‘The Stove’s Your Desk’ Man Mocks Wife’s New Career, Soon Begs Her to Save His Own – Story of the Day

A man leaves no stone unturned in berating his wife’s new job and tells her she is only fit to cook, clean, and raise kids. Soon, fate flips and puts him on the receiving end of karma when he crawls to her for help to save his own career. Will she help him?

The clock struck noon, and Katie was in the bridal suite as her stylist gave the final touches of perfection to her hair and cheeks. Her slender figure gracefully dressed in a white gown, Katie looked like a budding white rose of early fall. Yet, there was an uneasiness in her smoky grey eyes.


Desperately sliding her cold fingers on her phone, she awaited a reply from her groom, Jordan, on what he’d decided on the ‘promise’ they’d discussed the previous night. Then, a notification popped on her screen.

“Are you ready to be Mrs. Owens?!” read the first message. Katie blushed, peach and pink. And then popped the answer to her much-awaited question she’d asked her beau.

“I promise, babe! I’m your king, and I’ll not let my queen work. I Love You more than yesterday, Mrs. Owens! I can’t wait to make you mine. Come quick! I’m waiting for you at the church!”

Katie’s cheeks turned crimson red, and her eyes sparkled with tears. This was the life she’d always wanted. She wanted to be a homemaker. She didn’t want to work despite holding a law degree. She wanted kids, as many as God wanted her to have. And most of all, be the best wife on the planet!

But what would happen to Katie when she would soon realize she was not meant to belong in the kitchen? What would happen if she wanted to pursue her own ambitions? Such a day arrived seven years later. If only Katie had known how her life would switch from being a dream to a nightmare…

“Is breakfast ready?” Jordan’s brows rose along with his smile as he adjusted his blazer.

He was particular about his timings and never ate an extra bite of toast after half past eight. Why? Because Jordan was stern about punctuality.

He was one of the partners of a million-dollar business in the city, and he could go to his office anytime. He was not answerable to anyone. But no! Jordan was not one of those men who’d slack off on work ethics. To him, each minute was money, and he never wasted time. So he’d start his day with a rich breakfast and expected Katie to have everything ready and plated before he rose.

Never underestimate the power of a woman. If she can bear the pain of childbirth, she can endure and accomplish anything.
“That was delicious! I’m running late… see you, babe!” he kissed her and hurried out, staring right into his wristwatch. Then he suddenly turned around, and Katie thought he would come back to kiss her properly and tell her the traditional ‘I love you!’ She was wrong.

“I won’t be home for lunch. I have a meeting today. Can you pick the kids up from school?”

Katie rolled her eyes. Picking the kids up from school wasn’t something new to her. She’d been doing it every other day except when Jordan ‘had the time’ to do it himself.

Day by day, her life at home was becoming monotonous. And before she could comprehend life outside of her house, Katie had her first greys, baggy eyes, and dark circles. Homemaking seemed so wonderful once. Jordan had promised her he would never allow her to work. But what was Katie doing all day if not working? Isn’t homemaking also a ‘job’ women do at home without being paid?

At first, Katie loved being a stay-at-home mum and wife. Her life was cozy, she thought. Jordan was always busy at work, and their children grew rapidly with time, occupied with friends, school, studies, and their future. Katie was mostly alone at home all day long and was bored like hell. So one day, an idea struck her, and she could not wait for Jordan to return home from work.

“Are you kidding me?!” Jordan exploded into a giddy laugh, slicing through the egg yolk with the fork.

“Yes, honey, I’m serious!” Katie said, looking at her children, Shawn and Alan, and then at her husband. She didn’t like the way Jordan laughed at her when she told him she wanted to be his lawyer.

“Are you telling me I should fire my lawyer Mr. Hudson and hire you for my company?” he laughed again. “Honey, that was a good joke. I’m full… My belly’s gonna burst laughing! I can’t eat anymore. What a joke! It made my day!”

But Katie was serious.

“No, darling… I want a job. You can hire me as your lawyer. I heard Mr. Hudson is retiring soon. I could fit in easily, right? I have a law degree and license to practice.”

Jordan’s laughter shrank, and his forehead wrinkled in disgust.

“Quit dreaming big and make plans for breakfast! I’ll be leaving early in the morning for Miami. You? My lawyer? Good joke!”

Now that hurt Katie terribly. She cried herself to sleep but was determined to convince Jordan somehow.

“Didn’t I make myself clear last night? You belong in the kitchen! I’m not going to waste a penny on you for this.”


Jordan slammed the door shut in Katie’s face as he left. She didn’t ask him much. Just a small investment to start a home office. She even promised to return the money once things picked up.

