronted him and demanded an explanation.

“You said I was going to be the new receptionist and made me work overtime. How could you lie to me? I respected you and trusted you!” scolded Arthur.

The janitor’s anger didn’t go down well with his boss. He was furious at being questioned in front of his new employee and immediately showed Arthur the door.

“How dare you question me? This is my office and I decide who works where!” he scolded. “Poor people like you shouldn’t have big dreams. I just wanted to show you your place. You only deserve to hold a mop and a broom. Take your last paycheck and get out of my office! You’re fired! Get out!”

Arthur was hurt and humiliated. He quit his job and stormed the streets, lost and hopeless. Worse, his boss didn’t pay him for his extra work.

“What should I tell my mother-in-law? How should I pay for my children?” he cried. “Who will hire me now?”

The caretaker was pacing the street. He looked for notices and advertisements for vacancies, but couldn’t find any. Beaten and disappointed, he decided to go home. On the way he heard a faint squeak that made him curious.

“Strange, what could that be?” he mumbled and walked on. He had barely gone a few steps when he heard the sound again. Curious, he stopped and listened.

“It’s coming out of the old drainpipe,” he said, going over to check. He peered into the pipe and was surprised to see a dog trapped inside.

“Oh you poor thing, let me help you!” he cried. “Hold on! I’m coming!”

Arthur tried to pull the dog out but he got stuck in the narrow drainpipe. He looked for help but no one was around as it was a remote road.

Then he had an idea. He ran to the nearest grocery store and came back with a bottle of oil. He dabbed the oil on the drainpipe opening to lubricate it. After some wrestling, he freed the dog from the pipe.

“You must be exhausted, poor thing,” he said. “How long have you been in here? Here, take these cookies.”

The dog looked relieved and exhausted. He wagged his tail and sat down next to Arthur, rubbing his shoulder.

“Where’s your home, sweetie?” he asked, and the tag on the dog’s collar caught his attention.

Hoping to return the pup to its owner, Arthur checked the tag and learned the dog’s name was Sparky. He found a phone number behind the trailer and dialed it, but no one answered.

“That’s weird. Why isn’t your owner answering the phone? I can’t leave you alone… You’re such a sweet dog,” he said.

Then Arthur remembered that dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell.


“Sparky, can you take me to your house?” he asked the dog, causing her to wag her tail and walk in a different direction.

The dog sniffed the road while leading the man in different directions. Arthur almost gave up, suspecting the dog might be lost. He followed Sparky to a tree that had a missing persons notice on it.

“Sparky? Is that you?!” he gasped, checking the number on the dog’s collar. To his surprise, it matched the number on the piece of paper, which also contained an address.

Sighing in relief, Arthur took the dog to the address and arrived at the front door of an old man named Jacob. Minutes later the door creaked open and Jacob stood on the other side, staring at Arthur.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Mr. Jacob?” Arthur asked the man.

“Yes, I am. How do you know me?” Jacob replied, bursting into tears when Sparky jumped at him.

“Sparky?! My girl where have you been? I missed you so much!” Jacob cried.

“I saw your name on the ad for a missing dog at the park… I found Sparky stuck in a drain and rescued her.”

With tears in his eyes, Jacob explained that his dog had been missing for three days. He was happy to see her again and said something that brought Arthur to tears.

“I couldn’t take a step without my dog. She’s my best friend and protector,” Jacob said, removing his black glasses.

As it turned out, the man lost his eyesight in an accident five years ago. He had no family and was dependent on his maid to cook and clean for him. Sparky was his guide dog and the only companion he had. Three days ago she ran out of the house and got lost.

“I can’t thank you enough for rescuing my beloved dog, young man,” Jacob exclaimed. Arthur’s act of kindness touched Jacob, and after hearing his story, he decided to reward him with a life-changing surprise.

The next day, a limo pulled up in front of Arthur’s house. The neighbors were amazed, because nobody had ever seen such an expensive car in front of the poor caretaker’s house. Even Arthur was shocked. A rich man in an expensive suit approached him with an envelope.

“Who is that?” gasped Arthur, also taken aback.

Curious, he took the envelope and found a letter from Jacob inside.

“Dear Arthur, I know it’s still early, but even if we had only met for a day, I was impressed by your character. I have no children and would be delighted if you would accept my offer to become my son I was wondering who would run my ceramics business after me, and you came into my life at exactly the right time. Please come to me to complete the formalities as soon as possible. Your father, Jacob.”

Arthur burst into tears. He washed up, put on his best clothes and got into the limousine, much to the dismay and envy of the others.

Eventually, Jacob wrote a will bequeathing his $13 million fortune to Arthur. He also transferred his ceramics company to him. Arthur couldn’t believe how his fate had changed overnight. But deep in his heart he still felt the urge to take revenge on his evil boss.

Two weeks later, on his first day as head of the ceramics company, Arthur sent his former boss an offer for a contract for his cleaning services

Greed got the best of Alex when he saw Arthur’s budget of $50,000. He immediately left the office to meet with the owner of the ceramics company, not knowing who he was dealing with.

Arthur enjoyed seeing his ex-boss waiting for him in the lobby and intentionally kept him waiting for a long time. Eventually he called him in to the meeting, startling him.

“Arthur??? What are you doing here?” Alex exclaimed when he saw his ex-caretaker sitting in the boss’s chair.

“It’s my company, Alex!” Arthur replied. “I’ve just become a boss and I wanted to spice up my office. So I thought about hiring your services.”

Alex was shocked and speechless. He couldn’t believe that the poor janitor he had tricked and fired would become so rich in just a few short weeks.

“If you want my $50,000 contract, I have one small condition, Alex,” Arthur grinned, knowing it was time for revenge. “I want you to prove how good your company is. If you want my contract, you have to clean my office.”

Alex started sweating with embarrassment. He couldn’t let go of the contract and at the same time felt humiliated at having to work under his former caretaker. But he had no other choice. He picked up the mop and began cleaning Arthur’s office to impress him.

“Well, I have to say… I’m really pleased, Alex,” Arthur frowned. “But you still left some dirty stains in my heart and it will take a lifetime to clean that up. Stop wasting my time and get out!”

The rest of the office staff burst out laughing as Alex, disappointed and embarrassed, stormed out. Pleased with his little act of revenge and the newfound goodness in his life, Arthur patted his chest proudly.

What can we learn from this story?

With determination anything is possible. After being fired as a janitor, Arthur almost lost hope. But he didn’t give up and his good deed of rescuing a rich old man’s guide dog brought him a rich life and surprising rewards.

Good deeds are rewarded, while evil deeds only bring disappointment and failure. Arthur rescued and brought back Jacob’s guide dog and was rewarded with a lifetime fortune for doing so. His former boss Alex, on the other hand, tricked him into promising him a front desk job only to overhaul the janitor and then fire him. Eventually he experienced the disappointment when Arthur became a rich man and turned the tables.


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