Poor Girl Is Deprived of Her House Not Knowing It Had a Hidden Cellar Inside – Story of the Day

A poor girl named Cindy had no choice but to let go of her house after being in debt for years. However, she was called back to the property after the builders found a hidden cellar inside.


Cindy had to live independently at the age of 20 after her parents died in a car accident two years prior. While they left her with their house, they also left her with a lot of debt to pay for.

In order not to be chased by loan sharks, she dropped out of school and started working to pay off her parents’ debts. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she worked, it wasn’t enough, and one day, the court seized her property. Cindy was in tears, as she had nowhere to go.

Her friend, Amara, saw the whole ordeal and rushed to Cindy’s side. “I’m sorry this is happening to you, Cindy,” she said, embracing her friend. “You can stay at my apartment for the time being,” Amara offered.

“Thank you, Amara. I appreciate this a lot,” Cindy sobbed. That day, Amara helped Cindy pack her things as the officials who evicted her said the new owner of the property wanted to have it fixed right away.

While fixing her things, the new owner of the property suddenly arrived. He acted very arrogantly, laughing at Cindy as she dumped her things into boxes. “Ah, finally. I can get rid of this ugly house and build a nice modern mansion. This house stood out like a sore thumb in this neighborhood,” he said, looking down at Cindy.

The new owner was accompanied by the builders he hired to demolish Cindy’s house. Unlike the owner, they felt bad for Cindy, who was kicked out of the only home she’s ever known.

To make her feel better, one of them decided to speak up. “This is actually quite a nice house. It was built well, and it’s one of the first properties to be built in this town. It’s a pity we’re demolishing it,” he said.

The new owner shot him a look and shrugged. “Eh, just get to work as soon as they’re gone,” he said before leaving the property.

After a couple of minutes, Cindy took one last look at her house. She was heartbroken, and couldn’t help but sob. Although she was free of her parents’ debts, her salary was not enough for her to rent another place. She couldn’t help but wonder whether she’d end up in the streets.


Before she left, Cindy gave the builders her phone number in case she accidentally left anything behind. Then she left with Amara and never looked back.

However, a couple of days later, a man called her. “Hi, Cindy? This is Jack. I’m one of the builders you saw at your house a couple of days ago.”

“Oh, hello Jack! Did I leave something there?” Cindy asked.

“Well, not exactly. But I thought this was something you should know. When we started the demolition job, we discovered a hidden cellar through a hatch in the basement,” he explained. “It’s best you come to the house. It had a lot of your childhood photos and some other things. I think someone deliberately left them here for you,” Jack said.

After ending the call, Cindy immediately made her way back to her house. She was greeted by Jack, who looked to be a couple of years older than her. He led her to the basement and saw the secret hatch he was talking about.

It led her to a very well-maintained room with furniture, boxes of antiques, and a table with old photographs of Cindy with her grandfather. “If you look inside that box, you’ll find things that might ease your burdens,” Jack said, pointing to a chest at the foot of the table.

When she opened the chest, she was surprised to see a lot of gold jewelry inside. She recognized some of her grandmother’s jewelry from old photos she used to see, as well as the gold watch her grandfather always used to wear. There were also rolls of money and documents for a property in a nearby town.


“Grandpa…” Cindy said in tears. Under the documents was a note that read “For Cindy.” When Jack saw it, he decided to give Cindy some privacy by leaving the secret room and heading back to the basement. After he left, Cindy started reading:

“Dearest Cindypie,

Grandpa made this room a long time ago after I realized I would not be able to give you my estate in peace. When your grandma died when you were only a few months old, you became my happiness and my world. We had many wonderful memories, didn’t we?

I wanted to make sure you had everything you needed until you grew up. However, greed can make people selfish, and that’s exactly what happened to your parents. As painful as it may sound, they threatened to kill me if I did not leave my entire inheritance to them. So, what I did was I left them with some money and kept everything valuable inside this hidden room so that one day you may find it. I thought if I refused to follow them, they would hurt you, too.

Remember what I always used to tell you, Cindypie? “To find something, you need to dig as deep as possible, even when there is no hope anymore.” I hope you find this, Cindypie. May you always be safe, healthy, and happy.

Lots of love,


When Cindy reached the end of the letter, she was in tears. After her grandfather passed away when she was 14, there was not a day she didn’t miss him. In fact, she was closer to him than she was to her parents, as they were always out of town and often neglected their duties as her parents.

After her grandfather died, her parents received a large amount of money from him. Since then, they started gambling and spending money like there was no tomorrow. This lifestyle left them in debt – a debt that Cindy had to continue paying even after they died two years ago.

Cindy spent a couple more minutes inside the room, looking at her pictures with her grandfather. She decided to keep them all, carefully placing them in boxes so that she could transfer them to the home he had purchased for her.

That night, Jack offered to help Cindy transfer the things to her property in a nearby town. They ended up having dinner after and getting to know one another.

Cindy realized that Jack had been honest and sincere, as he could have easily kept the jewelry and money for himself. Instead, he informed her about the hidden treasures.

Cindy and Jack started to date. They got to know each other well and realized they were both really good people who were compatible with one another. A couple of years later, they got married and lived together in the house that Cindy’s grandfather left her.

What can we learn from this story?

Honesty is the best policy. Jack could have gotten away with just keeping the jewelry and money he found, but he decided to let Cindy know of the hidden room.
Things always get better. Cindy was worried about how she would survive after losing her house and the money she earned to pay off her parents’ debts. In the end, her grandfather surprised her with an inheritance she never knew about.

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