She has cleaned the same building for years, then she lost her apartment and her job: the tenants rent her another one

In life, you can meet wonderful people who are ready to do anything to help those in need.



Friendly people who decide not to be indifferent to other people’s problems and prefer to lend a hand. And that’s exactly what happened in the story we want to tell you. In this case, it’s about a group of men and women who decide to do something special for a lovely lady.


It’s about Rosa, a beautiful woman who always did everything to get ahead in life, she worked but due to circumstances she lost her job.


Madame Rosa was a woman who moved to New York when she was very young and immediately started working as a cleaner to support herself.


After a 20-year career and gaining the respect of all the tenants of the building where she worked, she lost her job and, unable to pay her rent, left her home. However, her kindness and strength did not go unnoticed all this time, which is why the people she always worked for decided to give her a wonderful surprise.



Indeed, Rosa was called to the building, just like the other day. under the pretext of repairing the apartment, but she did not expect to receive a gift.

In the published video, we see the moment when she was escorted home in her work clothes and where several colorful notes present her story: “This was Rosa, she has worked in this building for 20 years and was loved by everyone,” the notes read. “She left because she lost her job, but it’s time for her to come back, even if she did it know it.



Once in the house, as shown in the photos, she was shown all the rooms, the bathroom, the living room and the balcony, then it turns out that this was not the place that she needed to clean at all, but her new house.


By mutual consent, all the tenants had collected the necessary sum to pay the lady the first two years’ rent, and thus to thank her for all she had done for them. A display of love and respect that moved Rosa.


Then all she had to do was sign the lease and pick up the keys to finally move into her little house on the top floor of the building where she had stayed for so long to work.


This is a wonderful gesture that shows how many extraordinary people there are in the world, who are not willing to lower their eyes, but are able to return the favor to the right people. It is these men and women who make the Earth a better place to live.


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