Poor Old Lady Finds Cart Full of Food on Doorstep Every Morning, Wakes up Early to Find Out Why – Story of the Day

Linda started living in poverty when her husband died, and she had to pay his medical debt. But one day, a cart full of food appeared on her doorstep. It happened daily until she woke up earlier to discover who was responsible.


Every morning started the same way for Linda. She set up the coffee maker and made enough for herself. She sat at her kitchen table and missed the days when her husband would sit in front of her. He had been gone for a while now, and life seemed pretty bleak without him, especially because she would be paying his medical debts until her dying day.

The hospital offered her a payment plan, but it still took a toll on her pension, so she was now living in practical poverty. Coffee was her only indulgence these days, as she could barely afford her regular groceries with the rising inflation.

Still, she tried to breathe deeply and hoped that things would get better at some point. Her house felt a little suffocating after she finished her cup of joe, so she grabbed a book and decided to sit on her front porch to read it.

Linda moved as quickly as possible to open the door and greet her. “Gwen! What are you doing?” she questioned, confusion mixed with gratitude in her tone.
She stopped in her tracks after opening the door. There was a grocery cart on her doorstep, which didn’t make any sense. Who would take off with a cart from the local market in Greensville, Virginia? While she pondered that, she noticed that it was full of food too, and some of it needed to be refrigerated.

Linda rolled the cart inside, put the food away, and returned the cart outside. Maybe someone was doing good deeds and bringing groceries to needy people. That seemed like the only plausible answer to this puzzle, so Linda left the cart where she found it and hoped that whoever left it there would take it away.

“They’re probably going to bless someone else with groceries later on,” Linda said to herself. But as she prepared to make something for herself with the new food, she thought it could be some sort of delivery gone wrong. Since the cart was from a specific supermarket in the area, she decided to give them a call.


“I’m sorry, ma’am. There’s no missing delivery, so the groceries must be meant for you. Although the missing cart is a little worrying. Can you bring it back to the store?” a manager asked, and Linda looked out her window, only to find the cart was gone. When she explained that, the manager told her not to worry about it further.

She prepared her lunch, still slightly worried about using the food, but it had been a while since she ate some of these ingredients. She would not waste that opportunity. She said a few prayers for the do-gooders who had brought her the food, and her guilt eased as she ate.

The next day, another cart full of food showed up on her doorstep and Linda was stunned. It happened again the morning after that and the morning after, and soon, her house was full of food she would only be able to consume in months! It was amazing, but surely someone else could use this generosity. “Who could be doing this?” she wondered. She didn’t have any family left or many friends at all.

The following day, Linda decided to wake up at the crack of dawn. She sneakily stared out the window, waiting for whoever would bring the cart. At last, she saw a figure rolling the cart up to her house, and it was Gwen, the supermarket cashier she had called a few days ago.


Linda moved as quickly as possible to open the door and greet her. “Gwen! What are you doing?” she questioned, confusion mixed with gratitude in her tone.

“Mrs. Finkle! You were not supposed to be spying on me!” Gwen replied, her hand in her chest as if Linda had startled her.

“Gwen, you’ve been leaving food here for days now. I can’t possibly eat all these for months. Can you tell me what’s going on?” Linda insisted, a smile on her face to show that she was thankful for what Gwen did.

“Well, you came over a few weeks ago and could barely afford anything. It broke my heart to see you returning a loaf of bread. We’ve known you for many years, Mrs. Finkle, so the other cashiers and I raised some money for you and used our store discount to get you some stuff. I hope that’s alright,” the younger woman revealed, shrugging her shoulders.

Linda remembered that market visit. It had been depressing for her too, but she never expected to receive such kindness from the employees. “Oh, sweetie. That’s so kind. When I called your manager, he had no idea what was going on.”

“Oh, we told him later. I don’t have a car of my own, and carrying groceries is hard, so I borrowed this cart,” Gwen explained.

“Thank you so much for this, Gwen. It means so much to me. But my pantry is full now, and it’ll last for months! How about searching for another neighbor who might be in need? Times are hard for everyone,” Linda suggested with a kind grin, and Gwen nodded, smiling too.

The cashiers at the store discovered someone else in the neighborhood who could use a cart full of groceries and did the same for that family. Soon, the store created a special donation program where customers and employees could fund a full grocery cart for a family every two weeks, and even Mrs. Finkle donated when she had some spare change.

The store manager offered her a part-time job, which was rare for someone her age. She took it in a heartbeat and was in charge of sorting veggies and fruits. She became friends with all her new coworkers, particularly Gwen, and loved it.

Her money troubles eased somewhat, although she was still deep in debt. However, the gesture from the people at the market touched her heart and reminded her that life was not so bad.

What can we learn from this story?

Kindness can change someone’s life. Linda never expected to receive that kind gesture from the grocery employees, and it changed her outlook on life.
Always repay the charity you receive. When Linda’s pantry was full, she told Gwen to find out if someone else needed help. And when the supermarket created that special fund, she contributed to it too.

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