Poor loader raises disabled son all by himself, one day he finds out the boy is not his child – Story of the Day

A man struggles to raise his only son, who was born with cerebral palsy. Years later, he discovers that he is not the boy’s biological father. Will he keep raising him or will he leave the boy?


Scott and Dale were best friends. They did everything together, and as soon as you spotted one, it was natural that the other would be around. They had grown up together and their friendship continued into adulthood.

They even fell in love with the same girl. Ivy had been friends with Scott and Dale for years, but she hadn’t realized they were developing deeper feelings for her.

After they confessed their love to her, she didn’t know what to do. How should she choose between her best friends? Luckily, the choice was made for her when Dale left to join the Army. She and Scott stayed behind and started a life together.

It wasn’t easy for Dale to accept that she chose Scott, so he and his best friend didn’t speak to each other for years. Scott and Ivy moved on with their lives and started a family.

They were thrilled when they found out they were having their first baby together, and the news spread like wildfire around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

When the baby, Kyle, arrived, the new parents learned he had cerebral palsy. The symptoms didn’t appear at first, but as Kyle started to grow up, it became clear that he had the disease.

Unwilling to raise a son with the condition, Ivy fled, leaving Scott to care for her baby alone.

She never returned to see her baby, and years later, Scott learned that she had died in a horrific traffic accident.

“I just took a DNA test and Kyle is not my biological son.”

Scott worked as a construction loader, and the job didn’t pay much. On the other hand, treating and managing his son’s condition was costing him a fortune. He barely made ends meet, but he did his best.

He never complained. Despite his son’s condition, Scott was hellbent on giving him only the best life. His dream for Kyle was to see him at varsity.


“We ran some tests on Kyle,” the doctor said, handing Scott a brown envelope containing the test results. “And it seems we’re making progress.”

Scott opened the envelope with a smile, but the smile faded as soon as he saw the test results. “Doctor, that can’t be right. His blood type is different from mine and his mother’s. What does that mean?”


“Are you sure?” the doctors asked, taking the papers from Scott’s hands.

“Yes, Doctor. I hate being paranoid, but could that mean Kyle isn’t my son?”

“It’s possible, but only a DNA test could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Scott told the doctor that he and Kyle would do a DNA test. And while he hoped he was wrong about the whole thing, his gut told him otherwise.

They had to wait a few days for the results, the longest days of Scott’s life. Finally the day came and Scott rushed to the hospital to collect the results. He hoped for the best but was prepared for the worst.

And when he opened the envelope containing the DNA results, his heart dropped. He and his son were not compatible. Kyle wasn’t his son. The little boy he had raised alone for the past 12 years was not his son! How was that possible?

Sitting at home that night, wallowing in the worries of his recent discoveries, he recalled how infatuated Dale had been with Ivy. Could you…

“No, I don’t think that could be. You wouldn’t do that behind my back,” Scott consoled himself.

However, he grabbed his phone and dialed Dale’s number. It had been over a decade since they last spoke, and he knew his call would shock Dale. But this had to be done.

“Hello, Dale? This is Scott. I know it’s been years since we’ve spoken, but I had to ask you something.”

“Scott? What a surprise! How have you been doing now?”

The old friends chatted for a while, recounting their lives over the past few years, and when they caught up on each other’s lives, Scott asked the difficult question. “Dale, this may seem inappropriate, but I want to ask if you and Ivy ever…you know? I did a DNA test and Kyle isn’t my biological son.”


“Oh, Scott, we did that before I joined the army, but that’s about it.”

“Well, it’s possible that he’s yours!”

Dale was silent for a moment before admitting that Kyle might actually be his son. It was a hard truth for Scott to accept, but what choice did he have?

That night Scott lay in bed and couldn’t sleep. So much went through his mind as he tossed and turned. He’d raised Kyle like his own and devoted his life to giving his baby only the best. And now to find out he wasn’t even his son? It was a hard hit.

But now that he knew the truth, he decided it would be best for Kyle to grow up with his birth father.

A few days later, Scott and Kyle arrived at Dale’s home and as they sat in the car, Scott explained to Kyle that the man whose house they were entering was his biological father and that Kyle would live with him from that day forward.

After Dale invited them over, the two former friends chatted for a while before Scott apologized and asked to leave. He stormed out of the house, got into his car and drove off.Nachdem Dale sie eingeladen hatte, unterhielten sich die beiden ehemaligen Freunde eine Weile, bevor Scott sich entschuldigte und bat zu gehen. Er stürmte aus dem Haus, stieg in sein Auto und fuhr los.

But then in his rearview mirror he saw Kyle in his wheelchair following the car, seemingly screaming. He stopped immediately and heard Kyle shout, “Dad, don’t leave me!”Aber dann sah er in seinem Rückspiegel Kyle in seinem Rollstuhl, der dem Auto folgte und scheinbar schrie. Er hielt sofort an und hörte Kyle rufen: “Papa, verlass mich nicht!”

He knew Kyle loved him, but the words were unexpected and brought tears of joy to his eyes. He got out of the car, ran back to Kyle and knelt in front of the boys.Er wusste, dass Kyle ihn liebte, aber die Worte kamen unerwartet und brachten Freudentränen in seine Augen. Er stieg aus dem Auto, rannte zurück zu Kyle und kniete sich vor den Jungen.

He hugged Kyle and cried into his shoulder, “Oh, Kyle, I’m sorry. I’ll never leave your side! I know you’re not biologically mine, but you’re still my son, and I love you! ”

At the same time, Dale emerged from the house and found the emotional scene unfolding. He waited a moment before speaking, “I’m sorry Scott. I didn’t know Ivy had had my baby. But I’m ready to make up for lost time.”

The couple agreed that since Scott was already taking care of Kyle, he would continue taking care of him as Dale committed to paying for all of Kyle’s treatments and even opening a college fund.

It was a relief to Scott, and the two friends rekindled their friendship. As for Kyle, what was better than having two dads who cared so much about him?

What can we learn from this story?

Love doesn’t necessarily come from those with whom we are biologically related. While Ivy left her baby due to his condition, Scott stayed and loved him even after learning that Kyle was not his biological son.
Always do your best for those you love. Scott struggled to give his son a wonderful life despite working a minimum wage job.

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