Texas Girl, 16, in a Coma after Car Crash on Her Way to School’s Homecoming Parade

One teenage girl was in the prime of her youth, heading to a homecoming parade when life as she knew it turned upside down. Her family and friends were in tears as they prayed for a miracle.


Youngsters enjoy all that life has to offer, and many seize every opportunity, giving their all and living without regrets. For most of them, high school is a one-of-a-kind experience filled with ups and downs.

One sixteen-year-old had an incredible school journey, and she was nominated to be homecoming princess. However, before she had a chance to win the crown, everything came to a standstill.

She Carried Joy and Love


Zoe Moody’s friends would describe her as someone with a larger-than-life personality. Her fighting spirit and love for adventure were undeniable, and she spread joy wherever she went.

She believed in being kind to everyone, and a saying that hung from her car’s rearview mirror confirmed this. It stated: “Be Kind to All the Kinds.” Her friend, Natalie Friedl, shared that Zoe was always smiling, dancing, or singing.

She also enjoyed playing basketball, reading, and writing and tried to spend lots of time outdoors, taking in the beauty of a sunset. The youngster had many dreams and wishes for her future, never imagining they would move out of reach.

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

One day in September 2022, Zoe woke up like she did every other day. She was excited for what was intended to be a memorable day filled with fun at the homecoming parade in Cypress, Texas.

Zoe couldn’t wait to take her place on the float and parade through her community. Sadly, she never made it to the event, and her family’s worst nightmare came true.

Zoe was involved in an accident while driving to the homecoming parade. Her car flipped and rolled, leaving her in critical condition, and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported the teen might have tried to take a freeway exit where she ran into some issues.

More than 100 students held a vigil for the high schooler outside their local Chick-fil-A. Amid the many tears, a sense of hope was in the air.

Her Long Road to Recovery

The devastating crash could have claimed her life, but miraculously Zoe was alive. The young fighter was rushed to the hospital, where doc tors placed her in a medically induced coma. Her aunt, Shayla Ivey Northcutt, expressed:


“The biggest thing is [that] she is still here. [The accident] could have been completely fatal. Zoe’s [going to] fight this.”

Zoe’s condition is unstable, and the road to recovery is undoubtedly lengthy, so friends started a GoFundMe page to assist the family. By September 20, 2022, more than $42,000 had been donated to help with medical costs.

Prayers for the Teen

While Zoe healed, community members prayed. More than 100 students held a vigil for the high schooler outside their local Chick-fil-A. Amid the many tears, a sense of hope was in the air.

Her friends and loved ones knew how “stubborn” Zoe could be, and they believed she would overcome her current state. Northcutt shared:

“She needs all the love and prayers to pull through this. I know with enough support, prayers, and love she will get through this.”

The family also called upon friends and strangers to stand in prayer with them. They said: “All angels and prayer warriors are needed.”

Grateful for the Outpouring of Love

The family was anxious, aware that their precious loved one had a challenging journey ahead. However, they kept the faith, eager to see Zoe, “the brightest thing that anyone has seen,” on her feet again.

The support from community members also encouraged the youngster’s family and friends. Zoe’s sister, Trinity Moody, added her thanks for the outpouring of love.

She was happy to see the impact her sister had made in the lives of so many others, including people she had never met before. Trinity expressed:

“She’s the best … please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and just be there.”

The Online Response

The nominated homecoming princess still has a lot of life to live, and netizens have sent her strength while keeping her in their prayers:

“Prayers for a total recovery.”
– (Paul J. Gonzales) September 19, 2022

“Prayers for speedy recovery and healing. I was in a coma for 29 days without knowing if I was going to survive. I’m here 40 years later. God bless you, beautiful lady. Blessings and hugs.”
– (Ramonita Mercado) September 19, 2022

“Waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper [and] light in the darkness, my God, that is who you are.”
– (Valerie White) September 19, 2022

“Prayers [for] this beautiful teen! May she heal in comfort.”
– (Judy Haynes) September 19, 2022

We send thoughts and well wishes to Zoe’s family and pray for a speedy recovery. May God bless their family with a miracle and give Zoe the strength she needs to heal.

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