‘Stop Controlling My Every Step!’ Teen Yells at Mom, Soon Ends Up in Thugs’ Trunk — Story of the Day

When a teenager was about to kiss his girlfriend for the first time in a park, he suddenly heard his mother yell at him. Hours later, he told her he was tired of her controlling behavior, unaware that he would soon need her help to save his life.


Like most 14-year-olds, Logan thought his parents didn’t understand him. While his parents wanted the best for him and often stopped him from doing things that would harm him in the long run, he thought they were invading his privacy. Logan was annoyed by their overprotectiveness and wished to live independently.

Logan wanted to play with his friends all day, chat with them on social media, play video games, and watch his favorite series. Meanwhile, his parents wanted him to study because they worried about his future. They believed his teenage years were crucial for his academics, but the boy wasn’t interested in learning new things.

One day, the parents received a message from his class teacher informing them that their son had failed an important test. When Logan returned home, his mother, Brenda, yelled at him.

“The only thing we want you to do is study, Logan!” she said. “You failed such an important test today! You’ve disappointed us so much.”

“I wish you all would disappear from my life! I don’t want anyone to protect and control me!” the teenager yelled back at his parents. “I’m sick of it.”

The teenager had no idea that his wish would soon come true in an unimaginably painful way. Logan wasn’t ready to face what fate had in store for him.

A month later, Logan returned home from school to an unforgettable sight. He saw his mother crying like a baby in the living room, resting her head on her mother’s shoulder. The teenager had no idea what had happened until he saw his father resting peacefully in a coffin.

“Sweetheart, I saw something on the news that makes me worry about you,” she said.

It turned out that Logan’s father had a deadly heart attack that instantly claimed his life. He died before the first responders could take him to the hospital, leaving Brenda in shock.

Since Logan’s father was the sole breadwinner of the house, Brenda had to look for a job immediately after his sudden death. It seemed like fate didn’t allow her to grieve his death. Instead, she had to find a source of income to feed herself and Logan.

A few weeks after her husband’s demise, Brenda found a well-paying job requiring her to regularly work night shifts besides her day shift. The job offer was great, but what worried her was leaving her teenage son alone. Despite her worries, she accepted the offer because she needed the money.

While she stayed at her workplace all night, Logan felt relieved because no one was watching over him. He had the entire house to himself, which meant he could do whatever he wanted.

Although thinking about his father’s death made him sad, Logan diverted his mind by playing video games and watching TV when his mother wasn’t around.

One day, Logan was playing games on his phone when his mother told him she wanted to talk to him about something important.

“Sweetheart, I saw something on the news that makes me worry about you,” she said. “Have you heard about the 13-year-old who went missing this week?”

“Yes, Mom,” Logan replied without looking up from the phone. “I read about it on social media.”

“So my coworker told me about this app that can help me track you,” Brenda said. “I want you to install it so I know where you are. I can track you through my phone.”

“Oh, God!” Logan rolled his eyes.

“Not again, Mom! Why do you always want to control me? I don’t like it.”

“It’s for your own safety, honey,” Brenda looked at her son. “You’re my only family, and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Looking at the concern in his mother’s eyes, Logan installed the app on his phone and told his mother how she could track him.

“Are you happy now?” he asked. “You can keep an eye on me at all times!”

“Yes, honey,” Brenda ruffled his hair while he tried dodging her hand. “Thank you so much!”


Once Logan installed the app, Brenda kept tracking him while she was at work. She felt relieved knowing where he was, and it allowed her to pay attention to her work.

It was a regular day for Brenda when she was at work and decided to call Logan. She wanted to ask him if he had finished his homework, but he didn’t receive her call.

Where is he? she wondered while redialing his number. Logan didn’t respond again, and it worried Brenda even more. A dozen questions popped into her mind while she tried to reach him.

“Why isn’t he receiving my calls?” she asked herself, her fingers shaking while she called her son again. After dialing his number about 15 times, she thought about looking at the tracking app.

Holding her phone in one hand and touching the screen with the other, Brenda managed to track her son’s location, but she had no idea what he was doing there. The app showed that Logan was quite far from his house, but Brenda couldn’t think of any of his friends or family who lived near that location.

“I need to find out where he is!” she said before leaving her workplace. Holding her phone in her left hand while driving with her dominant hand, she followed the location on her phone and reached a park.

“Oh my God!” she gasped when she spotted Logan walking with a girl. He had wrapped his arm around her shoulder and was about to kiss her when Brenda approached them.

“Mom!” he yelled at Brenda, his eyebrows furrowed. His cheeks were hot with embarrassment and anger. He was about to kiss a girl for the first time, and his mother ruined his date.

Later that night, Brenda was leaving for work when she told her son to be careful. “I don’t want you to get into trouble, Logan,” she said. “That’s why I keep an eye on you to ensure you’re safe.”

“Stop controlling my every step!” Logan yelled at his mother.

“I’m an adult, Mom! I don’t need your help!”

Brenda shook her head after listening to her son’s hurtful words. “Okay,” she said while leaving the house. “Do what you want! But make sure you lock the front door before going to bed. Okay?”

“Sure, Mom,” Logan said while chatting with his girlfriend.

