Radio Station Plays ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ On Constant Repeat

Though many members of the PC-police might not like it, a radio station in Louisville, Kentucky played the Christmas classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on constant repeat this past Sunday during a two-hour marathon.

Chris Randolph, one of the station’s disc jockeys for classic hits station WAKY-FM, played different versions of the song constantly for several hours on Sunday.

“Everyone just seems so sensitive to the lyrics of the song, and we just thought everybody should calm down,” Randolph said. “These stations pulling the song, it’s absolutely ludicrous.”

“I’m not sure why it’s controversial,” Joe Fredele, director of programming for WAKY, told WLKY. “We’ve played this song for years, you know, this song is older than WAKY is. It’s almost 70 years old.”

“The Christmas tune written by Frank Loesser in 1944 has been banned by radio stations around the country and in Canada for its lyrics that some say promote date rape and are inappropriate amid the #MeToo movement,” reports Louisville’s Courier-Journal.

“I personally think people are looking for things to be offended by”
But those fed up with political correctness are pushing back, and the song has even made a comeback in several markets due to the controversy.

“Louisville station WVEZ-FM — known as 106.9 Play and “Louisville’s Original Christmas Music Station” — plays four different versions of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” during the holiday season, said Lee Cagle, operations manager of SummitMedia Louisville, which owns WVEZ.”

Any reasonable person can discern that “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” in no way, shape or form intends to be sexist or abusive to women, no matter how much the politically correct crowd tries to say it is.

“We don’t take life too seriously, and we attract that type of listener,” Randolph said. “It’s all just out of fun.”

We should try to have more fun this holiday season. Excuse me, this Christmas season.

Enjoy your Christmas and all the cherished song classics that come with it – politically correct or not!

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