Roseanne Barr Is Lobbying To Be “Uncancelled” In New Documentary

Roseanne Barr became a household name with the success of her hit sitcom “Roseanne” which premiered in 1988. The 1990’s sitcom even got a reboot in the 2000s, but was canceled in 2018 after Barr sent out a tweet that got her canceled from Hollywood.

The tweet was about President Obama’s advisor Valerie Jarrett. Barr knows what she wrote was unacceptable, and when ABC asked her what excuse she had for tweeting such a racist remark, she didn’t have one. She simply admitted that she messed up and wrote something she should never have written. She did admit that she took Ambien before writing the tweet, but that doesn’t really excuse her action.

She wanted to apologize on TV but wasn’t given the opportunity. Instead, her show was canceled in 2018, and she hasn’t worked in Hollywood since.

Now, Barr is back, and she has an idea for a new TV show. In the meantime, she has a new documentary called “Roseanne: Kicked out of Hollywood” in which she explains why she should be given a second chance. Watch the video below to learn more about why Barr was kicked out of Hollywood and why she believes she should be given the opportunity to make a comeback.

The documentary “Roseanne: Kicked out of Hollywood” can be found on Reelz. The website’s description of the documentary reads, “Bold, brash Roseanne Barr was a trailblazing stand up comic who rocked the comedy world in the mid-1980s and went on to become a Hollywood mega-star with her own top-rated, long running sitcom. She did it again with another hit show years later, but after a scandalous tweet her top rated comeback canceled and the comedy legend’s career was derailed. Now an in depth, personal account from Roseanne herself, her boyfriend Johnny, along with celebrity and insider interviews, this candid one hour documentary special takes a raw and revealing look inside the rise, superstardom and ultimate cancel culture casualty of America’s Domestic Goddess like never before in Roseanne Barr: Kicked Out of Hollywood.”

Do you think Barr will ever get another opportunity to have her own TV show? Did you watch the show “Roseanne”? Why do you think ABC didn’t give her the opportunity to apologize on national television? Do you think she is truly sorry for her tweet? Do you think she deserves a second chance?

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