Sweet teen with special needs visits mom’s grave to tell her: “I did it. I graduate.”

Graduation is a big moment in every young person’s life; it’s a time for celebration and a chance for parents to let their children know just how proud they are of them.


But for one teen he couldn’t celebrate his outstanding achievement with a hug and kind words from his parent so instead had to do something very special to mark the occasion.

The teen from the U.S. has special needs and not only managed to navigate his way through school and graduate but also without the unconditional love and support from his mother, who passed in 2010.


Making sure that he included his mom in this momentous occasion he dressed smartly and visited her grave with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

“I did it, I graduated today and I know you’d be so proud of me and so happy and I love you so much,” the teen tells his mom.

He then rests the bouquet of flowers against her headstone and leaves a kiss for her.


It’s a truly moving moment from a boy, who against all odds, has achieved a great milestone in his life. Despite his mom not being around to share the moment in person he can still tell her in spirit.

I can’t imagine what a bittersweet moment this was for this strong teen and how hard it was to visit her grave on such a happy day for him.

He is such an inspiration and a wonderful reminder to us all that whatever life throws at us we shouldn’t let it get in the way of our dreams.

This teen has honored the memory of his mother by graduating from college and he knows that somewhere she is looking down on him so proud of her wonderful boy.

Please share this beautiful moment with your friends and family today.


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