Teen finally found his forever family after spending 11 years in the foster care system and living in 15 homes

A teen who had been in the foster care system since he was three years old finally found a forever family after living in 15 foster homes.

Unsurprisingly, Alex Madkour, 13, had lost all hope in finding a forever home after 11 years of living with different sets of adults.
Jumping from one home to another meant that he never completed a single year in the same school. He also had little to no long-term connections.
Alex Madkour

Meanwhile, the Alex’s caseworker at Boys and Girls Aid told him about the interested couple. But after getting his heart broken too many times, he didn’t want to get his hopes up too much.
“I didn’t believe them,” Alex said at the time. “This is not going to happen, you guys are just trying to fool me.”

“It was a really big struggle to [think] ‘OK, I’m going from this home, in two weeks I’m going to another home,” he added.
Alex Madkour in the farm

Check out the video below to learn more about Alex’s inspiring adoption story.

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