Texas Mom Tackles Man Suspected Of Peeping Into 15-Year-Old Daughter’s Bedroom

Phyllis Pena of Lake Jackson, Texas, was arriving back home after running some errands when she saw something no parent ever wants to see: A man appeared to be peeping right into her teenage daughter’s bedroom window.



It was about 7 a.m. when Phyllis says she caught the suspected Peeping Tom in broad daylight, lurking outside her 15-year-old’s room and staring at her.

Phyllis’ motherly protective instincts kicked into high gear.

As soon as she went to call the cops, the 19-year-old suspect ran away. The police arrived and quickly caught him, only for him to try to flee once again.

But Phyllis was not about to let him do that.

Watch the video to see what the police officer’s dashcam captured when Phyllis and her daughter put their own lives at risk in order to apprehend the suspect.


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