Student Breaks Down at Graduation Because His Parents Allegedly Didn’t Care Enough to Show Up

A newly graduating student cried on his graduation day because his parents let him down and were a no-show on his big day.


Jeric Rivas’s biological family let him down but God did not.

He shared his heart on social media about how he felt that his parents were never really there for him at the important times in his life.He is a hardworking and diligent student but whenever he won any awards in school, his family were absent.

Jeric shared that when he was in elementary school he had received a medal for earning top honors in his class, but sadly no one from his family were present at the award cerem ony.


At another ceremony in high school, he had a friend of his send their parents up with him on stage.

With no encouragement from his family, he made a decision to move away from his hometown to earn a Bachelor degree in the Science of Criminology.Jeric was determined to complete his education, so he worked as a factory worker, fast-food employee and even cleaned houses to pay for his own tuition at a prestigious school.

On his graduation day, Jeric just wanted his family to be there on his big day to see him get his diploma, but that was not to be.

The heart wrenching moment was described by him on social media, “I just felt that my tears were dripping, I just sat on the side,” he wrote, “I feel jealous.”


Even as he was sobbing sitting on the side of the stage, God was working out something wonderful for him.

One of Jeric Rivas’ professors who was aware of the hard work he had put in to his studies and also about the fact that no one showed from his family on the graduation day, decided to do something unexpected.

When Jeric went on the stage to receive his diploma, his professor met him there and gave him a big hug.

He was not alone but had the support of his teachers and fellow students who were extremely proud of him.

Jeric took to social media to thank everybody who supported him and even thanked his parents for his success, he received messages of support and love from total strangers from around the globe.

Jeric was the first from his family to graduate but was left feeling miserable by parents who did not value his achievement, but God raised up support for him from unexpected strangers, which left him feeling good on his big day.


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