Soon after his mother left, Logan ordered pizza and ate while talking to his girlfriend. He told her how he had yelled at his mother and ensured her Brenda wouldn’t interfere again. He asked the girl again on a date and felt excited when she said yes.

After finishing his pizza, Logan put the box in the trash can and got into bed. He was texting his girlfriend when he fell asleep with the phone in his hand and forgot to lock the door. The teenager had no idea what a grave mistake that was.


A few hours later, the boy woke up after hearing two men talk in the hall. He sat on his bed with his eyes wide open when he realized he wasn’t dreaming. What’s happening? he thought and jumped out of bed to go downstairs.

When he tiptoed, he saw two men wearing black head masks. They were checking the living room drawers, looking for something precious.

“Oh no!” Logan gasped as he felt his heart sink. He tiptoed upstairs and went into his room to grab his phone. Then, he entered his mother’s bedroom and hid in the closet. Okay, I need to call Mom, he thought before dialing her number.

He could feel a lump in his throat while his hand trembled. His heart skipped a beat when his phone screen went blank before his mother could receive his call. “Oh no! Oh no!” he gasped. He instantly regretted talking to his girlfriend all day instead of charging his phone.

At that point, there was nothing Logan could do to contact his mother. He was too afraid to leave the closet because he could hear the robbers climb the stairs.

“Those furniture pieces we took are going to fetch us lots of money!” one robber said. “Let’s look for more!”

Logan felt his heart pound against his chest when the men entered his mother’s bedroom. He saw their legs move through the horizontal spaces in the closet’s door. Suddenly, one of them sat in front of the closet and touched it.

“It’s over,” Logan said to himself after the vehicle started moving again.

“It seems like this retro closet would give us a lot of money. Let’s take it outside,” he said.

“But first, we need to empty it,” the other robber replied. “We don’t need the clothes, do we?”

Logan wished the robbers would find something else to steal because he didn’t want to get caught. Meanwhile, the two men removed their face masks before opening the closet and were shocked to see a teenage boy sitting inside.

“Please don’t hurt me! Please!” Logan begged the robbers while shielding himself with his hands.

“You were trying to fool us, weren’t you?” one of the robbers grumbled. “We need to get rid of this boy. He has seen our faces.”

“Yeah, he’s an eyewitness, and we can’t let him go,” the other man replied.

Meanwhile, Logan looked at the two men, praying God would pull him out of this challenging situation. He had never imagined himself surrounded by thieves, and thinking about what they would do to him sent a shiver down his spine.

“Let’s take him with us,” one of the men said. “We’ll see what to do with him.”

Then, the men picked up the closet and loaded it in their vehicle. When they returned, Logan begged them to spare him, but they didn’t listen. They threw him in the backseat and drove towards their home.

While the robbers drove him away from his house, Logan quietly slid his phone out of his pocket and turned it on. However, it switched off before he could call his mother, and just then, one of the robbers turned around and saw the teenager slide his phone back into his pocket.

“Hey!” the man yelled.

“Give me the phone, NOW!”

Once Logan surrendered his phone, the robbers put him in the trunk with the furniture. “You don’t deserve to sit with us, you annoying child!”

It’s over, Logan said to himself after the vehicle started moving again. I know they will throw my phone outside, and no one can save me then.

A few minutes later, the boy felt a sharp jerk when the vehicle suddenly stopped. “What’s happening?” Logan said while peering through the gap in the trunk’s door. He could see a figure approaching the trunk and trying to open it.

“Mom!” Logan cried when the trunk opened, and he saw Brenda standing beside police officers. He quickly jumped out and hugged his mother.

“I am so sorry, Mom,” he said. “I forgot to lock the door and―”

“It’s okay,” Brenda ran her fingers through his hair. “It’s okay. Calm down.”

“But how did you find me, Mom?” the boy asked curiously. “My phone’s battery died a long time ago.”

Brenda told him she knew something was wrong when she saw his missed call. However, when she opened the app, she saw his phone in the house.

“A few minutes later, your phone switched on, and the location on the app was updated,” she said. “Did you turn it on?”

“Yes, I did,” Logan replied. “But the battery died before I could call you.”

It turned out that Brenda called the police once the app showed her son’s location. She knew he was in trouble when she saw his phone moving away from the city.

That day, Logan’s perspective on life changed. He told his mother he felt scared when she left for work. “But I need to go to work because we don’t have money, sweetheart,” she said. “I can’t stay home.”

“Mom, I’ll help you earn money,” Logan hugged her. “You won’t have to work double shifts if I work part-time after school.”

A few days later, the teenager began working as an assistant at a grocery store after school hours. Not only did he earn money, but he also quit spending hours on the phone talking to his girlfriend and never had time to play video games.

What can we learn from this story?

Never disrespect your parents. As teenagers, most children feel their parents are too controlling. They fail to realize that their parents want the best for them and don’t mean to hurt them. Instead of respecting their parents, children often yell at them and say mean things.
Your parents have your back. When Logan was inside the closet, the first person he called was not his girlfriend but his mother. Despite arguing with her frequently, he knew she was always there to support him.

Share this story with your friends and family. It might inspire them and brighten their day.


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