But he refused, saying she was only fit to cook, clean, and take care of the house and the kids.

It was too much. Katie walked from room to room, doing random chores, unable to think. It was true that she was initially happy when Jordan told her she didn’t have to work for a living.

But no mind is rigid like a rock, let alone Katie’s. Time changes everything and everyone! Katie was so hurt by what Jordan had said but was still determined. She was not the sort of woman who’d give up. It was what her late mother had always taught her…to be an iron lady and not be dominated by a man, no matter how much she loved him.

So while Jordan was away, Katie took her laptop, created a business profile for herself, and transformed the little space near her husband’s study into her home office without his permission. She held her hopes high and, in a week, began taking up cases for small clients.

Katie knew Jordan would be terribly mad when he returned, and before she could fathom her husband’s temper, he was home.

“Out! Get outta my house!” Jordan snapped at the men.

“Darling, be polite. They are my clients,” Katie grew tense.

“Clients? Is this your home office? Who gave you the permission?”

“I—I’m sorry, honey. Gentlemen, if you can kindly excuse me…”

The men walked away, shrugging their shoulders. Katie held Jordan’s hands and pleaded with him to stop shouting and listen to her.

“Babe, please… I know I didn’t want to work in the beginning. But my mother worked really hard to send me to law school. And it’s not your fault that I’m realizing this only now, alright? I know you love me and don’t want me working somewhere. But this is what I want to do now. I want to work! There’s always a second chance, babe. Please, just let me do this. A small desk is all I—”

“THE STOVE’S YOUR DESK!” Jordan yanked Katie’s arm.

“You’re really going to make me say it, aren’t you? You are good for nothing! Definitely not for running an actual business. You are only fit to take care of the house, the kids, and me. Do you understand? I wonder why those dumb clients of yours trust you when they can afford better, talented, and EXPERIENCED lawyers?!”

Jordan’s words stung Katie. A fire sparked in her heart, telling her she had to keep going no matter what and prove him wrong. That was easier said than done because Jordan wouldn’t stop mocking her. And the last straw was when he almost ruined her career one day.

“Hey, couldn’t any of you find a better lawyer?” Jordan barged into Katie’s home office that evening. “I can refer mine, Mr. Hudson. He charges quite a lot of money, but he’s worth much more than this cheap lawyer you’ve hired!”

“Honey, stop! What are you doing?” Katie flushed red with embarrassment.

“I’m just telling the truth! If you don’t quit this crap and get back to taking care of the kids and cooking, I’ll have to make a serious decision.”

“People are laughing at me, saying, ‘A millionaire’s wife is handling petty cases for a few dollars!’ If you don’t stop this, I think it’s better that we…”

Jordan paused and stormed out of the room, leaving Katie dazed and humiliated. The morning two days later, she woke up to more heartbreak. A paperweight held the divorce papers in place on the side table, bringing endless tears to Katie’s eyes.


Eventually, the man who promised to stick together through thick and thin parted ways with the woman he vowed to love and grow older with. It was the most heartbreaking point in Katie’s life. She never imagined she would find herself in such turmoil. But here she was… strong and determined even after Jordan left her and the kids.

Time ticked away as if it were nothing after the divorce. An autumn that Katie loved and a spring that she knew her ex-husband Jordan loved fleeted by, and by then, she’d already established herself as a renowned lawyer in the city.

“Miss Katie, a client has been calling continuously for an appointment,” Katie’s assistant called her from the reception. Katie was already swamped with work and didn’t have time for this client.

“Tell him my schedule is full right now. Ask him to meet me next week… Monday, if it works for him.”

“Miss Katie, I tried fixing an appointment for him for the next week, but he’s insisting on meeting you immediately. He told me he knows you and said you’re his only hope.”

Katie’s brows shot up in surprise.

“That’s weird. I wonder what the urgency is… Ask him to meet me today evening at my office. Thanks, Nancy!”

“He knows me? Who could that be? And what’s the emergency?” Katie kept thinking, puzzled.

When her office door swung open that evening, her skin lost color, becoming chalk-white, when Jordan, her ex-husband, walked in. Fate had brought them together again, but under entirely different circumstances…

“Jordan? What are you doing here?”

“Hey! I have an appointment with you right now,” he said, stealing his guilt-ridden eyes from Katie’s.

“Oh, was it you who called my assistant this morning?”

Jordan’s silence and sunken face answered the question.

“Please, take a seat,” she said coldly, yet trying to anticipate what was coming. “How can I help you?”

