Texas Mom Dies in Motorcycle Crash – She Was Looking For Cure for Daughter’s Deadly Illness until Last Day

Just a day after attending her twin brother’s wedding, a woman met with a harrowing accident that, sadly, claimed her life. In addition to being a caring sister and a wonderful friend, she was a devoted mom who had been looking for a cure for her daughter’s illness.


Life can surprise us with all sorts of happy and sad moments. Sometimes, fate’s intervention can ruin our well-laid-out plans, leaving us heartbroken and in complete despair. Navigating the future in such unlikely circumstances is easier said than done.

Nothing can be more soul-piercing than losing a dear one, and that too, unexpectedly and without a chance to say goodbye. Every life is precious, and with each beautiful soul, several other lives are attached. Today’s story sheds light on a similar theme.

A Sad Occurrence

On October 2, 2022, a couple was involved in a horrific accident in Round Rock, Texas. According to the Texas Police Department, the pair was traveling on a motorcycle when it struck a deer that had suddenly entered the roadway.

Demitchell said that his sister shared a profound bond with her nine-year-old daughter.

The Casualties

The driver reportedly lost control of the motorcycle, after which it went off the road and fell into a ditch. The authorities identified the man as 52-year-old Jimmy Thompson, who was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

The female who accompanied him was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. Police said the motorcycle crash occurred a little after six in the evening on RM 1431 at Vista Hills Boulevard between Round Rock and Cedar Park.


The local authorities said the accident was declared a part of an active investigation. The Texas police later confirmed that the woman, alongside Thompson, had succumbed to her wounds and passed away.

An Affectionate Mother

Family and friends identified the victim as Maggie Haynie. According to a friend, Jessica Alaniz, Maggie and Thompson were dating and tragically died when a deer jumped in front of their motorbike.

Maggie’s loved ones described her as a caring sister, a kind cousin, a loyal daughter, and a passionate friend. They said she always had a bright smile and exuberated sheer strength of character and unwavering determination.

In addition to being a wonderful person, Maggie was also a devoted mother to her daughter, Emmersyn. Her family said she kept fighting for her daughter until the end and actively sought a cure for her little girl’s deadly illness.

Supporting the Family

According to a GoFundMe account created by Alaniz, Emmersyn, also known as ‘Emmy,’ suffered from a rare condition called San Filipo that was degenerative and incurable.

She said Maggie was her daughter’s primary carer and advocate and had dedicated her whole life to her beloved Emmy. On the fundraising page that Alaniz had set up on behalf of Maggie’s sister, Susan Haynie, she wrote:

“Her family now needs to try to find a way to fund the services, care and support that Maggie provided to Emmy 24/7. Unfortunately, these services are very expensive and the family could use our help to make sure that precious Emmy has what she needs.”

As of October 14, more than $28,400 have been raised through the crowdfunding page, and more donations continue to come in. While Maggie’s loved ones mourn her irreparable loss, they are in dire need of financial help to look after Emmy, just like her mother did.

Remembering a Mom, Sister & Friend

The Texas woman’s untimely death crushed her family, who couldn’t overcome the fact that their “kind, creative, and brilliant” Maggie was no more.

Maggie’s brother, John Demitchell, called her the strongest, selfless, and sweetest person he had ever known, with the best laugh. He added:

“[Maggie] was a devoted runner and made amazing salsa and she was so much more than just that. She leaves behind her beautiful daughter, Emersyn. Needless to say she has touched so many [people’s] hearts. I love you, little sister.”

Gone but Never Forgotten

Demitchell said that his sister shared a profound bond with her nine-year-old daughter. A day before the heartrending accident, Maggie attended her twin brother’s wedding.

The grieving brother shared that he would forever miss his “cool sister,” who passed away at the hospital. He stated:

“She had this really, like, goofy, almost sounded like a cartoon character laugh and I will miss that all the time.”

Demitchell expressed that he was sorry for Thompson’s death and knew he tried his best to save Maggie’s life. “I think probably in the past moments, he was thinking, ‘how do I protect Maggie?’ I mean, he was just one of those guys,” he said.

Maggie’s family noted that her death would help save precious lives through organ donation. We are genuinely saddened and send our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Rest in peace, dear mom, and keep a watch over your lovely girl. We request all AmoMama readers to take a moment and donate to the GoFundMe link and help little Emmy.


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