“Katie, only you can save my firm. Please help me,” Jordan begged, tears gushing into his eyes and his palms folded.

“Save your firm? What happened, Jordan? I thought you had an expensive lawyer who was worth more than me?”

Shame sprang into Jordan’s eyes which were on the brink of bursting into tears.

“Mr. Hudson retired. And even if he practiced now, I doubt I’d win this case.”

“What happened, Jordan? You look tense…”

“I trusted my business partners. They handed me some papers to sign when I was leaving for my business trip, saying it was a contract we’d discussed earlier. I was in a hurry to the airport and blindly signed those documents without checking. I had no idea those signatures were for deals with clients in the black market and a loan. Now the cops are after me.”

“I confronted and even sued my partners, but since my signature is on the papers, the case has turned against me. I’m in trouble, and I’m going to lose my job, my house, and everything. I hired many lawyers, but they could do nothing. All the evidence is against me. Only you can help me!”

Katie’s lips formed into a mute smile.

“What made you think I would help you, Jordan?” she chimed in, sending shivers down Jordan’s spine.

“Look, Jordan, I need time to think, alright? And honestly, I don’t think I can handle this case because I’m genuinely busy.”

“No… no, Katie, please do something. I’ve heard a lot about you. You are my only hope. Only you can help me,” begged Jordan.

“Your only hope?? That can’t be right. I am a loser, Jordan. I am a good-for-nothing woman who belongs in the kitchen. And the stove is my desk! I’m a cheap lawyer without any EXPERIENCE! I don’t think I can help you. I’m sorry…”

Those words seemed so familiar and hurtful, except that Jordan was now on the receiving end of the insult.

“I’M SORRY, KATIE. Please help me,” he said again, and this time, after hearing his apology loud and clear, Katie decided to be a decent human… with a heart and not a grudge.

She took up Jordan’s case, but as the investigation progressed, she realized she, too, was hopeless. Every piece of evidence turned against her ex-husband. Katie spent endless sleepless nights over several mugs of coffee, looking for some loophole to help Jordan win the case.

Unfortunately, all her attempts reached a dead end. And soon, it was the day of the hearing in court.

Just as the judge was about to declare Jordan bankrupt, Katie stormed into the court with a file containing delicate details that all of Jordan’s previous lawyers had missed. In a wink, she turned the course of the whole case!

“Your Honor, here’s proof my client, Mr. Owens, is not guilty. This is a copy of the previously unavailable CCTV footage of the day my client was stopped abruptly from catching a flight and asked to sign the documents under false pretenses.”

“And this, Your Honor, is something I got yesterday!”

As it turned out, Katie had sought help from a janitor who worked in Jordan’s office to hide a spy cam in the partners’ meeting room.

“That fool! Nobody can save him now… He will be out of this partnership and behind bars soon, and we can run this business without him butting in with his stupid policies and honesty!” the footage revealed one of the partners laughing as the courtroom turned grave silent.

“Finally, the day we were waiting for is here! Jordan will go to jail, and the money we made by selling the goods in the black market will launch our lives! We’re gonna be rich, and that fool is out of the profits! Cheers!” added another.

Jordan’s business partners had schemed to kick him out of the partnership so that they could get away with the money they swindled by selling his goods in the black market. Moreover, they were irked by Jordan’s rules, honesty, and ethics. Alas, their ploy was now out in court, thanks to Katie! Ultimately, Jordan won the case in the nail-biting last minute.

The partners were arrested for theft and forgery and penalized to compensate for the emotional stress and material loss Jordan had endured. He was saved from bankruptcy, and while marching out of court, he admitted something that made Katie smile from the bottom of her heart.

“You’re the best lawyer, Katie! I was wrong. You did not belong in the kitchen! I’m sorry for even saying that!” said Jordan, smiling like he hadn’t in years.

Although they were now on different paths, the ex-couple remained friends, and eventually, Jordan hired Katie as his legal advisor.

What can we learn from this story?

Never look down upon someone just because you think you are rich and can afford anything. You may never know how fate might change your course. Jordan assumed his wife Katie belonged in the kitchen and was never supportive of her career. He divorced her and soon crawled to her for help to save his tanking career.
Never underestimate the power of a woman. If she can bear the pain of childbirth, she can endure and accomplish anything. Jordan left no stone unturned in criticizing his wife and her passion. He loved her but never allowed her to work because he wanted her to raise children and be a homemaker. He never attached any importance to her career and underestimated her. However, time gave him a befitting answer when he ran to her for help.

Tell us what you think, and share this story with your friends. It might inspire them and brighten their day.


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